yamaha psr e453 review

Yamaha PSR E453 Review


Our Yamaha PSR E453 review is here to tell you all about this awesome 61-key digital keyboard. Of course, Yamaha made the PSR series for players’ joy and they just do. Asides from the E353 and the E253, this one also brings great features to the table and it is one of the reasons why you should have it at home. Of course, we are going to be talking about the screen, the buttons, the sounds and everything else you want to know about it.  It has great recording and learning functions and it will be a great addition to your collection. See what got it on our list of best Yamaha digital pianos.



Before we get to the great features it has, we have to talk about looks. It is made from lightweight plastic and it has a matte black color. Of course, the black and white keys are standard and they are full sized. This makes them look amazing and they fit the environment perfectly. Also, they are quite solid and they resemble grand pianos a lot.

Another thing you should know about the design of this keyboard is the fact that the keys hang and stick out straightly. There is also a gap below them which makes sure you are able to press them all the way down. Although you find this feature very common on keyboards, we have to mention it because there are people who want to have thicker keys.

yamaha psr e453

Even though the keys look slim, they are pretty much what you will find when you want reliable keys. They are also very comfortable to press.

Additionally, there are two speakers on it but they are covered with a speaker cover that looks like mesh.


One of the most amazing things about the screen is that when you turn it on, it lights up blue. This makes it very easy to read, even for people who have trouble with their sight. Also, around the screen, there is a gloss black border. This one makes sure that the middle of the keyboard’s face is shiny and it looks very sleek.

The screen will definitely draw your attention because it has an awesome design. It makes sure you know where it is even if you don’t actually look for it.


The buttons on this keyboard are matte black. However, you won’t get lost when you are looking at them and you are searching for a certain button. This is because they are all labeled, so you won’t have to spend time searching for a specific button. Also, this means that you won’t go around pressing buttons you don’t need. Additionally, the master volume is a knob you can easily turn to adjust the volume. It is very refreshing to have buttons, knobs, and sliders on the keyboard. Asides from being very functional and helpful, they make sure it looks very professional too.

Not only the buttons, but the wheel you use to scroll through all the sounds is very cool too. It is super easy to use and you won’t have any problem when you want to go through all the patches in no time.

If you want to get a specific sound, you can use the keypad. You just enter the number of the patch and you get quick access to it.

Features of the Yamaha E453

If you want a keyboard that has a lot of impressing features to offer, this one is for you. You will be impressed by how the functions work together and how they fit the whole instrument nicely.

One of the best features about this keyboard is the fact that it has a six-track recorder. It would be of help to anyone, even beginners who will learn how to record.

However, as we said, this keyboard has a lot of amazing features. Amongst them is the DJ pattern. This one is made to help you practice beats in the EDM genre. It can also give you some great knowledge about elements which are used in DJ production. If you combine this with the digital effects, you will surely get a great beat and you can do whatever you want with it. Still, this keyboard allows playing along with hip-hop, jazz, rock, and whatnot. Even if you don’t prefer these styles, it will come in quite refreshing.

yamaha e453 review

There is an arpeggiator or a note sequencer. It makes sure that your chord is turned into a melodic pattern. The harmonizer, on the other hand, makes sure that you have an option of harmonizing yourself. There are a metronome and a tempo tap and there is even a time signature adjuster.

Lastly, one of the most impressive things about this keyboard is the fact that it follows chords in real time. This means that the bass and the guitars will play the same notes on the same scale as you are. The voice control on it is just another benefit, it gives you the chance of splitting the sounds down the middle of the keyboard. If you want to, you can even layer them together.

Using it as a beginner

The beginners and those who want to improve their skills are the ones who will most benefit from this keyboard. This is because they were the target group. On this instrument, you can find an abundance of useful features for beginners which professionals probably don’t need. However, it is a great keyboard to start with because it has a lot to offer.

For example, there is a learning feature. It will help you to learn the names of the notes, playing chords and whatnot. Moreover, it will help you learn how to play metronome and you will be able to learn how to read sheet music.

Beginners will be able to listen to a melody and play it back. This is great for practicing, right?

However, one of the best things about the Yamaha is the fact that it displays feedback on the screen. Basically, it will tell you if you did it right or if you need to work harder and try again. It is like having a personal instructor at home.


  • With 48-note polyphony players will benefit from fewer dropped notes and more expressive control than they would with a lower note count.
  • 220 Styles and 378 Music Database Titles;Arpeggio function
  • 10 DSP effects with knob control
  • USB Audio & MIDI connectivity
  • 5 new DJ patterns

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