Casio PX 160 Review

Today, we will be taking a closer look at the lightweight and inexpensive electronic piano coming from Casio PX 160.



The PX-160 is a really lightweight and lightweight electronic piano with eighty eight hammer-action keys. It weighs in at just 25.5 lbs excluding remain (sold separately).

The breadth on the instrument is 52.0 inches, and that is very common for full range pianos.

Among the slimmest 88 key digital pianos, the PX 160 is just 11.5 inches deep. So it’ll completely fit in a little room and can be actually placed holding a table.

Casio PX 160 Review


The instrument may indeed be called as lightweight. Its size plus weight enable you to draw the piano to gigs, rehearsals, earning the PX 160 a good choice for on-the-go musicians.

The PX 160 does not include a stand. Nevertheless, you can find many packages available on Amazon that provide the piano with a stand up and other optional accessories.

We will discuss accessories for the PX-160 in increased detail in the Accessories area.

The build quality is excellent, although the piano is made entirely of plastic. The materials feel good with the touch and are of a quality that is decent; they do not feel cheap or perhaps anything.

The piano can be obtained in three colors: gold, white, and black (champaign). The styles aren’t flashy, and most look fresh and contemporary.

Casio PX-160 Colors

The control board of the piano is easy and intuitive to navigate.

There are committed buttons for the primary functions and settings (volume control, metronome, recording features, primary piano sounds).

As for the majority of the functions as well as sound, you will have to press branded piano keys while positioning the Function button to get into them.

At first, you will have to make use of user manual to look up critical mixtures unless you memorize them, but product labels above the keys certainly simplify this process.

Some folks do not love this way of navigating, and it actually might be inconvenient, when you have to change a setting fast when executing on point, but no less than this way the control board remains simple and isn’t muddled with plenty of buttons.

Casio PX 160 Control Panel

A screen would undoubtedly enhance the usability of the PX 160, but considering the cost of the instrument, I cannot ask for more.


The PX 160 has a 88 key fully weighted device with the keys getting similar size as standard piano keys.

The Tri Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II guarantees you get a very reasonable effect of the secrets and excellent dynamic range from probably the softest pianissimo to probably the loudest fortissimo with most gradations in between.

Unlike semi-weighted keyboards, and they use springs to incorporate fat to the secrets, this particular computer keyboard is fully weighted & amp; utilizes real hammers which mimic the result on the hammer striking the strings. And so the sense of the crucial primary behavior is similar and realistic to an acoustic piano.


Casio PX 160 Keyboard Action

The Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II is among the very best keyboard measures in the marketplace under 1dolar1 thousand.

To the fingers of mine, it feels more beautiful and authentic more to relax than Yamaha’s GHS actions, which utilizes 2 sensor technology and does not have ivory/ebony experience keys.




There are eighteen instrument sounds that you are able to play:
Five Grand pianos (concert, mellow, classic, modern, bright)
Four Electric pianos
Two Strings
Five Organs (including electrical organs)
Bass (Lower)

The Reverb outcome can make the paperwork you play resonate more often, recreating the acoustic setting of various locations. There are four variations of reverb to select from Room, Large Hall, Small Hall, Stadium.

The Chorus outcome makes the audio louder and richer like many equivalent sounds are playing at one time. There will also be four distinct choruses available: Light, Deep, Medium, and also Flanger (whooshing effect).

The brilliance of the sound could additionally be adjusted, earning the instrument sound whiter and harder or softer and mellower.

What’s Polyphony?




The 128 note polyphony of the PX 160 ensures that you will audibly hear all of the notes you play without most recently played notes currently being cut off.

And since the PX-160 enables you to record songs consisting of 2 tracks only, the 128 note polyphony is much more than enough even in case you are playing along with a two-track recording.



Several of the PX-150 ‘s (predecessor of PX 160) proprietors complained about its weak sub quality speakers, calling them quite mediocre. The users had to turn on a headset to get good quality of sound.

Nevertheless, it is another story with the PX 160.


Casio PX-160 Split Mode

Layer Mode. Not merely are able to you play eighteen specific instrument sounds, though you are able to also layer 2 different sounds so they sound at the very same time.

Just choose 2 sounds you wish to level, and what you will audibly hear is 2 sounds playing simultaneously every time you stroke an critical factor.

For instance, you are able to obtain an excellent sound placing piano over strings, and simply try whatever combinations you love, making use of the creativity of yours.

Using the Duo Mode 2 individuals are able to play the computer keyboard together in similar pitch ranges and also at the very same time.


Duet mode splits the computer keyboard into 2 the same parts with identical pitch ranges on every side so that 2 players are able to sit side by edge and enjoy exactly the same notes at the same time

The duet setting comes in invaluable for learning.

For instance, a teacher is able to sit alongside a pupil and also enjoy a few tunes, and the pupil is able to follow along, playing the identical melody on the reverse side of the computer keyboard.

Built-in Songs

The PX 160 comes with sixty built-in songs. You are able to play again most of them inside a sequence (1st to 60th) or even pick out a certain song to play.




  • The PX-160 utilizes Casio’s famous Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard. This action features new simulated Ebony and Ivory textured keys for an incredible feel and its three sensors capture the dynamics of a performance with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Casio’s proprietary Hammer Response feature takes into consideration the speed at which different sized hammers move inside an acoustic grand piano relative to the velocity the keys are played.


  • Casio’s proprietary sound source, “AiR” (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator) provides the grand piano sounds in the PX-160. Casio meticulously recorded the sound of a 9-foot concert grand at 4 dynamic levels. The AiR engine delivers this sound with seamless dynamics for a remarkably expressive and powerful performance. Damper Resonance is simulated by AiR for uncanny realism when the damper pedal is used


  • The chassis has been redesigned not only to provide a more elegant look but also to accommodate a new 8w x 8w speaker system, which delivers the PX-160’s remarkable sounds with the richness that they deserve. This speaker system is open to the front but also ported to the back, which provides remarkable sound when the PX-160 is placed against a wall. This also allows it to easily be used in a classroom or other environment where the sound will be projected towards the audience.


  • The PX-160 also features newly developed string ensemble sounds. These rich stereo strings sound wonderful by themselves or layered with the PX-160’s grand pianos, electric pianos, harpsichord and more. The electric pianos have also been updated providing some dynamic sounds derived from Casio’s award winning PX-5S stage piano. The PX-160 provides split and layer capability allowing you to play bass in your left hand and have two layered tones in your right.


  • For quiet listening, the PX-160 now has two headphone outputs which are located on the front of the instrument and for those who are performing with other amplification, the PX-160 also features 1/4″ left and right line outputs on the rear panel. The PX-160 continues Casio’s tradition of providing “class compliant” USB connectivity on Privia digital pianos. This allows the PX-160 to be used with Mac or Windows computers without the need for downloading drivers.


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