Williams Legato Plus Review

For a realistic sounding, 88 key digital piano, the Williams Legato digital piano is priced to sell. Because of this, the Legato has remained one of the best selling digital keyboards available nowadays, and is a favorite for musicians wanting a cheap, lightweight keyboard that also has the quality of sound and major action of a more expensive instrument. In this Williams Legato 88 key digital piano review, we will talk about the different features and specifications of the piano and talk about exactly why it’s among probably the best deals we have today.

One huge benefit of the Williams Legato 88 key digital piano is its realistic key action. The keys of the Legato are semi weighted and velocity sensitive, meaning you’re in a position to create an entire range of volumes based on how hard you strike the keys, the same as an acoustic piano. This’s a feature that you just don’t find frequently in a digital piano as inexpensive as the Legato. In addition to this, the Legato has a pleasant, realistic sound and also may be run off either batteries or perhaps an AC outlet.

The Legato doesn’t come equipped with so many built n programs and features as some electronic keyboards. It only has 5 sounds, and doesn’t support features including recording, playing with a background beat, as well as changing pitch. ¬†However, it is a great inexpensive, realistic sounding keyboard.


The Legato has a pleasant, rich sound that’s very easy to appreciate. This piano comes with 5 voices which are piano, organ, electric piano, synth and bass, all of which are of quality that is great. These voices may be layered or perhaps split, making it possible for you to combine 2 voices or perhaps have 2 different halves of the keyboard playing 2 different voices.

The Legato comes with thirty two notes of polyphony, which is not a remarkably large amount, but it does give piano’s sound a bit more versatility for a few more complicated songs. You will find 2 built in, 10W speakers that provide a remarkable amount of volume when turned up most of the way, and they’re far more than sufficient to fill up a room together with the piano’s sound.

Used in its entirety, the Legato’s quality of the sound is well above average and pretty remarkable for a cheap keyboard.


The Williams Legato digital piano has a nicely weighted key action which provides a lot of realism. It’s only semi weighted to be able to hold the bulk of the keyboard down, but it nevertheless carries a pleasant, large feel to it. Better yet, however, are the velocity sensitive keys.

Among the biggest complaints about some digital pianos would be that the keys aren’t sensitive enough to recognize just how difficult they’ve been struck, resulting in a reduced range of volume differential. The Legato’s keys, nonetheless, are in a position to effectively identify the velocity at which they’re struck and respond accordingly, providing you with a pleasant, realistic range of volume.

In case you go through a Williams Legato review, this element might be what you’ll see being praised most about the piano, and it definitely gives it a pleasant, responsive key action.
Some other Features and Specifications

Various other characteristics of the Legato include USB and MIDI connectivity and a music library of 5 preset songs that may be utilized to help you practice.

The Legato also includes a built in metronome, a headphone jack, and asustain peddle. This piano is created to be powered off of 6 D batteries, nonetheless, there’s an adapter that you are able to purchase separately that allows it to be plugged into an AC outlet.

Final Thoughts

When you would like a cheap, lightweight keyboard that still offers both a realistic sound and a realistic key action, the Legato fits the bill. This’s an excellent instrument for beginners to learn on and is an equally great keyboard for someone wanting to carry the piano of theirs with them whenever they go. In case you fall into either one of the categories, purchasing the Williams Legato is an extremely smart choice.

  • 88 semi-weighted keys, convenient built-in metronome, and integrated stereo speakers
  • Includes beginner package with power supply, sustain pedal, and music rest
  • 5 rich sounds: piano, electric piano, organ, synth and bass
  • Features dual voice split mode, and chorus and reverb effect buttons
  • 5 free songs with McCarthy Music educational software

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