Best Midi Keyboards For GarageBand – Buyer’s Guide

These days, it’s easier than ever to create great sounding music right at your computer desk.

For many up and coming producers, programmers, and musicians, all you need to get your foot in the door is Garageband. It’s a fantastic piece of software that allows you to record, layer in synth instruments and virtual drums, and even tweak the mix so that it sounds more professional.

You can control everything in Garageband with your mouse alone if you want, of course. However, you’ll have far more command of all of the virtual instruments if you happen to have a MIDI controller.

The most useful style will always be a keyboard. There are quite a lot of different styles on the market however, making it a bit difficult to know which one is worth your time.

Never fear, in the following, you’ll be provided with a basic breakdown that will help you pick the best midi keyboard for ableton live for your personal needs.

#1 Akai Professional MPK Mini 25 Key Ultra Portable USB MIDI Keyboard

Designed for musicians who like making beats in their laptops, the Akai Pro MPK Mini is a budget MIDI keyboard that combines function and portability.

It’s 25 velocity sensitive mini keys, 8 MPC style pads and 8 Q Link knobs offer substantial control over the music creation process.. Additionally, it has plug-and-play functionality so you are able to hook it up the laptop computer of yours and get going instantly.


#2 Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII|25 Key Keyboard Controller

The Akai Pro MPK Mini MKII builds on the strong foundation of its predecessor while introducing some really nifty features that make this one of the greatest among the competition.
The twenty five mini keys are synth weighted, meaning they feel almost like real piano keys if you press them.
Folks might have trouble getting used to a joystick versus wheels to control modulation and pitch, but it is not hard when you become used to it.

#3 Williams Legato 88 Key Digital Piano

The Williams Legato 88 key digital piano is perfect for all those that need the ease of a keyboard without extra features of a full fledged MIDI keyboard.
The keys are semi-weighted and solid, and it comes with 5 sounds piano, organ, electric piano, synth, and bass – that almost sound like the actual thing.
The Legato runs on batteries or a power adapter, neither of which are in the package, but it compensates for the value you receive for the cost. It’s no knobs and pads, but a split/layer function and built in metronome takes the places of its for the dedicated composer and pianist.

#4 Novation Launchkey forty nine USB Keyboard Controller

In the event that you want a keyboard to use in performances that are live AND a full featured MIDI controller.
It features more than fifty hardware controls that allow you to control almost every element of the music production of yours.
These hardware controls map to all major DAWs, including GarageBand, so there is no more hassle in creating the equipment of yours.
The Legato is feature packed with all you have to create and perform some music type you want.

#5 Alesis Q25 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Alesis Q25 is a medium size MIDI keyboard that provides you with the fundamentals of musical production without the complexity of faders and knobs.
Making music through GarageBand is as simple as plugging the Alesis Q25 in the USB port and you are all set. While the Q25 does not make sound by itself, it strips away the knobs and faders to allow you to concentrate on creating music and much less on tinkering with all those buttons.

The perfect MIDI Keyboard – Best Small Midi Keyboard:

There’s no MIDI keyboard that is effective for everybody. A number of individuals might be searching for a keyboard that lets them try out the fundamentals of music production, while professionals, on another hand, might be looking to invest in a full featured keyboard to use in the live performances of theirs.
Additionally, there are different aspects to think about when selecting a MIDI keyboard, like the number of keys, extra large buttons and knobs, portability, and budget, among others.
Having semi weighted keys versus non weighted keys is a huge debate in the music production world. The big difference between synth-action or semi-weighted keys from regular keys is there’s added weight on the keys.
Many people cannot live without this perk, saying it can make the big difference between playing a song and playing it with feeling. Others argue that there’s not much improvement over non weighted keys that justify the extra cost. This business owner is up to personal preference, so try it first.
As for the number of keys, many people feel that forty nine keys are the standard for composing and making music in GarageBand. Keeping the complete range of eighty eight keys are not needed unless you are an experienced pianist who wants to play live in front of a crowd.
You have to think about whether you want the capability of playing sound even without connecting your MIDI keyboard to GarageBand. It could be tiresome to set up every cable and equipment if all that you need to do is practice playing the favorite song of yours. If that is the case, then choose a keyboard that has integrated speakers.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Small Music Keyboard?

1. Size
To begin with, in case you are assembling a small home studio in the likes of the bedroom of yours, it is probably that space is a limited commodity. There are many MIDI controllers available that are simply far too big. It is to your advantage to pick one thing that gives you good functionality without taking up almost all of you room.
2. Features
In case you go way too small, at times you wind up sacrificing features. The very best value midi keyboard should at minimum include the likes of pitch and modulation control and some separate touch pads for beat programming. Easy is better, but, you never wish to restrict yourself way too much.
3. Price
Lastly, almost as it pains us to admit, the price will play a part in what music equipment is the very best option. The most effective item will usually have some of everything you might need so far as performance and size while still creating a reasonable price tag. With that in mind, it is highly recommended that you choose the Akai Professional Mini MKII Portable USB keyboard controller.
In Conclusion To There you go, the five best MIDI keyboard for GarageBand. These 5 MIDI keyboards are perfect choices. Be sure to think about what features you need to have, and cross out the ones you do not, and you will be obtaining the value you paid for.

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