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The Best 6 Ocean Drums For Sale — 2019 Reviews

As taken from its name, a sea drum is a percussion type musical instrument that could produce the soothing sounds like the breeze of the sea.

Generally, it’s characterized as a round object with tiny metal beads inside, usually, have a transparent appearance on the side as a fabric material on the other part. It is played by rolling the wrist to produce perfect sound variations. This distinctive musical instrument is one of the hottest percussion drums in the marketplace today. There are many popular brands to choose from such as Remo, Nino Percussion, Meinl Percussion, and Andrew. If you’ll be buying an ocean drum, you should consider these brands and decide on the best instrument for you!

#1. Remo 16″ Ocean Drum, Clear Head
Aspire lots of people with music by engaging with this awesome ocean drum. It comes with pre-tuned fixed heads and features clear and opaque sides with steel shot in between. Additionally, the look of the sea drum is just simple and basic. It is ideal for neophytes who were curious to try this type of percussion instrument.

Looking at its physical measurements, it measures roughly around 16 diameters by 2.5 thick. Its light weight with 3.5 lbs and absolutely handy especially when traveling. Speaking of its cost, it’s actually inexpensive and a 2 thumbs up for its quality over cost.

#2. Remo Ocean Drum, Fish Heads 2.5″ x 16″
Trust this new and have yourself a try. This Remo ocean drum is a great musical tool for therapy sessions and an ideal musical instrument for everyone due to its relaxing sounds.

It contains multiple glistening beads and design in an elegant oceanic perspective with fish paintings. As you can see, it has also a transparent side and a black colour on the opposite part of the sea drum.

Its price is a bit higher than the Remo ocean drum Clear Head but still affordable to buy. It has similar measurements in regards to its circumference as compared with the Remo ocean drum clear head version.

Additionally, the fabric material used within this musical tool is durable and does not warp in any weather conditions hence, it preserves its shape and tension.

#3. NINO Sea Drum 10-Inch Synthetic Head Natural
Manage to get this Nino Sea drums as one of your collections and show off what you have while playing it in calmness. The look of the drum composed of a see-through textile material and a synthetic rubberized manufacture which refers to the frame.

Similar to most of the sea drums, this one has also pre-tuned heads. If you will notice, it has various sounds depending on how you move the sea drum. It differs when it is positioned vertically and horizontally. You may shake it or strike it using your hands.

If you try to shake it in a horizontal position, it releases sounds as though the sea waves were flowing. On the flip side, if you strike it in a vertical position, it generally emits interesting traditional sound effects. It has the cheapest price, smallest round dimensions, and lightest weight among these brands.

#4. Remo OCEAN DRUM®, 16″ Diameter, 2 1/2″ Depth, Standard
Satisfactorily handmade in quality translucent cloth material and neutral colored textile on the other surface of the sea drum. What makes this percussion instrument different from the others is, it has a loud and sharp noise when you shake and strike it using your palm.

This is also an interesting ocean drum instrument since it has a number of variations depending on the way you shake it, hit it, and position it while holding. You would literally feel the sea waves and unwind surfing effects when you listen to its sounds.

Next, to the Nino sea drum, this instrument seems lighter in its weight and standard in regards to its size. The purchase price is also inexpensive and reasonable as to its quality sounds and its own appeal to the target clients.

#5. Meinl Percussion FD20SD 20-Inch Sea Drum with Goat Skin Head, African Brown
Have a look at this interesting ocean drum which has goat skin mind as its distinctive border among another common sea drums. It perfectly mimics the sound of the sea waves by slowly tipping the percussion instrument from side to side and explore tone variations when you move and strike it in a horizontal or vertical angle.

Its framework was fabricated with synthetic substances in a dark brown finish rubberwood shell. It’s a sealable filling ports that permit the percussionist to change numerous mini steel balls inside the drum.

This product is terrific for relaxation, meditation, and therapy sessions since it relieves the stress and calms the mind in addition to the soul. The price seems competitive in comparison to the others but its quality is stunning and value for an investment. When it comes to its physical dimensions, it is heavier than the normal ocean drums and bigger as to its size.

#6. Andoer Ocean Wave Bead Drum Gentle Sea Sound Musical Instrument Percussion
Create dynamic sea waves sounds and perform a variety of soothing and calming songs as if the big waves hit on the rock at the beach. All in all, the appearance is amusing because of the boho style designs on the side and as compared to the others, its sides are covered up with white fabric thus, you cannot visibly see the metal beads inside.

Yes, it is exactly the cheapest among all the brands mentioned in this article yet with boost quality as to the sound it produces. It is pretty heavier than the rest of the brands and its circumference matches the normal size of an ocean drum. A nice brand to take into account on your list to head start your career in sea drum percussions.

What Ocean Drum Fits on Your Musical Genre?
If you’re interested in enjoying an ocean drum, this could be your chance to study and learn from it. It’s pretty basic at first but you can in fact generate a variant of sounds in different angles and styles. It exactly imitates the gorgeous sounds of the waves crashing on the ocean rocks and feel the peacefulness of the seashore.

Take time to read our very best choices of sea drums and consider each one of these in your list. Confirm their specifications and look through the former customer’s testimonials as well. Pick up the ideal product based on your own preference. Be sure to distinguish the relevant characteristics such as appearance, user-friendliness, interesting sound effects, size, weight, and price.

Do not hesitate to buy a little higher on your budget if you really want to have the highest quality ocean drums. However, if you truly have a strict pocket but still, you need to give it a try then we recommend the least expensive ones with quality, great, and relaxing sounds.

The best way to play the sea drum
Here’s a short video showing you how to play with the sea drum.

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