Yamaha DGX 660 Review

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When it comes to Yamaha and their keyboards, you simply know we are talking about high quality and great performance. Of course, the DGX 660 is nothing different. It is one of the greatest keyboards and it is portable too. It changes the game by bringing a full 88-key keyboard and excellent grand piano sounds. It even offers some other features involving performance, fun, and education! Amazed so far? Keep on reading our Yamaha DGX 660 review and you will find yourself even more enthusiastic about it!

Of course, there are many wonderful things about it. It has awesome keyboard features, connections, key feel, quality, performance and other remarkable features. We have to talk all about it, step by step. And, you’ll see why it’s on the list of best Yamaha digital pianos.


If we compare it to other instruments, for example to a 1000-pound acoustic grand piano, we would definitely conclude that Yamaha’s DGX 660 is easily portable. Which is why it is an exceptional option. After all, if we include the stand, it would be 30 inches tall, 17.5 inches deep and 55 inches wide. It weighs only 61 pounds!  Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can move it around using one hand. Still, regardless of the cumbersomeness, with little help from a person with you like a family or friend, you will move it around in no time.

yamaha dgx 660 review


Of course, it meets the eye. It looks super-stylish and modern and it is classy too. The Yamaha DGX 660 is sleek black and it has synthetic wood grain on the stand. However, you will have to assemble it if yourself if you get it first-hand. You will also have to assemble the stand. Also, the construction is sturdy and it can handle quite a bit of shaking. For you, this would mean that you can easily drive it in a van with you without worrying that it will get damaged.  However, considering that the instrument gets classified as a portable keyboard and not a stage piano, we wouldn’t suggest moving it around every other day.


It might be a bit tricky when it comes to assembling it. We highly suggest going carefully through the manual before you put it together. Once you have all the information you need, you will be good to go. Some patience and calmness will ease the way of assembling it too.

Ports and connections

One of the greatest things about this instrument is the great number of connections and ports. This is, of course, a very versatile keyboard. It has the standard DC power port, sustain pedal jack, ¼ inch stereo output/headphone jack, an auxiliary input, and ¼ inch microphone input.

yamaha dgx-660 review

However, if you have an XLR microphone cable, you should get an adapter or a quarter inch male connection for it.

Comfort and performance

As we mentioned before, Yamaha’s DGX-660 is categorized as a portable keyboard. Of course, this means that there are some good sides and bad sides to it. Namely, the keys are plastic. However, they don’t lack in quality at all.

Also, it has a Graded Hammer Standard key-bed. It is a great replica of light to heavy touch from high to low you would find on an acoustic grand piano. Many players will appreciate this feature too.

Generally, the touch is far from bad. It is great for all types of players, from students to professionals!

Quality and Options

The voice options are something we have to mention in our Yamaha DGX 660 review because it has 554 of them. The first one is a unique and authentic set of piano sounds. It is named “Piano Room” and you will easily see the difference between it and the rest of the sound library. The “Piano Room” button is the way you can easily access it. For the players and audience who has more discerning ears, this instrument offers a great sense of configurability. Of course, on the “environment” options, you can choose between Room, Stage, Recital, Concert or none.

After we’ve gone over the different sounds in this instrument, we have to mention the quality. It is simply impeccable and even professionals would be very surprised. It definitely doesn’t sound like any other cheap instrument you can find on the market from other manufacturers.

yamaha dgx 660

Besides the Piano room, there is the set of other sounds you can access easily. You will find everything you need there, from basses and guitars to brass and woodwinds and stringed instruments. Of course, amongst others, there are the keyboard instruments. They all sound great and once again, you will be surprised by the quality of it.

Greatest features

We cannot help but notice that the DGX 660 is well-equipped with highly useful features. Of course, the standard features like the fact that it is able to layer different patches. This here is the ability to split the keyboard. This means that you can have one part play one sound on the keyboard, and another sound on the other side of the keyboard.

Just like other keyboards, this one too has a metronome. However, it also has excellent flexibility. This includes tapping into the tempo at the damper pedal. Also, you can change the time signature, you can even adjust if the sound is a bell or a click. If you don’t know how to use this functions, we suggest referring to the manual. It has some great information.

With the purpose of enhancing the playing, this instrument took some features and added harmony and backed accompaniment. However, it also changes the game because it has the Style Recommender feature. This one is there to choose the proper accompaniment style. It bases this action on the rhythm you play. However, it has some other features you will find very helpful, regardless of your experience.


There is no doubt that this Yamaha DGX 660 review will end with the conclusion that this is an awesome instrument. Asides from looking great and the well-built design, it offers some exemplary features. It also offers marvelous piano sounds and other instrument sounds. Being between a digital piano and a stage piano, this keyboard has the greatest features from both combined and adds more. It surely lives up to the good reviews you probably heard about it!

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