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Yamaha YPT360 Review

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Includes YPT360 touch sensitive keyboard and PA130 power adapter

  • Versatile functions and an expressive touch-sensitive keyboard action make the YPT-360 the go-to instrument for beginning players
  • 574 high quality Voices, 165 auto accompaniment Styles, 150 different Arpeggio types
  • “keys to success” and other on-board educational tools feature short and easy, step-by-step lessons to help players learn how to play entire songs
  • USB to host allowing two-way MIDI and audio transfer

Yamaha YPT Series Portable Keyboards

The Yamaha YPT-260 and YPT-360 portable keyboards are Amazon-exclusive 61-key models designed for the entry-level player. YPT keyboards are user-friendly and ideal for aspiring musicians just starting out, but provide advanced functionality that will grow with the player as he or she advances.

YPT keyboards include a nine-step lesson function (Yamaha Education Suite) and a free downloadable song book to help get you started. Hundreds of sounds, accompaniment styles and onboard songs provide endless fun and entertainment for the whole family.


inspiring Sound

Yamaha has a proud history of manufacturing just about every kind of musical instrument. When it comes to reproducing the sound of these instruments in a keyboard, the results are detailed and high-quality.



Be the Band Leader

Auto accompaniment Styles provide real-time band backing tracks. The band automatically follows your lead based on the chords you play.


Play with a Partner

Duo mode allows two people to play together on the same instrument by creating two middle C notes. Enjoy playing the piano with friends and family

Compact & Portable

The compact, light-weight design allows you to take your instrument with you wherever you go. Battery power means you can set up and play anywhere without the need to plug it in.


On-board lessons support learning to play


3-step lesson – Listening, Timing and Waiting modes are available for each hand, or both hands together. Lessons use the on-board Songs to help build your skills. Then, use the simple recording function to capture and listen to your performance.

1: The model melody/chords of the part you selected will sound.

Listen to it carefully and remember it well.

2: Play the notes with the correct timing. Even if you play wrong

notes, the correct notes shown in the display will sound.

3: Play the correct notes shown on the display.

The Song pauses until you play the right note, and playback tempo

will change to match the speed at which you are playing.

Play along with your favorite songs

Connect your portable music player to hear your favorite music through the instrument’s speakers. Play along and you feel like you’ve joined the band! (YPT-260 & YPT-360)

Connect to portable devices or computers for even more fun. The USB TO HOST terminal allows you to connect to a computer or portable device and record high-quality audio without the need for an additional interface. A variety of creative and educational iOS apps are available from the App Store. (YPT-360 only)


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