Best 2000 Watt Amps

So, why buy a 2000 watt amp? Effectively, including the largest subwoofer are only able to provide a great deal of volume on its own. If you want to rattle the frame, you will have to provide it a few more power. The key is usually to find the best 2000 RMS watt amplifier to suit the equipment of yours. The amplifier will not do you a bit of good in case you are using it to boost speakers or perhaps a subwoofer that need much more energy than the it is able to handle.

The number of channels will be the very first thing you need to check when you are searching for a 2000 watt amp. If you will be powering one big piece of equipment, such as a subwoofer, you would like a single channel amp (also called a Class D or perhaps monoblock amp). When you are using it for a pair of speakers, a Class A/B multi channel amp provides you with similar power, but in the individual channels that you need. You can find plenty of 2000 RMS watt amps from both classes on the list below, many of which are choices that are great to enhance the quality of sound of your car’s audio set up.

Below are our four recommendations for top 2000 watt amps on the market:

 SCV 2000D Sundown 2000W RMS Amplifier


Sundown replaced their acclaimed SAZ series with the SCV line in 2014 and this monoblock amp continues the legacy of those popular amplifiers. The primary improvement made between the SCV and SAZ lines was to optimize the power supply. The brand new line operates better, resulting in a smaller wattage footprint that ultimately gives you much more power per dollar.

Everything about this amp was created to give the music of yours the very best performance. It’s a ubsonic filter to un muddy the low end of yours, together with a bass boost to fill out the signals you would like to keep (see full specs). With a sensitivity of 90dB, you will not lose some clarity from the receiver to the speakers. The one downside of this’s it can require a great deal of strength and you will most likely require an additional battery to operate it. Given the quality of sound, although, most folks find that a worthy investment.

 Skar Audio Subwoofer Amplifier, 2000W

This’s probably the most powerful amplifier in Skar’s RP line. While it is rated for 2000 watts RMS at one ohm, in terms of its actual output it is able to have a max power more than 2,800 watts. The quality of the engineering also means it is incredibly reliable, with an effective operation that keeps it from overheating as well as makes almost all of the energy you put into it.

The RP 2000 operates on a highspeed MOSFET power supply and uses an advanced PCB board design, a level of engineering that allows this amp to outperform models that cost twice as much (see full specs). Additionally, it uses a 4 way protection circuity to protect against failures and shorts. As an added benefit, it has a remote level control and bass knob for the subwoofer, letting you easily adjust the levels right from the driver’s seat. If the primary goal of yours is usually to get more low end volume, this amp will be the answer you have been searching for. Basically, it is quite simply among the best 2000 watt amps for the investment.

Pyle PLTA580 2 Channel 2,000 Watt Amplifier

When your finances are tight and has you looking more at the cheaper end of the spectrum, there are a couple great options you may want to check. The first is the PLTA580 from Pyle, which is a bridgeable 2 channel amp rated for 2,000 watts RMS at two ohms. These amps are designed for the serious audiophile who drives a big vehicle, created to fill up an RV or perhaps truck cab with true to life sound.

As for the overall tone shaping, this amp has variable high pass and low pass filters, a bass boost option, and a fixed subsonic filter to clean up the strong low end. The fact that it is bridgeable makes it extremely versatile in a number of different audio set-ups. It’s also tough enough for the road, with screw down terminals and nickel plated RCA connectors that guarantee a secure relationship with your subwoofers or speakers. The inside components are equally as durable, with an air induction cooling system and speaker short and overload protection.

 Hifonics ZRX2016.4 Zeus Amplifier, 4 Channel 2000-Watt

An alternative choice that is as inexpensive as it’s successful is the Zeus from Hifonics. Just like the Pyle amplifier above, it is a multi channel amp, with 4 channels totaling 2000 watts RMS, sufficient to offer all of the speakers in your set up plenty of juice. It is also bridgeable, providing you with a great deal of various choices to work with for a range of audio configurations.

Hifonics amps all use an aluminum heatsink that gives them impressive heat dissipation, protecting the inner circuitry of the amp and allowing it to put out more power with less wasted energy than other amplifiers in its class. Combined with the military grade PCB casing and 4 different levels of protection circuitry (DC, thermal, short circuit, and overload) this gives you a hearty amp that can give you maximum power for a quite a while. It is also offered in a thousand watt version in case you do not need quite considerable power, but in case you are searching for an amp that is going to shake the windows, the 2000 watt version is well worth the higher price tag.

Picking out the Best 2000 Watt Amp

The very first issue you have to ask yourself is whether the amp you want to buy will fit into the automobile of yours. The majority of the listings on Amazon have a neat feature which lets you input your car’s model and make so that you are able to tell if it is going to install easily into your vehicle. If you’ve your heart set on some amp and it will not fit in the automobile of yours, you are able to get it to a repair shop and also have him make modifications, but this’s an additional expense a lot of people do not wish to be concerned about.

When you are matching the amp to existing equipment, be sure you determine the impedance. This’s the number (measured in ohms) that outlines just how much power the amp is able to provide against different levels of resistance from the subwoofer or perhaps speaker. Moreover , make certain you are looking at the RMS rating if you check this; that is the amount it is able to provide continuously, as opposed to the peak rating, which is the maximum of its potential output.

It is generally advised to pick up an amp that provides much more power than you really need. Which can make perfect 2000 watt amps perfect for equipment that totals around 1,000 1,350 watts of continuous power. Keep that in mind in case you are purchasing new speakers or perhaps subwoofers plus an amplifier; it is going to help you narrow down the options of yours as your browsing other equipment. Good luck!

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