Yamaha YDP 143 Review

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When it comes to instruments on which players can fully rely on, Yamaha is the name to look for. Of course, they have lots of years of experience in the market and for good reasons too. However, they seem to offer only the best with each new model. This is why the Yamaha Arius line changes the game because it brings home digital pianos for every types of players with various budgets. Because of all of this, we are all very fond of Yamaha and it is why we have a Yamaha YDP 143 review you might find very helpful. Read on if you want to see why it’s on our list of best Yamaha digital pianos.

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Just like the other Yamaha Arius digital pianos, this one is categorized as a home digital piano and not as a portable keyboard. Because of this, it isn’t suggested to move it from one place to another very often. Otherwise, you risk damaging it and ruining your great experience.

So, if you were searching for a digital keyboard that is portable, we wouldn’t suggest this one. It has hefty cabinetry and it isn’t very movable. Also, once you receive it, you will need to set it up too.

It is great however if you want it to take the place of a grand piano or an acoustic upright. Just like them, it should be in one location and it should stay there. However, regardless of this, the instrument will simply grow with you. No matter what your skills are, the features it has, make sure that you will be able to keep up with your piano and your piano will be able to keep up with you. Definitely an instrument you can fully rely on, even when you are experimenting.

Just like the other Arius pianos, this one also includes the full 88-key keyboard and it has the three pedals – soft, damper and sostenuto. Additionally, it gives you the option of blending two voices at once. For you, this means that you get full sound and you can record your own tunes into the piano.


Amongst the other great features of this instrument, we have to mention in our Yamaha YDP 143 review, is the GHS action with plastic keys. Namely, the Graded Hammer Standard action would mean that you get less resistance in the treble and more resistance in the bass. Of course, this makes it feel like a real acoustic piano.

yamaha ydp 143

When it comes to the best things about the design of this instrument, we have to mention this. Namely, there is a black matte finish on the black keys. This is what will prevent them from getting slippery. Of course, you can now play for hours and hours and it won’t result in missing the key.

Digital features

With the Yamaha YDP 143, you get a real home digital. Of course, you are getting a replacement for an acoustic piano and not a portable keyboard. Because of this, only 10 voices are included.

Another thing which is very impressive about it is the 192-note polyphony. This means that people will be able to hear clearly even the complicated selections of music.

Also, if you play in different locations, you will have four varieties of reverb available to you. There are 50 play-along songs and ten demo songs which are programmed into the instrument. Additionally, the 50 play-along songs are also in a songbook. This means that you will be able to learn how to play them easily.

When it comes to learning, another very good thing about it is the built-in metronome. This one is meant to help you and your rhythm.

Together with the other extraordinary features is the option of connecting to other devices. You can connect it on your iPad or computer. This means that you can learn to play your music straight from the Yamaha applications.

You can do this by reading the music on the screen of your computer and you will be able to choose from a large variety of playing and learning options. After that, you are good to go!

There are applications which give you the option to choose the piano to accompany you. This way you will be able to learn to play in a very engaging way. Regardless of your preferred style or your skill.

Benefits of having the Yamaha YDP 143

There are a lot of advantages of getting an instrument like the Yamaha YDP 143. Of course, the biggest benefit is the GHS action. It will feel like you are playing an acoustic piano. Also, your fingers will gain strength and you will be able to switch to an acoustic piano without really feeling a big difference.

Moreover, if you care about how your piano looks in your home, this one has a very elegant and simple cabinetry. Basically, it will look a lot like an acoustic piano in your living room.

yamaha ydp 143 review

Furthermore, you have the great benefit of automatic power-off. If you sometimes forget to turn it off, this feature comes in very handy. It will turn off automatically after some time.

Last but not least, there is another very good feature on it, the Pure CF Sound Engine. It is simply amazing because the grand piano tones are taken from the 9’ Yamaha Concert Grand. This feature makes sure that you get super-expressive acoustic sounds in each song you play.


There are several things which we have to mention in the conclusion of our Yamaha YDP 143 review and amongst them are the feels. You get graded action under your hands and this is very helpful. Of course, this instrument is a great choice for those who want to get realistic performance and to improve their skills.

Also, if you are very serious about learning to play this instrument or if you want to step up from a portable keyboard – this one is a great choice. It doesn’t require much maintenance and it is definitely an instrument you can have, even in your apartment. This home digital is obviously one of the best choices and best deals you can possibly get on the market, and we know that you won’t regret getting it.


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