Best Cymbals For Metal/Rock/Hardcore

Finding perfect cymbals for a certain genre of music is much tougher than it appears. Foremost and first, every drummer has their very own opinion and taste as to what can make an excellent cymbal for the music they play. All things considered, if every drummer used exactly the same gear, we will see little to no difference between a variety of artists and the overall performance of theirs. With that said, you can find some cymbals we are able to recommend, particularly for metal music.

The criteria of ours for this list was to find cymbals which had a powerful sound that cuts through the mix quickly, a variable amount of sustain depending on the kind of cymbal in question, and lastly a bigger size. Big cymbals are usually what delivers the very best sound for metal music.

We picked a model for each kind of cymbal that’s usually found on an average drum set used in metal. These’re, in the humble opinion of ours, the four best cymbals for metal on the market. Let us get going.

Zildjian Oriental (Best Performance and Value)


Zildjian is a business that needs no introduction, even to those that have not much to no experience with drums. This giant has been producing cymbals for a very long time now, which enabled them to create an enormous following based on quality products they provide on the market. The one we are discussing here’s an exceptional china cymbal which actually adds a punch to the metal beat, particularly when it concerns breakdowns.

Build and Performance

The alloy used in Zildjian 18′ Oriental China Trash (see full specs) has a Copper to Tin ratio of 80/20. This can make it relatively strong while still allowing it preserve decent flexibility. The lip isn’t as expressed as you’d generally see on a smaller china; however, that has a great deal to do because of its size. Speaking of which, we are speaking about an 18′ china cymbal. From any perspective, that is large.

This additional size and balanced design give it one attribute which truly tends to make it stand out in metal music. When you strike it, you will get a really trashy sound which just pierces through the mix. Nevertheless, there’s not a great deal of sustain. So what you wind up with is a really hard sounding china that fades away very shortly after being hit. This enables you to make use of it in faster tempos and really make the most of it if you get to those large hitting breakdowns. This’s one terrific metal cymbal!

Paiste Alpha 20″



Here is a ride cymbal from Paiste that is a favorite among professional drummers, particularly ones who play hard rock and metal. First released all of the way in 1992, the Alpha line of cymbals has been perennially popular for more than twenty five years, making the cymbal’s reputation for performance as well as consistency hard to beat.

Build and Performance

The sound of your cymbals is equally as crucial as just how much volume they get, and with the Paiste Alpha Brilliant Ride you get both. The tone is bright enough to cut through the ensemble however has full, rounded tone with lots of mid range oomph.

The great finish on this cymbal is not almost looks. Cymbals in the Alpha line are hand-hammered and hand-polished, and this attention to detail in the finishing is the primary reason they are so consistently well built. It leads to a cymbal that is perfectly balanced, with a lively stick response perfect for faster playing styles.

Every package needs a good ride cymbal, and in case you are a metal player, the Alpha Ride is a good contender. It gives you both the very sound wash and the sharp stick articulation you need to have, in a cymbal that looks every bit as good as it sounds. It has among top cymbals for metal period.

Sabian AAX 18′




There are several cymbal manufacturers in the world which form the elite of the industry. Sabian is among the huge brands at the very best of any relevant list you are able to find. Sabian AAX Series of cymbals has gotten extremely popular after they were initially released. Their use has spanned across several genres of music, including many sub genres of metal.

Build and Performance

Sabian AAX 18′ Series Metal Crash Cymbal brings impressive reliability compared to what’s frequently found on the market. Even the drummers who use a lot more aggressive playing styles have experienced longer mileage with the AAX series than similar cymbals in this class. Sabian simply gives somewhat of extra, going above and beyond to deliver efficient performance.

Nevertheless, the greatest thing about Sabian AAX Series Metal Crash Cymbal is the good you get. It is a really heavy cymbal, there is no question about it. The larger 20′ ones are much more of a ride/crash hybrid than anything else. An 18′ AAX Series Metal Crash is in the opinion of ours the ideal size. It’s an excellent dynamic range and is effective at getting through a large amount of saturated distortion with ease. Hand down, this’s among the very best cymbals for metal.

Paiste Classic

Finally, we have to speak about an excellent set of hi hats that are ideal for different genres of metal. The one we’ve picked for this event is the Paiste 2002 Classic Sound Edge 14′ Hi Hat. It is a rugged and versatile very set of hi hats which deliver the performance needed for heavy driving rhythms.

Build and Performance

As its name states, Paiste 2002 (see full specs) uses the popular 2002 Bronze alloy, which was first introduced in 1971. This alloy gives it several beneficial properties which you cannot find elsewhere. The cymbals themselves show an amazing degree of craftsmanship and are quite resilient even in case the playing style of yours is more aggressive.

Performance wise you’re taking a look at a loud set of hi hats. The sound is clear and extremely crisp, but it is sturdy enough to cut through a well saturated mix. Bronze alloy, as we pointed out earlier, gives it the capability to produce very soft sounds when played properly and some massive cut through shots when played with intensity.

Conclusion – What you should Look for in Best Cymbals for Metal

What defines perfect cymbal for metal music has been a case of debate for some time now. But the key factor, generally speaking, is the item’s potential to deliver a good strike and punch through the mix despite being surrounded by roaring vocals and guitars.

We will not claim to know the answer to this question, but the designs we have shown you allow me to share what a great deal of drummers in this music genre are likely to work with. Like we said loud, large, and before cymbals are what gets the task done. All of these fit that bill. Good luck!

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