Ibanez RG450DX Review

Ibanez as a brand has become synonymous. While they make a whole lot of amazing high grade instruments, it was their cheap stuff that attracted the biggest audiences out there. The RG450DX we’re taking a look at today has proven to be among the finest performing beginner electric guitarson the market. While it’s positioned between lower mid range and higher section, RG450DX is among those’futureproof’ choices.

Body And Neck
It’s made of pretty high-quality mahogany, and even features a Stratocaster style pick guard. Neck belongs to the Wizard III series, and is by far one of the most comfortable profiles out there. This neck comes with a great rosewood fretboard which sports standard Ibanez Shark Tooth inlays. You can get this awesome guitar in a variety of finishes, most of which are a solid color of some kind.

As a matter of fact, this seems to be their principal coverage. One that is more economical and the difference between this RG is at the model of the bridge itself. Here we are looking at a Std. DL tremolo bridge — a pretty decent model that doesn’t suffer from many different issues like its basic alternatives ado. Tuning machines are regular Ibanez stuff, meaning you don’t have to fret too much.

Ibanez went ahead and installed three of the Quantum pickups in HSS configuration. Interestingly , the neck and bridge pickups are ceramic in character while the middle one is a real alnico design. Pickups are wired into a single volume control knob, 1 tone control knob, and a normal pickup select button. Ibanez may not have generated the greatest electric guitar, but they sure did make a very trustworthy and consistent one.

The idea behind the HSS pickup configuration would be to give you the best of the two worlds. You desire the robust bridge humbucker tone, but also the refined single coil experience that no other pickup can really offer. Question is, did Ibanez figure out how to deliver this kind of performance? It’s safe to say it has, because more and more intermediate players are turning to model exactly like this . Besides using a fairly wholesome tone, then that center alnico pickup makes a huge difference. It’s there to extend the versatility of the Ibanez RG450DZ, but in addition to spice up the tone colour to some point.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your budget. If you are trying to find a fantastic newcomer model that’ll help keep up with you as you develop your skills, then RG450DX might just be the type of solution you were looking for all along.

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