how to record digital piano

How to record a digital piano

A lot of people, especially beginners have been struggling when they need to find out how to record digital piano sounds. They would make some awesome sounds but they don’t know how to record. For this reason, we wrote a guide on how to record digital piano and we hope that it would come in quite handy for a lot of beginners and for those who want to learn.

If you have a digital piano, there are always things you can learn when it comes to using it to its maximum, well, recording is one of those things you can do.

how to record digital piano


There are two ways on how to record a digital piano.

Audio recording

This one is made to record the exact sounds that your keyboard makes. In order to audio record your digital piano, you should route one or two of the keyboard’s audio outputs to the audio interface you have.

MIDI recording

This type of recording takes the notes you play and puts them in a digital format. It is not meant to record audio information. If you use the keyboard you played on and play it back, the sound will be exactly the same. However, if you take another playback device you will notice that it sounds quite different.

Things you should know

One of the things that you should know when it comes to both types of recording is the following. Firstly, audio recording is very simple and almost anyone can do it. It is very easy to understand and to use. Another thing about it is the fact that it doesn’t require having MIDI cables like the DIN connectors which are basically round plugs with 4 prongs. What you will need for audio recording are audio cables. These involve having a ¼ inch jack, mono or stereo.

After this, you need to have an audio interface. Almost anyone can find a specialized one, however, a microphone input on a computer can do the trick. If it isn’t noisy, you should be good to go and you will be able to learn how it all works. Also, what you will need will be one or two ¼ to 1.8 adaptors.

After you’ve done this and you have plugged it in, all you need to do is to record.

Other ways of recording

We would suggest trying to record using the cheap or free equipment because it will do the trick and you will be able to get a taste of it all. Of course, after you’ve learned the basics you can always get some great and pricey equipment.

Another easy and cheap choice you have when it comes to the question of how to record digital piano sounds is your camera. If you have a camera check if it has a microphone input because they often do. It will come in very handy and you will be able to record easily.

However, if you want to record something else like other sounds at the same time, this might not work. So, if you are speaking or singing while you are playing, take into consideration that the microphone input will disable the internal microphone and it won’t have the other sounds.


If you didn’t know how to record digital piano sounds this guide is meant to help you learn. There are a lot of digital pianos who have some great features for recording which is why you should always read the manual you got with it. Also, if you want to buy a digital piano now, seek for this feature amongst others because it is quite handy. After all, if you record your work you will be able to present it to people without having to play it and you can impress them.


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