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Yamaha CP4 Review

Searching for a brand new digital stage piano? We might have only the one you’ve been searching for. The Yamaha CP4 review is going to share all of the info that you have to create a decision about this particular stage piano.

Yamaha is among the famous names in digital pianos and they’ve been at the system for quite a couple of years so every digital piano is reliable and consistent.

The CP4 is a good model which provides most of the bells & whistles that you come across on the costlier Yamaha models. It’s not at probably the lowest end of the price point but it’s not at the top either yet you do find most of the higher end features nicely programmed into this electronic piano.

You’ll find a couple of things that jump right out at you about the Yamaha CP4. It’s little which tends to make it perfect for traveling to and from the stage and practice sessions but you’ll also notice instantly that unfortunately it doesn’t include a stand, it’s to be brought separately.

While not coming with a stand is not necessarily a deal breaker it will have been good to have one included but that’s just a tiny part of what’s happening with the Yamaha CP4 and it shouldn’t in any way cloud your judgement about this great stage piano.


This’s the stage piano that Yamaha claims is the very best stage piano that they’ve already built. It’s in essence everything that you might want in a stage piano then some. It’s much more a cross between a synthesizer and stage piano than merely a stage piano.

It actually is a really impressive instrument which needless to say is no surprise considering it’s coming from Yamaha the company that produces several of top digital stage pianos in the industry. Yamaha has an extended history of providing musicians with the choice which they have to make music that is great.

Yamaha has a number of lines of digital pianos you can use for performance and practice. They’re probably the most recognized name in stage pianos. They provide innovative technology, good construction from good quality materials and superior sounds.

Yamaha is popular for using electronic sounds that are taken straight from their top end acoustic pianos. They’ve a distinctive way of capturing the sound that actually benefits the playback sound.

Needless to say in case you’re considering the Yamaha CP4 there’s just one thing that you’re concerned with and that’s what it is able to do for you and the music of yours. The best part is you’ll probably be very pleased by everything you find with this particular stage piano.

Yamaha is popular for developing a complete range of stage pianos both entry level and professional and the CP4 fits right into the Yamaha repertoire of good instruments.

The Yamaha CP4 offers an intuitive control panel which is much appreciated by both professionals and beginners.

You will find several great extras with this Yamaha that you don’t see at this price point along with other manufacturers that make it an extremely terrific value.

The Yamaha CP4 is outfitted with real wood keys which are graduated to give it a pleasant organic feel. Additionally you don’t be that rather annoying clicking sound you get with composite keys.

These keys allow it to be simple to transition from acoustic to electronic and back again that tends to make it a great choice for practice sessions.

Some stage pianos have a great learning curve if you go from acoustic to digital but because the keys are very like an acoustic piano the CP4 makes the transition forth and back seamless. There’s an one touch layer, split option which makes this a simple keyboard to play.

You will find a complete range of characteristics that the Yamaha CP4 has to offer that actually make it look like a more expensive instrument then it’s.

It’s the small things that actually make the CP4 an excellent value like the 433 voices that are available. You might never make use of all of them but it’s always good to find out they’re there.

The very easy to use EQ sliders which help you to locate only the right sound and all those amazing eighty eight hammer action keys. They all come together in an excellent slim silhouette which looks wonderful on stage. It’s always good when you are able to use the very same instrument for performances and practice.

Like all Yamaha stage pianos, the CP4 gets its great piano sound from the top part of the line Yamaha acoustic pianos are very costly and perfectly tuned so you never ever get that tin is able to seem that you get with some stage pianos.

The sounds are taken straight from the very best sounding pianos and also the Yamaha CP4 does an outstanding job of emulating the true to life sounds.

The sounds that you receive from the CP4 stage pianos are extremely difficult to find with another stage piano, you will need to pay attention to the first instrument to find a much better sound.

On most of the sounds you get many variations of the identical sound so you are able to always find exactly the right sound for anything that you’re composing.

The CP4 offers the standard instrument sounds that are usually found on stage pianos And also you get a complete range of other sounds also. In all you get 321 sounds to actually have the ability to compose as you see fit.

Each of the audio that you are able to play with the CP4 are true sounds that are quite amazing. All of it comes together effectively.

It has a 128 polyphony, five band EQ and Balanced XLR out jacks. You are able to record through the USB connection. You will find a great deal of wonderful features that are wrapped up into the CP4 that tends to make it an excellent stage piano.

The patented MOTIFF Synth allows you to compose and create in ways that you never ever thought possible. While this’s sold as a digital piano what you actually get whenever you buy the Yamaha CP4 is a hybrid of a great synthesizer, an orchestra, top part of the line piano and organ sounds as well as it’s all rolled together in a simpler to use than the typical digital piano.

It’s so lightweight and easy to transport so it’s good for the road. It’s all of the stage worthy components so it’s also great for performances but there’s room for improvements.
What Can Yamaha Do Differently?

You will find a great deal of pluses on the edge of the Yamaha CP4 but there are actually 2 things that Yamaha sort of skipped out on.

You will find no internal speakers and that is actually nothing much more than a bother since you are able to easily snag some external speakers and get results that are great BUT Yamaha should design this keyboard with internal speakers so that the person doesn’t need to be concerned about figuring out what to do about speakers.

The additional issue we previously mentioned. There’s no stand that will come with this electronic piano. Does it affect performance but it will be good in case you can get all that you needed in a single box and didn’t have to stress about it.


This’s not the cheapest model that Yamaha has to offer nor is it most expensive. The Yamaha CP4 does provide a good deal of value for the investment.

It plays like a more expensive model. It is like a more expensive model even though it’s not the cheapest model it’s very fairly priced considering the great offerings that it brings on the table.

It’s perfect for practice and for performance. It’s a really good stage presence due to its slim lines and it’s really convenient to transport due to its lightweight.

It’s perfectly priced and easily can meet up with the requirements of various budgets. It’s a pro grade stage piano that can also be employed by beginners.

The intuitive panel controls make it super easy to figure out how to use the CP4 so skill level isn’t an issue. Most users have very easily learned how you can utilize the controls and keyboard very fast no matter the skill level of theirs.

Most customers have given the Yamaha CP4 a 5 star rating for features and usability. Overall the Yamaha CP4 is a good choice that is going to work for any person that needs reliable performance and practice equipment.

You do not get the speakers or even the stand but you do get a very iron clad warranty from Yamaha will protect the instrument of yours from manufacturers defects for as much as 2 years so that you are able to purchase with confidence knowing that you’re covered.

In case you’re searching for a stage piano which has years and years of experience behind it and that will come from a trusted reliable source the Yamaha CP4 is the choice that you need to be checking out.


  • Includes FC3A sustain pedal and power supply
  • Natural Wood keys with Synthetic Ivory keytops offer grand piano touch, stability and key-repetition
  • The CFX Premium Grand Piano Voice recreates the power and tone of Yamaha’s flagship CFX concert grand piano
  • Virtual Circuit Modeling re-creates the sound and behavior of vintage effects and signal processors
  • Professional balanced XLR outputs provide high output, noise-reducing signal without the need for a DI box

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