Best Crash Ride Cymbals

A crash ride cymbal is a great way to bridge the gap between the biggest crash and smallest ride cymbal in the kit of yours, or just find a sufficient one to serve both purposes. Nevertheless, finding the perfect one can occasionally be a hassle.

As a drummer, you are aware how hard touring, packing, and creating can be. All those stands, sticks, drum pieces, and all of the required equipment have to place somewhere. Balancing sound ergonomics and quality can be extremely hard. A crash ride cymbal is a good way to lessen the space needed when touring, too on the stage.

A typical misconception is that crash ride cymbals are only a method of saving space while losing significant sound quality. Nevertheless, you will quickly discover that you can find amazing models these days, effective at doing both.

Below are the recommendations of ours for the four best crash ride cymbals on the market:

Zildjian ZBT 20′ Ride Crash Cymbal

The ZBT crash ride by Zildjian is a great illustration of a well built cymbal. With its carefully carved round hammer and sound grooves strikes, this cymbal manages to deliver the very best sound from both the crash and ride worlds.

As probably the largest cymbal from the ZBT family, coming in at 20″, it is going to fit well in nearly any drum kit setup. The cymbal provides an incredibly brilliant sound, and with its long sustain, it certainly stands out. Sound consistency is guaranteed, as Zildjian uses bronze alloy sheets pressed and lathed together in a manner that tends to make them better than any other brands.

The ZBT 20″ excels as a ride, while, at exactly the same time, if the sounds of a harsh and big crash cymbal. Setting up a few of rivets gives this model a good sizzling sustain, even further enhancing the already sharp and sound that is clear.

Zildjian being one of the leading brands with regards to cymbals, choosing the ZBT 20″ should be a no brainer. Versatile and clear sound that comes with good build meant to last you a very long time makes this cymbal an obvious choice for drummers of any skill level. At a fair price, you get incredible value, along with an excellent piece to update the kit of yours with.

Zildjian L80 Low Volume 18″ Crash Ride Cymbal

One more great product from Zildjian, but this time with a twist. The Low Volume 18″ cymbal is designed, as the title may suggest, for home practice. As it is 70 eighty % quieter than almost all standard cymbals, this’s a fantastic solution for drummers that do not have the adequate practice space however want to play.

Forget about neoprene pads, mutes, and various other dampening devices. This cymbal offers sound that is excellent and durability without the unpleasant muting effect of the mentioned devices.

As expected from Zildjian, the alloys and materials used for this models are, of course, quality that is high, therefore do not count on to crack this particular puppy soon, however tough the playing style of yours might be!

Although this cymbal aren’t a great option for playing alongside a band, or perhaps on a stage, the goal of working with a cymbal that combines the sounds of a crash and ride is very simple. By getting this one, you won’t just solve the issue of lacking enough space, but your neighbors and parents will not bother you anymore when you choose to play the kit of yours in the midst of the night!

Paiste Rude Cymbal Ride Crash 18-inch

One more great model coming from Paiste, the Rude Series Crash Ride Cymbal is a genuine beast.

Nothing screams quality superior to a list of professionals making use of this product. From Nicko McBrain, Dave Lombardo and Charlie Benante, to Joey Jordison, the list of well known drummers using cymbals from the Rude series continues. As you have probably guessed, this particular series is primarily oriented on extreme/ heavy metal drummers.

As an additional heavy cymbal, the Rude Crash/ Ride is known for its very loud volume. Something that’s really important when playing alongside growling and shredding guttural vocals and guitars. The stick sound is balanced and strong, and the very long sustain is perfect for accenting those bell hits.

A really bright, raw and energetic sound is what this cymbal is about. If an explosive yet versatile crash and responsive and bright ride are what you are trying to find, look no further. This one of the very best crash ride cymbals for the investment.

Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 20 Inch Dual Crash/Ride Cymbal

In case you are all about premium, high quality cymbals, we’ve an unique treat for you. The Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 20 Inch Dual Crash/Ride is a genuine gem with regards to quality that is top drum equipment.

Made from B20 bronze alloy, hand hammered in Turkey, it does not get a lot better than this (see full specs). Featuring a remarkable contrast of glossy and dry finish, the hammer marks not just make this cymbal sound wonderful, but also offer it a beautiful and unique look.

The outer hammered surfaces are lathed, in order to offer a smooth shimmer along with the extra dry sound Meinl is renowned for. The general presence of this particular model may be described as dark yet bright, providing high levels of versatility that accommodate every drummer’s needs.

Clearly separated playing zones dedicated to crashing and riding contribute to increased comfort and good clarity while still taking up very little space as possible when mounted in a kit.

Conclusion – What Makes perfect Crash Ride Cymbal?

As you have seen thus far, different brands offer diverse solutions with regards to crash/ride cymbals.

Locating the perfect one for you is not as difficult as it may look. Aside from the overall sound you want to acquire, size is likewise essential. Now just does size impact the sound, but it’s additionally an important factor concerning combining your brand new cymbal with the remainder of the kit of yours. Fitting in components that are new can occasionally be a bit challenging in case you do not have a ramp and also have to deal with individual tripod stands.

Another point to bear in mind is, that with cymbals, the price is able to figure out a great deal with regards to quality. Even though there are brands that provide great cymbals for more than price that is sensible, a long and good lasting one is extremely costly. Meinl crash rides (see a lot here) showed a fantastic illustration of a pricey cymbal delivering premium quality and ergonomics, but at a noticeably higher price.

In the long run, before purchasing a cymbal, take the time to listen to recorded samples of every model. Getting the basic concept of the sound each provides is essential for getting the very best crash ride cymbal for the needs of yours.

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