Bonsai Music Looper Review

As one of the best picks for the title of the best cheap looper pedal, the Bonsai Music Looper is a small, yet highly effective device that will get the job done at a fair price. Adding a surprisingly high-end pair of particular elements, this fella gives away an impression that is pretty much anything but cheap.

From looks to sound quality and functionality, this is one solid piece of music equipment. Simplicity is really the word of the day with Bonsai, but it still easily covers the needs of the vast bulk of musicians on the market.


Bonsai Music Looper Review


Making matters as simple as possible, the manufacturer has chosen to include just a single control knob and one footswitch for this item. This produces the pedal quite simple to use, provided that you learn that catchy change. The Level knob is used to adjust the total amount of the loop effect that gets infused into your final sound output, while the footswitch is used to control the tape itself.

Here is how it works — you tap on the button once to start the recording, then tap it twice to terminate the recording as soon as you’re done with crafting the loop. Last, you hold the button for a few seconds when you’re done and would like to erase the loop to make a new recording. It’s rather simple and just takes a bit of foot practice to master.


When all is said and combined, this is a great thing. The looks are great, pro-level for sure; durability is tremendous, the pedal is dependable, functionality is topnotch, the sound is clear and natural, the stomp-box is simple to use, and the price is most definitely in the budget-friendly industry. Good stuff!


  • 【LOOPER GUITAR PEDAL】10 minutes of clear looping with unlimited overdubbing. Undo / Redo/Delete function. Super precisely, true bypass. 48Khz 24 bit uncompressed high quality audio.
  • 【USB FOR UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD】Easily Import/Export the music to and from PC, with USB for uploading and downloading.
  • 【SOLID CONSTRUCTION】It is make of high-quality zinc alloy.Tiny size, durable and sturdy
  • 【SIMPLE OPERATION】Very easy to use, one key to achieve almost all of functions.


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