Williams Allegro 2 Plus Review

In the past several years, Williams has established itself in the affordable part of the digital pianos market with the announcement of the Williams Allegro 2 in March 2015. Since then, it has been available around the world and it ships under the $300 price range, which will possibly make it 1 of top digital pianos for beginners.

Below, please check out the interactive table below to compare the Williams Allegro two to many other related pianos:

And today, with no further ado, let us go for a much deeper look into this very portable instrument.


So What is Different?
The very first difference that you are going to notice when comparing the first Allegro to its successor is definitely the brand new design, that is derived from an extensive aesthetic renewal process that the manufacturer has started with the Legato digital piano.

The Williams Allegro two now offer a more professional and attractive look, because of a great but light weight (only 29.8 pounds) and elegant chassis that will come just in a matte black finish.

The primary interface is located on the best panel and also has a power switch, a volume knob, the Metronome, Transpose, Function and Octave options, a LCD display, the Record and Song modes, 6 buttons to control the 10 available sounds, the Layer/Split mode, and lastly the Effects section, which includes Modulations, Chorus, and Reverb.

On the rear panel, you will look for a USB port for MIDI applications, a sustain input (with automatic polarity detection, also works as an expression pedal port for organ sounds), headphone socket, the stereo outputs, and obviously the power jack for connecting the optional AC adaptor.

Is The Sound Better?


The very first event that Williams needed to achieve with the Allegro two was to attain a much better quality of sound for all the included voices, and the company has successfully reached this goal with the addition of a brand new custom sound library that offers 10 well sounding high definition instruments.

This feature allows Williams Allegro 2 to now offer a ten two concert grand piano sound, sampled with 3 different velocity layers, that also carries a brilliant variation for a much brilliant tone.

The brand new piano sounds are far better compared to the first Allegro’s, and this combined with the revamped 88 key hammer action keyboard ensures a fantastic experience for both piano and novices pupils alike. And despite the absence of a good 88 key graded hammer action keyboard, the Williams Allegro two also has among top keybed for its price range (which, to reiterate, is under $500).

There will also be 8 other available sounds, like 2 electric pianos, 2 organs (Hammond-Like and Pipe), 2 pads (Synth) and Strings and 2 basses (Electric and acoustic). You are able to layer 2 sounds and control the balance between those, or perhaps split the keyboard in 2 zones and select another sound for every zone.

The 64 note polyphony means that you will not have any specific issues of dropped notes, a big feature because of this price range, as pianos in this price bracket tend to just offer 32 note polyphony.

Control Anything You Want

Today, the advantage of all these features is you’ve such a wide selection of choices to control and enrich the sound of yours. And with the Williams Allegro 2,  one could argue you obtain among the very best sound editors in a digital piano aimed at entry level players. Below, you are able to alter the piano keyboard pitch by pressing the Transpose button, change the split point or perhaps the split octave for getting lower or higher sounds on the left hand.

And as soon as you have finished, you are able to add a reverb (up to 8 different types) and change the depth of its, enrich the primary sound with a chorus (8 variations) and replace the level of effect to the mix, or perhaps put in one more modulation (Tremolo, Vibrato or perhaps Rotary Speaker emulation) to have a custom tone.

The built in digital recorder allows you to capture the very own song of yours, also, by pressing the Play and Song buttons simultaneously. You are able to also make use of the integrated Metronome and change the tempo (from twenty to 280 bpm).

One other good addition from the prior version will be the brand new USB-to-host port, which allows the Allegro two digital piano to work as a MIDI interface. You are able to connect the keyboard to a PC, Ios device thanks or perhaps mac to its class compliant drivers, and utilize it as much as possible as a master controller.


Obviously, the brand new Williams Allegro 2 isn’t the sole product in Williams’ catalogue: the company has no less than 2 other exciting products in its line up, such as the Overture and the Legato.

Check the review of The Williams Legato

The Legato is a 88 key, semi weighted digital piano and features just 5 available sounds (piano, organ, electric piano, synth and bass) and have a maximum polyphony of thirty two notes.

Ultimately, is it worthwhile to invest the cash of yours on any of these Williams products? Well, the Williams pianos are one of the greatest for the dollar. Something that plays sufficiently but will not break the bank. If that is the case, indeed, the Williams Allegro two is definitely a good choice. 


When you are aiming to get your very first digital piano and you do not want to go beyond a $299 budget, the Williams Allegro two will be definitively a good option in this price range, because of a brand new sound engine along with a complete bunch of features that will allow kids, pupils and beginners to understand the fundamentals while waiting to purchase a far more full and professional solution. Just understand that in case you are ready to invest a bit more cash, you are able to upgrade to something like the P 45 and also have an excellent instrument.

But within the budget friendly price range that the Allegro two sits in, it is a winner.

  • 88 hammer-action weighted keys for ultra-realistic piano feel New Williams sound library with unique, hi-definition instrument sounds including grand piano, electric pianos, organs, strings, synths and basses Modulation/FX control for realistic, expressive control of rotary and vibrato effects on select instruments Bright LCD ensures easy readability and parameter adjustment USB/MIDI connectivity for added flexibility for computers and recording Convenient built-in speakers, metro
  • The Williams Allegro 2 Plus is a full-size digital piano with 88 hammer-action weighted keys and a brilliant new custom sound library
  • Enjoy 10 great sound samples including classical and modern pianos as well as favorite electronic keyboards and synths
  • Plus, special Modulation/FX control provides realistic rotary and vibrato effects on select instruments
  • With easy-to-use controls, graphic LCD display, split/layer function, metronome and built-in speakers, the Allegro 2 Plus is easy to navigate and play, right out of the box


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