yamaha ydp 143 review

Yamaha YDP 143 Review

Yamaha YDP-143 Review: A Solid Digital Piano in Every Way


The Yamaha YDP-143 is housed in a traditional looking cabinet designed to enhance the décor of any room without taking up too much space.

The sliding cover will keep the keyboard away from dust and dirt when you don’t play it.




Yamaha is known for its excellent quality control. There have been very few issues with their digital pianos, and it’s a fact.

Their built quality is always great, and the instruments usually last for years.

The Yamaha YDP-143 comes with a full set of 88 fully-weighted keys, which feel similar to real piano keys.

It’s the same Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard that we saw on the YDP-103 as well as on the P-45 and P-115 (portable models).






The YDP-143 is equipped with the Pure CF sound engine, which is a big step forward from the AWM sampling technology.

Just listen!


  • In total there’re 10 sounds in the YDP-143:
  •  3 Grand Pianos (Concert, Warm, Bright)
  •  2 Electric Pianos
  •  2 Organs (Pipe, Jazz)
  •  Harpsichord
  •  Vibraphone
  •  Strings


Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) feature adjusts the quality and controls the sound in low volume situations to make both bass and treble notes clearly audible.

Stereophonic Optimizer is a really cool feature that’s used when you’re playing and listening to the piano through headphones.

To make the sound more natural and spacious, the Stereophonic Optimizer adjusts the spacing and the separation of the sound, which results in a more realistic and immersive experience.

The piano has 192-note polyphony, which will allow you to implement the most complex and sophisticated sound effects and use multi-layered backing tracks without running out of notes.

Dual Mode allows you choose two different instruments that you want to layer, and then when you play the keyboard, you’ll hear these two sounds layered on top of each other creating a rich, beautiful tone.

Duo mode is a very useful tool for teachers, which can be used in classes with their students.


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