Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review

Those who can not afford the original Gibson Les Paul have a great alternative. Epiphone Les Paul Standard brings a lot of that same performance and feeling at a far more reasonable price. Let us see why this version is the gold standard among beginner guitars.

Body And Neck
There are two iconic guitar body shapes out there, and Les Paul is one of them. This Epiphone delivers the identical aesthetic and much of the build quality of the guitar it was inspired by. The body itself is made from mahogany with a cherry walnut top.

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s only in a class of its own. The neck is a standard maple design with a great excellent rosewood fretboard on top. This guitar sport similar abalone inlays, in addition to white binding on the neck. Overall, once you start playing it, you realize exactly how comfortable this guitar really is.

That’s what differentiated them from Fender back in the day. Interestingly enough, Epiphone Les Paul Standard comes with a set of Alnico pups of great quality. These two are controlled by the traditional controls found on any worthy Les Paul.

You’ve got two Tone and 2 Volume knobs to play with, along with a pickup selector switch. Everything feels and looks solid and the knobs are pretty accurate. We mention this as you can easily control volume with confidence in a situation where time is everything.

We got an extremely sturdy Tune-o-Matic bridge which sports six adjustable saddles on one end, and a great pair of die-cast tuners on the other.

All hardware on this guitar comes from chrome, which is pretty true to what Gibson delivers on their Les Paul Standard. The bridge is solid, and holds both the intonation and tuning fairly well. Tuners, although pretty standard, are relatively sturdy.

Sure, it’s not exactly the same as the one you can get with an original Gibson model, but it halfway there at least. Seriously, this guitar simply dominates in its category, particularly if you’re after that classic tone.

It manages distortion, overdrive and clean surroundings with a lot of confidence. You can play metal today, and then just tune up the guitar for a blues improv session. Epiphone definitely outperformed nailed it with this model, to our great fortune.

The Verdict
If your budget is flexible, going for an Epiphone Les Paul Standard is most likely the best possible way you can start off your guitar learning experience. This ax is extremely well balanced in all aspects which matter, and it’s a strong performer.

I see a lot of people online trying to compare this version to a Gibson but I wouldn’t as the value which this axe offers is one of a kind. The quality of a Gibson is great, but it comes at a really large price, unlike this one. The Les Paul Standard is a excellent solution for everyone who is not ready to throw a few grand on a Gibson.


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