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The Best Handpans — 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

1) Tzevaot AEOLIAN Handpan 440hz

Tzevaot AEOLIAN is an remarkable handpan. Designed to genuinely fulfill any musician’s needs. Crafted with durability at heart. It has a solid surface that ensures safe traveling, storage or shipping. Constructed to resist rust and it has a certificate of authenticity with a registered serial number.

It’s the following scale (G) C D E F G Ab Bb C. Tzevaot AEOLIAN is a combination of light and dark appearance to get a gorgeous balance of energies. It seems an atmosphere with a wonderful magical sound.

2) HAPI HDMINIDAKE Mini Steel Tongue Percussion Drum

HAPI HDMINIDAKE Mini Steel tongue is the D Akebono Pentatonic. This instrument is what is called small but mighty. It has a compact size with a loud sound.

Suitable for both professionals and beginners. A hand pan using a dimension of 8″. The width is 5.5 and it weighs 3.4 lbs. It includes a well-written instruction booklet and a wonderful travel bag to fit.

3) 9″ Steel Tongue Drum

This is a high-quality steel tongue drum. It has a diameter of approximately nine inches. You can play C major natural scale. You can play eight notes which are C, D, E, F, G, A, B in the 4th octave. You will get a bag and two rubber sticks when you purchase this drum.

This is a musician’s delight, because of its ability to play eight tones. You may use it for holistic practice or just for the sheer joy of playing. Recommended for every musician. Expect nothing less than a unique end and shimmering sound. Takes your breath away with its moderately gentle sound.

4) 8″ Steel Tongue Drum

8″ Steel Tongue Drum is a high quality tongue drum with a diameter of 20cm. Comes with a C major natural scale. Just like the name suggests, it has eight tones. Every sound mesmerizes the heart and keeps the ear yearning for more. You’ll find a bag and two rubber sticks attached.

We found that it was a product with a difference. You will enjoy every moment playing this tool. This handbag has no ripples and bumps on it. This is one of the fantastic handpans in the marketplace. A complete piece of art.

5) Bali Steel Pan

Bali steel pan has an appealing look – in another word it’s a perfect finish. It’s the very few handbags which are hand made. Has a custom tuned tone to satisfy your musical appetite.

Made in the Island of Indonesia known as Bali. You can choose the custom scale at the point of purchase. Very smooth with no ripple or bump. Any genre of music will enjoy been accompanied by this instrument. Very sensitive surface and generates a loud volume.

6) IdiopanDomina 12-Inch Tunable Steel Handpan

Domina handbag is large with a loud sound. Every touch is highly sensitive, bright and well crafted. It’s designed in the USA from American steel. Plays eight notes and you can tune it to lots of scales.

The C major is correctly tuned with G3 / C4 D4 E4 G4 A4 C5 D5. Comes with a pair of mallets that you will receive after each purchase. You will also enjoy a maintenance free powder coated finish. Extraordinary design with heart warming tones to mesmerize your audience.

7) Handpan Tongue Drum 10 Tones

As a musician, you will be pleased with this hand pan. The sound and resonance of the musical instrument are great. This drum can be used to assist you create an environment to meditate.

The sound is open and all of the notes are matched properly. The entire finishing is pleasing and the craftsmanship is ideal. Handpan Tongue Drum is perfect for all genres of music.

8) HandPan Tongue Steel Tank Hank Handmade

A handpan with a very sensitive surface. Every bit counts and produces a beautiful melody to the ear. It is playable and a gorgeous instrument. Expect to get inspired as you play because of the shimmering sound you will enjoy.

If you desire a hand pan that will raise your creative art, then get this instrument. It is handmade just as the name implies but contemporary and sophisticated. Every note has a captivating feeling.

9) Tree of Life Hijaz 12″ Drum Handpan

Tree of Life Hijaz 12″ Drum is fresh and with fantastic features. Modern with 11 tones. This is great for jamming solo. This product has a unique packaging and a distinct finish. You don’t need to be a professional to use this handpan. Very easy to play and it’s nice tones.

It makes you appreciate every tone and touch. Good for any kind of music whether jazz, steel, traditional etc.. Tree of Life Hijaz 12″ went through a heat treatment called steel nitriding. This course of action is to harden the surface and give you that sensitive feeling that is required.

10) Tongue Hand Pan / RAV Vast 2 / B RUS (RAV Universal Scale)

Anticipate a rocky finish with an excellent sound. There is no other word to explain than that it’s unique, with a beautiful sound harmony. You will notice a difficult rim made from rubber to it from harm. It has a resilient anti-rust surface.

Tuned from B2, D3, F#3, A3, C#4, D4, E4, F#4, to A4. Every touch counts and sends a message to the listen because it produces a pleasant sound. May not be acceptable for beginners. Has a perfect finish.

11) Earth Vibedrum — 9 Notes — B — Zinc Plated Handpan

Earth Vibedrum has double powder coating having a ground sparkling metallic. This product is zinc plated with 13 gauge steel. It’s one of the most durable handbag you can consider.

Easy to play mallets or fingers even if you’re a newcomer. The sound it produces enchants you and it is a nine note tuned to the scale of your choice. Do not expect anything less in terms of finishing.

12) Hijaz Drum Handpan Tongue Steel Tank

Hijaz Drum is a brand new product that is 12 inches with ten tones. Beautifully crafted with an outstanding finish. This product has a blend of both new and old capabilities. Another easy handpan to play.

Beginners and professionals will have a field day playing with this instrument. All aspect of this instrument will provide you peace because it is durable, beautiful and matches its objective. It has the ability to perform the scales which any genre of music requires. No sign of any ripples or bumps at all like any hand pans.

13) Handpan Bali Stell Pan

All elements of this handbag scream quality. The bag is beautifully designed to accommodate your handpan and rubber sticks. It doesn’t require so much experience to understand that you have obtained a quality handpan.

The steel is hardened and properly heated with the right temperature. It’s the scale to fit your kind of music. Only professionals will appreciate the worth of the product.

It may be quite difficult for a beginner to learn with it. Every touch provides you that tone that is expected.

14) Galaxy Mystic Handpan in G Minor Pentatonic WithHardcase

Galaxy Mystic is built with a high quality and a deeply resonant handpan. Expect nothing but a good sound from this instrument. Captivates that soul and inspires the faint hearted when it’s played.

It’s on G Minor Pentatonic Scale (G — Bb C D F G Bb C D). Not for beginners whatsoever. Only professionals can have a field day with this hand pan. It has a 24″ circumference, that makes it portable. You will find a hard cover and backpack style hardshell case when you purchase it.

15) Handpan 9 Notes with Softcase and Cover

Handbag has 9 Notes that are (D) A C D F G A C D — (D Minor ). Made in Vietnam. You’ll get the product shipped to any area of the world after purchase. It’s the most recent handbags in the market.

It was created in 2017 with fresh tones. Produces reasonably loud sound that pricks the heart and soul. Very simple to play. You can use it to practice and improve your ability. Has a nice finishing touch with a very sensitive surface.


The Handpan has captivated people around the world since its inception in Switzerland in 2000.

The cover of the instrument,”Ding” includes a center note hammered into it with (usually) seven or eight”tone areas” hammered around this center. The bottom is known as the”Gu,” and has a rolled hole in the centre along with a tuned note that can be created while the rim is struck.

A modern marvel, the Hang was effective in inspiring makers around the world to make a new family of instruments called”handpans” (known as”pantam” in non-English speaking countries).

The Hang, although applying some of the basic principles of the steel pan, is altered in such a way that it acts just like a Helmholtz Resonator (the phenomenon of having air circulates at a pit ). A fantastic example of Helmholtz resonance is that the sound generated when one blows across the top of an empty bottle.

The interior of the Hang in conjunction with the Gu hole creates a Helmholtz resonator. The frequency with which the air in this system oscillates is based on both the air volume inside the Hang and by diameter and length of the neck of Gu, providing the Hang a profound fundamental and a strong harmonic resonance to the whole instrument.

The inventors revealed their motive for producing the”Hang” with its third iteration, called the”Internal Hang”. Felix and Sabina consider that the Hang is a really personal tool and is made for someone who doesn’t employ their conditioned knowledge on it, but interacts with it in a more personal way, a way of’discovering’ something unique, and forming a bond of creativity which makes the artist and listener feel liberated.

In 2013, PANArt declared that they will no longer be producing the”Hang” as their makers were engaged in a new, upcoming instrument known as the”Gubal”.

Since 2007/8, quality handpans have been extremely difficult to get hold of. Even today, still, they are not sold in musical retail shops, and many (if not most) of the ideal Handpan makers of this world aren’t taking any more orders because their wait lists are full.

A standard price for a good quality handpan is around $3000.

Is a Handpan really WORTH the high price tag?
Buying a handpan is a little bit of journey just because of the aforementioned facts. Price and rarity!

Given that a good excellent handpan will set you back about $3000/$2500, it’s a sizeable investment…

That said, there are many different hahandbagsut there now and if you’re not informed, you could spend plenty of money and get, well, a pile of crap metal, instead of the glorious sheet metal you truly want! Paying a lot of money does not mean that the hahand pans good. Make no mistake, in any business there are those unscrupulous characters who want to make a quick buck at your expense!

Several sites I have seen pop up lately, by way of instance, recommend Tzevaot which is priced ridiculously high for what it is. In this case, the high price tag does NOT match the quality. Sadly, many sites have popped up advocating low quality handpans (such as Tzevalot) since they are in it for the money… notice the Amazon referral link that earns them money if you’click and purchase! These websites appear on the first page on Google.

I personally looked into getting one by Tzevalot in late 205/early 2016 and I am glad I listened to my gut and didn’t go ahead. Simultaneously, I was very fortunate enough to acquire a rare PANArt Integral Hang from Felix and Sabina in PANArt. I had to fly to Switzerland to receive it!

HandHandbagstinue to be produced by other good makers around the world like Echo Sound Sculptures, AyasAlaska Saraz (see my remarks below). And, whereas you had to fly there to collect it, a lot of them now offer worldwide shipping.

Where to look, study and eventually buy
Here are my top three picks so much — I enjoy the history of the manufacturers listed below, their commitment to quality, and the information on their websites. It is clear about how to apply, and what to expect. I’m positive you can find others you like as more manufacturers are springing up because of demand. Again, practice discernment.


Echosoundsculptures (AsaChan)


As I write this, I’ve noticed some high quality Handpans on the Saraz website for example — this was not even possible a year or so ago. Perhaps this is because the market has become flooded with lower quality instruments that buyers are supposing are’good quality’.

Whether the scales of the Handpan on sale at Saraz are for you is another matter!

The handpan is not like a piano, where each successive notice is a half-step over the previous. Really, its notes consist of a single scale, a series of notes in measures. And that lots of handpans are tuned differently! Really, there are hundreds of scales, and each one has its own distinctive sound and flavour!

And every musician plays differently!

How to select your Scale!
Start by exercising your ear regularly! Listen to different players and demos online (check out the links and YouTube videos below).

Listen to a lot of different scales on the internet to determine which ones you like the most — the ability to record high quality audio has improved massively.

Take note of the scales that talk for you, delight you, charm you, carry you — i.e. those with which you”connect”. Record their name and the notes which compose them — this information may not be obvious, so you may need to dig around a bit. Look in the description of the video, in the name, in a commentary, etc..

This is one of my favourite Handpan players, Adrian Portia, demoing different scales.

Determine how you would like to feel when listening or playing!
Each scale has its own colour and sound. Based upon the scale, you may feel different emotions. Note, however, that the same scale will evoke various emotions depending on how it’s played, and who is listening. All this remains very subjective, but here are some examples that I hope will help you:

— Do you like cheerful, lively scales?

— Do you like sad, melancholic scales?

— You love those which make you journey and disorient you?

— Would you like those that are mesmerizing?

— Do you like the slightly mystical scales?

— Would you like those which express hope?

— Do you like mysterious scales?

Everything is subjective. Depending on the way the scale is performed, and the emotion of the player at the moment, each instrument can evoke a wide variety of feelings.

If you can make the opportunity, visit various manufacturers and ask if you can try their scales: nothing replaces an in-person trial and listening in person, on your own. This may require a plane trip!

Choose the amount of notes that you want
There are two methods to count the notes of a handpan. Some include the ding (the central note) and others not.

We can speak either of 8 notes or 7 + 1 (“+ 1” representing the ding). You need to be clear with the maker/manufacturer through your discussions.

In general, the more notes there’s on a handhand pane more you raise the risk that it will not sound as good. The more notes you will find, the more parameters and variables to master and maintain. More is not necessarily better.

On the other hand, the fewer notes there are, the fewer chances there are around the harmonic level. You will be more limited for composition and may may get bored with the scale more quickly.

I advise to choose a handhand panh a minimum of 8 circular notes (not counting the ding), and not more than 9. This is standard tuning for most quality hand{pans.

440hz vs 432hz?
Some people now feel that a handpan tuned to 432 Hz is much more pleasing to the ear, and Soul.

However, if you acquire an instrument in 432 Hz, You Won’t be able to”jam” with an instrument in 440 Hz

You may therefore feel frustrated and alone not having the ability to share musical moments with other players of different instruments — guitar, violin and so forth.

Many people, and perhaps it’s true of you, are drawn by the”Eastern” scales like Hijaz and Romanian. They’ll feel exotic and other-worldly, and they will certainly accentuate the”zen”,”relaxation”, and”meditation” naturally within the sound of their handhand panilst they can feel more enchanting and mesmerising, they are also able to speedily become limiting and prevent you from exploring variant.

The most common scales for a first instrument are: AmaRa (minor), Kurd (minor), Magic Voyage (minor), AnnaZiska (minor), Equinox (minor) and Pygmy (minor).

The lowest center note (the ding) commonly found on these scales are:

— AmaRa: C or D

— Kurd: D

— Magic Travel: F

— AnnaZiska: C # or D

— Equinox: E

— Pygmy: F

These scales are simpler to play, and an inexperienced player is more rapidly able to create beautiful melodies from them. Which reinforces the intuitive side of the tool. Being very popular, they will enable you to play with more people. So keep this information in mind when buying!

Some closing words
How to select your scale?

Well, by using your ears and your preferences, based on who you are, what touches you, and what brings you delight. Avoid the tendency to over-analyse — which will lead to overwhelm and possibly indecision.

Before viewing your first videos, you might already know a little bit about what you enjoy. You know the sounds that resonate with you! By listening to several scales, you will still discover new sensations, new feelings, and new moods.

So, dear friends, I hope this report can help you make your choice.

History of The Handpan

The Handpan

If you have heard of Pantheon Steel, an America steel pan manufacturer, you have to have heard of the musical instrument called the handpan which has distinct scales and vibe of mystery to its tone.

The arrival of the handpan

A musical instrument called Trinidad steel drum was first detected in all of Europe from the’70s. The first or prominent player of this musical instrument is Felix Rohner; he played with the Trinidad steel instrument for twenty years. But he established his company (PanArt) in the year 1990. PanArt is a company known for creating dented musical instruments, and Sabrina Scharer became his business partner.

Reto Weber who is another steel drum enthusiast, met with the PanArt in India to learn how to play the steel drum with his hands; it had been through this process, the handpan was created.

However, the title of the instrument was not initially recognized as the”handpan.” It was called the hang due to the Bernese German dialect which of course means hand.

In the year 2001, Felix and Sabrina formally presented the musical instrument in Germany (Frankfurt to be précised).

It led to the popularization of this hang instrument. However, the PanArt saw the instrument as an objet d’art, an artistic creation rather than something that could be readily around the world.

As a result of this, they did not mass produce the hang; the hang instrument was not available to all who wanted a piece of this extraordinary musical instrument.

In 2007, different versions began to erupt from the USA and Europe from the instrument makers. These versions became famous as the handpan rather than”hang.”

What is the difference between the handpan and the hang?

The difference between the hangpan and the handpan is the manufacturers; the hangs are created by the PanArt while many instruments create the hardpans.

Cultural heritage of this handpan

The handpan is a refined musical instrument of the hang by the PanArt which has distinct roots on earth; it is a beautiful instrument that is traceable to Udu in North Africa, Ghatam in India, Gamelan in Indonesia, Steel drum in Trinidad and Tobago

How to play the handpan

The ideal way to quickly comprehend the mystery behind this instrument and also understanding how to play it is through calmness; by shutting off everything which threatens your peace.

The handbag instrument requires a gentle touch; enjoying this gorgeous instrument with anything but gentility can’t just bring out the worst noises but may also interfere with the handpan tone .

You can only get the most out of this hand pan through gentle and soft touches.

Learning how to hit the handpan, is the basis of creating beautiful sounds. After this is done, the rest is easy.

Rules of playing the handpan

There’s no strict rule in producing beautiful sounds from the hand pan; pour your gentle soul in what you’re playing and see how beautiful, the handbag interprets it.

If you get nervous, just do not forget that the hand pan musical instrument is an intuitive tool; you make the rules. Everybody can play with the handbag even those without musical training.

As soon as you allow yourself to be creative with the hand pan, you’ll be astounded by what you’re capable of doing or performing. So what are you waiting for? Do not be scared of playing the instrument.


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