how to choose a digital piano

How to choose a digital piano

A lot of people nowadays need a good digital piano and for good reasons too. The digital pianos of today have advanced a lot and they are an amazing replacement for an acoustic piano. The sound quality is very high and they are low-cost, so many people are wondering how to choose a digital piano and where to look for. We have a guide that will help you find and choose your digital piano which can be very helpful for a lot of beginners and even some professionals too. The broad range of functions and features you can find can obviously confuse you and it is a bit daunting. So keep on reading and learn how to choose a digital piano for your needs.

By knowing the following things you will be able to shop with confidence knowing you are getting the digital piano for your needs. Here is what is most important about digital pianos.


We all know that digital pianos are made to be a lot lighter compared to acoustic pianos. However, there can be differences between brands and types of digital pianos. When you choose your digital piano, take into consideration the weight if you have to take it with you often. It will help you move it around easier and without spending time or asking for help each time.


Of course, digital pianos are made to be less expensive than the acoustic ones. Also, unlike acoustic pianos, digital pianos only demand maintenance in the terms of dusting. You should look for a maintenance-free digital piano for your convenience.


For some people, this feature is very important and even if you think you don’t need it, make sure your digital piano has it. Namely, a lot of digital pianos on the market are equipped with MIDI recording. This one is made to let you connect it to recording equipment and computers. However, having a USB port will surely ease your life. It makes sure that you can connect your digital piano to all sorts of audio gear samples. Additionally, the best digital piano models on the market can even accept flash memory cards. If you get a digital piano with this feature, you will be able to transfer your music to other devices and computers easily and without the fuss.

how to choose a digital piano

Learning and teaching tools

It is a known fact that digital pianos are especially good for beginners because they are cheaper than acoustic pianos and yet effective. This is why a lot of them have exercises, built-in lessons, displays for notes and chords, metronomes. Some of them even have access to online resources and courses which can be of help to many young learners. When it comes to the great benefits of getting a good digital piano, one of them is the headphone jacks. They allow your younger children or students to work silently and learn without having to disturb the whole household. Additionally, if the beginner works and studies at the side of the teacher, the split-keyboard function allows both of them to play the same parts in the same octaves at the same instrument.


Choosing a digital piano for your needs, of course, can take up a lot of time and since it is an investment we suggest being well-informed on the subject. However, one of the biggest and most important things you should know about choosing a digital piano is the features. Make sure you get the best features, the best functions, and the best performance. Of course, in the end, this would mean that you shouldn’t buy the first digital piano you see from some random manufacturer. In fact, a good and reliable manufacturer almost always means that you will get a good, high-quality digital piano.

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