Best Guitars for Rocksmith

Below are the recommendations of ours for best guitars for Rocksmith on the market:

Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012DLX 

(Editor’s Choice)

Best Guitars for Rocksmith


The Yamaha Pacific is among the greatest electric guitars, timeless, with great tone and an excellent playability

The construction is gorgeous, and you’ve chrome hardware to go with the vintage Tremolo style. It includes a maple bolt on neck to go with the Agathis body.

With this you get two channels, along with lots of knobs for the gain, dirty volume, and clean volume. Additionally you have individual knobs for the treble, center, and bass.

This actually includes a headphone jack, which means you are able to easily keep from disturbing your sleeping roommates. You might need an adaptor if you’ve a 3.5mm headphone, as this particular jack measures ¼ of an inch.

This offers great playing action, therefore do not worry about wounding the fingertips of yours as you participate in it for several hours. Somehow it feels as the strings float over the fingerboard, so it is really comfy to play.

Highlighted Features

  • This will come with an agathis body along with a maple neck.
  • The bridge is vintage style tremolo.
  • You will get two single pickups, along with a humbucker pickup.
  • The controls are varied, along with a master volume and master tone knob.
  • It looks terrific, and it does not look “inexpensive” at all.
  • The DVD is a good additional feature.
  • It’s a good little electric tuner that is going to make you like it.
  • This version goes beyond the basics and also teaches a few chords.
  • It is packaged with extra strings.

 Squier by Fender Classic Vibe Stratocaster

Best Guitars for Rocksmith


Squier has an alder body with Two color Sunburst, Lake Placid Blue or perhaps Polemic White finish. The vintage tint gloss maple neck has a maple fingerboard with twenty one medium jumbo frets and a modern 9.5″ radius.

This is the other option you have if you want a Fender but you’re not a fan of the Tele. It features that iconic double-cutaway design, so at the top you have that extended horn for greater balance.
One of this guitar’s advantages is that it’s very versatile, so you can experiment on the playing style you want to practice. It can be rock, R&B, country, or even pop.

The tone you get is distinctly thick, and the midrange is quite robust. It’s also very easy to play quickly. It’s convenient to play even for long hours, and its durability is undeniable. The materials used for this are very durable.

Highlighted Features

  • This has a 9.5-inch modern radius, along with 21 medium-large frets.
  • The body is made from alder while the neck and fingerboard are made with maple.
  • It features the vintage-style synchronized tremolo.
  • The master volume comes with 2 tone controls, along with a pickup selector switch with 5 positions.
  • The tuner stays in tune perfectly well.
  • The Pickups are Alnico and sound great.
  • Playing through a few amps, this particular guitar sounded quality that is high through all of them as observed by some users.
  • The thin neck of this particular guitar makes playing enjoyable.


Epiphone LP-100 

Best Guitars for Rocksmith


The Epiphone is beautifully created for pop, jazz, Rock and R&B n’ roll music.

The Les Paul 100 is a superb instrument for players looking for an affordable but reliable electric guitar that has the classic look, sound and feel of a Les Paul. The Les Paul 100 is cut to similar specs as Les’ 1952 original and has everything new and professional guitarists look for in a quality instrument.

Classic Construction

Best Guitars for Rocksmith

The Les Paul 100 is all you need to get that great Les Paul sound. The all-mahogany body includes a maple top which is lighter and slimmer than full size Les Pauls, making it easy to hold for long practices and gigs.

Humbucker Tone

Best Guitars for Rocksmith

The tone of the Les Paul 100 comes from two Alnico V Humbucker pickups with tone and volume controls for each. The all-metal hardware includes the output jack and a LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge, all made to the same standard of excellence as all other Les Pauls

Quality Epiphone Hardware

The Les Paul 100 features Epiphone all-metal hardware that can last for the lifetime of your guitar including a patented LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge and StopBar tailpiece and premium 14:1 die-cast machine heads.


  • It’s great tone controls and a great pick-up selector.
  • With appropriate adjustment of the truss rod and fret, you will get a great tune.
  • This guitar gives a delightful sound and it is really durable.
  • It starts well when coupled with great equipment.




What Does a Rocksmith Guitar Do?

Basically, it teaches you to be best guitar player. It matches up nicely together with the system so that you are able to have fun with the game very well, and to proceed through the levels the guitar of yours should be very easy to play.

Obviously, the guitar is not merely for playing. The benefit of creating a genuine guitar plugged in is to ensure that you are able to then unplug the guitar out of the game and after that play at the leisure of yours. You are able to play with the friends of yours too.

Final Verdict
So what is perfect guitar? It all depends on what you like, and that is the reasons you have to read lots of Rocksmith review articles from buyers to ensure that you get everything you need.

Nevertheless, when we keep in your mind that this’s for newbies, both the quality and also the price will matter. And so since the characteristics of these guitars are somewhat comparable, for beginners the lower cost of the Yamaha Pacific sure brings a great deal of bang for the dollar.

The key here about choosing the Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012DLX Electric Guitar is it is extremely comfortable to play as well as that will encourage newbies to spend hours that are long with it as well as the Rocksmith.

The versatility is ideal for beginners, because as a newbie you are definitely not sure but as to what style type with suit you. With this, you will get a good sound no matter the style you wish to try out.

Even after numerous hours of play, additionally, it remains in tune. So you do not incessantly have to concern yourself with the instrument, and therefore you are able to focus even more on the own guitar playing technique of yours.


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