Yamaha P45 vs 71

The Yamaha P45 and P71 are both the one and the same, with the P71 being the amazon exclusive.

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Key Action & Playing Feel

I think my favorite thing about the Yamaha P 45 is the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action. This function makes it feel like a genuine piano.

Essentially, the mass of the keys gets heavier as you go down the selection of the piano. In case you’re searching for a digital piano with the feel of the actual thing, this’s probably the most reasonably priced solution. You will find actual mini hammers in the piano, that is the reason it’s the real feel.



Dual Mode will allow you to layer two instrument sounds so that they sound simultaneously across the entire keyboard range.


Duo Mode splits the keyboard into two equal sections that have the same pitch ranges. It allows two people to sit side by side and play the same notes at the same time.

The mode is often used by piano teachers; sitting next to a student they can play some tunes, and the student can follow along on the other part of the keyboard, playing the same notes.





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