Epiphone SG-310 Review


Epiphone SG-310 brings a great deal of design at a reasonable price. Because of this and many more reasons, it belongs to our listing of guitars for people that are just starting out.

Body And Neck
For that reason, they had a variant of this guitar that will bring the SG aesthetic to the budget user. Epiphone SG-310 is certainly not the first guitar built for this function, but it’s one of the more popular ones. The body of this SG clone is made from alder and comes in several colors. Concerning finish and fit, everything is on point. The guitar feels very solid when you pick it up.

Epiphone’s choice of pickups for SG-310 is spot on. We’re talking about a set of open-coil, AlNiCo packed humbuckers which work perfectly with the overall theme of this guitar. These are wired to a set of volume and tone knobs, as well as the pickup select switch. Everything is put together nicely and closely, allowing for a very powerful, consistent output. Humbuckers in question are Epiphone’s 650R and 700T. While they are not high in their lineup passive pups, they offer great performance to price ratio. Hooked to some 500k pots, you are aware that the power is obviously going to be there once you bring up the quantity.

One of the greatest things about Epiphone is that their quality hardware. Even an entry level guitar like this one includes a set of hardware which not only does its job well, but also ensure great performance. The bridge is a normal LockTone Tune-o-Matic unit using a stop-bar tailpiece. While nobody really expected anything amazing from this bridge, the degree of sustain it provides is definitely above average. Tuning machines come in kind of a rather standard die cast set, although they have a tendency to be quite powerful as it comes down to keeping a pruning. Usually, the very first thing people are updating on guitars at this price range is your tuners department. But, that’s not really necessary with the SG-310.

Even though we’re talking about a relatively reasonably priced guitar, Epiphone still managed to capture the character of what SG is all about. The noise you get from Epiphone SG-310 is built for rock. Pickups have sufficient output to deal with pretty much any kind of overdrive or distortion, not sound shallow. When you want a few clogs, the guitar keeps up. Trebles are nice and sharp while the mids and lows seem fairly rich. For the most part, it is possible to pull just about any sort of noise with this thing, particularly something blues oriented.

The Verdict
Epiphone SG-310 is a perfect beginner guitar for people who want that classic, neutral tone. It’s built like a tank and it brings the sort of functionality that will keep up with you when you grow up as a guitar player.


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