Best Clawhammer Banjos

The clawhammer style – generally known as “frailing” – is a very common method for players of regular folk string music.
Classic techniques for folk or bluegrass work with an upwards motion. By comparison, the clawhammer technique is a down picking style.
Best Clawhammer Banjos
You can play clawhammer design on any banjo, but several instruments will be better suited to the method than others. In most cases, you need to look for an instrument having an open rear design. As for the fretboard and string set up, many players find it very comfortable to pick up an instrument with small activity and a scooped neck.
These are the best clawhammer banjos on the industry.

Gold Tone OT 800 Banjo

Best Clawhammer Banjos
The OT 800 could well be the perfect providing in their catalog for frailing. It applies a wide open returned body layout, to begin with, but crucial for this method is the style of the neck. It is a scooped neck, made of maple with a bound fingerboard.
The gold Tone OT 800 is an overall sound banjo, no matter your playing technique. It is particularly well known among bluegrass players due to its enhanced volume and experience when compared with various other models. This’s because of the style of the rim and mind, though the overall tone band helps with that. When you are looking for a banjo that is easy playing with a vintage inspired sound, this’s an excellent choice.


Recording King RK-OT25-BR Madison Banjo

Best Clawhammer Banjos
It is an open back design that uses steam bent maple rim and a twenty four bracket tension hoop that is made of nickel plated brass. It runs on the Remo FiberSkyn head which provides your tone a distinct vintage sound, with punch on the episodes and clarity on the experience
The hardware is nickel and have a bone nut along with a two way adaptable truss rod. Details which make this particular instrument comfy to play and simple to hold in tune.
This’s among the very best clawhammer banjos period.


Deering Goodtime 5-string Banjo

Best Clawhammer Banjos
Deering is yet another well-known brand in the banjo community. This open backed model is lighter weight, making it much better for traveling, and also gives the sound an open quality, too. It is a great value considering its professional level construction and materials.
The neck is rock maple, slender and designed with a low profile on all twenty two frets, causing an instrument that is amazingly simple to play. It uses a three ply maple rim, even though the bridge is composed of maple and ebony. Everything for this banjo is created to be adjustable to fit some player. The 11 inch head is adaptable, as will be the tailpiece, bridge, and sealed targeted tuners. The brilliant, singing firmness you get from this particular instrument gives banjos which expense two times as much a run for their cash.


Pyle 5 String Geared Tunable Banjo

Best Clawhammer Banjos
Though the open back is pretty traditional to clawhammer players, it is not an essential element of the playing style.
Bluegrass players in particular may find they miss extra volume boost their sound receives from the resonator on a closed back banjo. This Pyle model is an excellent choice, with cream jade tuners along with a maple bridge.
The conventional binding & Remo M1 head provide you a traditional twanging tone that is punchy within the strike. the most surprising aspect of this Pyle banjo will be the price, which can be quite inexpensive. This is the greatest budget clawhammer banjo on the list. 


Which Banjo’s Right for me personally?

All 4 of the tools on the list above works wonderfully with the clawhammer (frailing banjo) color regarding playing technique. Your main deciding factors are going to be the exact quality of sound you are going for as well as the price range you are in a position to work within. As stated before, open back models are usually a little pricier compared to closed back for exactly the same amount of sound quality. If you are looking for a budget banjo, Pyle is a greta choice.  If you are on the quest for an open back banjo is bang for your buck, check out the Deering Goodtime
In the event that cash is not a main concern, feel about what sort of a sound you need from your instrument. An open backed model is going to give you a softer, mellower audio, while a closed back banjo will likely be lighter and louder.
Good luck!

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