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Yamaha CP33 Review

Yamaha CP-33 Review Yamaha Corporation has had amazing success with a number of instrument lines stretching across a range of instruments. In 1976 they introduced an excellent line of digital pianos called the CP series. These machines came to be affectionately known as the electric grand pianos, and went on to have success that is lots of. 30 years down the line, in 2006, Yamaha unveiled 2 new digital pianos which encompassed all of the great facets of the series in the CP 300 and the CP 33.   Yamaha CP33 The CP 33 and the CP 300 are virtually … Read more

Yamaha Reviews

Yamaha MM8 Review

Yamaha MM8 Review The Yamaha MM8 represents an evolution of Yamaha’s workhorse workstation line according to the original MOTIF synthesizers, which have quite a reputation for being quality products. Overall, I managed to confirm most of the suspicions of mine about this particular product, but truthfully, I did discover some elements of the product that genuinely surprised me. There is truthfully a great deal to like about this workstation, together with some great sounds in the stock library, a rich arpeggiator setting, and also some intuitive controls.   Build Quality The keybed is actually pretty excellent. The keys are weighted, … Read more

Yamaha Reviews

Yamaha MOXF Review

Yamaha MOXF8 review A couple of years ago, the Yamaha introduced an affordable series of workstations, also referred to as Yamaha MO, which included sounds of the traditional Motif ES in a less expensive, lighter weight and instrument. This method worked out very well, as both the Yamaha MO6 and MO8 increasingly becoming popular among musicians looking for a reliable product in the intermediate price range. Since that time, each time Yamaha created a brand new flagship workstation, a brand new iteration of the MO series debuted on the market. After the MOX, based on the Motif XS workstation, Yamaha … Read more

Yamaha Reviews

Yamaha P71 Review

Yamaha P71 review In this post, we are going to go through the Yamaha P71, that typically happens to be an Amazon exclusive digital piano. The P71 is definitely the cheapest piano from the P line, that also contains the extremely popular Yamaha P 45, and its much more expensive brother, the Yamaha P 115.   The Amazon Exclusive P71 is a full sized electric digital piano manufactured with eighty eight realistic weighted action keys to somewhat provide you with the sensation of playing a genuine piano piano. The keys have been held by Yamaha’s entry level Graded Hammer Standard, … Read more

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Casio CGP-700 Review

The Casio CGP 700 is a small Grand Piano which is packed with great features. It is also among the cheaper digital pianos on the market, selling at a MSRP of $800. It is also among the most versatile pianos you are able to buy in the $500 $thousand range. And since it is easily transportable, this particular piano is able to sit in the living room of yours, be carried up the stairs to the dorm room of yours, or perhaps be brought to public spaces in case you’ve to make a live performance. The CGP 700 presents a … Read more