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Yamaha DGX 640 Review An exhaustive Look At The DGX 640

The Yamaha DGX 640 is the big brother of the Yamaha DGX 530 and is in general the superior instrument. The DGX 640 comes with a 88 key Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboardYamaha’s flagship keyboard which is basically a joy to play, in addition to a fantastic sound along with a nearly endless amount of electronic features. In this Yamaha DGX 640 review we are going to dissect why the DGX 640 is such a popular digital piano and see what kind of musicians it will be ideal for.
Piano on Amazon Keys Polyphony Dimensions Weight
Yamaha DGX 640
Yamaha DGX 640 amazon button eighty eight sixty four fifty nine x 21.8 x 13.4 inches eighty two pounds
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The major action on the DGX 640 is great, feeling as near an acoustic piano as any digital piano could hope to come. Because of Yamaha’s innovative sampling technology and innovative sound engine, the sounds of the piano is equally as excellent. Add to this hundreds of voices, effects, modes and settings to explore and the DGX 640 becomes a really great piano to think about.
The DGX 640 is not in production by Yamaha, meaning that finding one for sale might be a struggle. Furthermore, the stand that the piano includes is not so good and has a tendency to fall down. This, nonetheless, is an inexpensive fix.
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Sound Quality

The DGX 640 comes with 535 total voices to choose from, majority of that contain a rich and full sound quality. Concerning the standard piano sound, the DGX 640 is definitely great. Yamaha’s innovating sound sampling techniques produce a sound that’s rich and full with all the nuances that make a piano great.

The DGX 640 has sixty four notes of polyphony so you never need to be concerned about dropping a note prematurely. All said, the DGX 640 sounds wonderful, particularly for an inexpensive digital piano.
Yamaha DGX 640 reviewKey Realism and Action

The Yamaha portable grand DGX 640 comes equipped with the company’s GHS keyboardYamaha’s flagship keyboard and their hottest one to date.

Because of this particular keyboard, the primary key action of the DGX 640 Yamaha is absolutely remarkable. The keys have just the appropriate level of resistance and are graded, the same as an acoustic piano. If realism is crucial to you, then the DGX 640 is a good option.
Some other Features and Specifications

The Yamaha DGX 640 is definitely packed with helpful features, functions, and settings. These include 530 different quality voices, a digital signal processor that can add 237 types of digital effects to these voices, the famous Yamaha Education Suite, USB connectivity, a built in headphone jack, a huge music database, Performance Assistance Technology, a simple Song Arranger that will allow you to participate in any song in any sort of style, and dozens more.

The DGX 640 weighs eighty three pounds, which means it is not entirely portable but it’s much more than simple enough to carry into place.

Final Thoughts

The DGX 640 is a fantastic piano with an absolutely great key action and acoustic piano sound. It’s full of a huge selection of useful functions and is an excellent instrument for just about any level musician. This piano is among the very best digital pianos from an already fantastic company, which makes it an instrument worthy of a place in any serious musician’s home.

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