Best Lightweight Bass Guitars

Bass guitars are weightier compared to electric guitars, so many players realize what is awaiting them once they strap them on. Even so, other individuals cannot tackle the enormous mass of bass guitars on the backs of theirs, novices particularly. For a lot of people, looking for a light design is a no brainer. We try to support you think it is, and also when the suggestions of ours, we get into what you need to be searching for when choosing a gentle bass guitar.
Allow me to share the suggestions for all the four greatest little bass guitars on the market:

Best Lightweight Bass Guitars

Epiphone Toby Standard-IV

Best Lightweight Bass Guitars

The Toby is 7 pounds, and also it can very easily pass as among the very best light bass guitar designs available.
It possesses a human body made of basswood (see complete specs), a neck made from challenging maple, plus an ergonomic design. What is more often, it comes provided with Tobias SCR & SCT pickups, which means you are able to be confident it may sound as good as it appears.
It sounds excellent, sturdy, and affordable. 
  • Weighs seven pounds
  • Premium-quality hardware
  • Good-Sounding and durable tonewoods
  • Excels in appearance thanks to stunning asymmetrical neck


Ibanez GSRM20BS GSRM20

Best Lightweight Bass Guitars


This lovely bass excels in appearance and also arrives available in 9 vivid tone variants. It is some of the best picks of ours of the most effective little bass designs for any cash, provided it is seven pounds. The popular frame is lightweight but long-lasting to resist misuse.
  • Affordable
  • Ultra compact poplar physique construction
  • Beautiful and also offered in 9 style variations
  • Ideal for skilled bass players as well as beginners
  •  The “short scale” 

Squier by Fender 310902506 Bronco

Best Lightweight Bass Guitars



This particular bass includes 30 inch scope, a maple neck & fingerboard, and also chromed hardware established.

  • Exotic Agathis body construction
  • High quality maple materials
  • Reliable and durable
  • High noise customization supplied with many volume and tone controls


Fender 143412300 Deluxe Active Precision

Best Lightweight Bass Guitars

The final little bass in the feedback of ours additionally is from Fender. It is a premium quality accuracy bass with a pair of established magnets which provide beautiful sounds. You may think a tad dissuaded by the cost, but remember that this’s among the Fender’s very best bass guitar models
Includes split coil Noiseless Jazz pickups, a three band equalizer, bass increase & cut, passive and active switch, and much more.
The saddle has a Hi Mass bridge that accentuates hit and experience. No matter what music type you take part in, Fender’s 143412300 will most definitely be very good.
  • Unparalleled arrangement as well as audio quality.
  • Remarkable pickups.
  • Active electronics.
  • Looks amazing.
  • Durable.
  • Weighs ten pounds.


Aside from the clear (weight), a very good little bass must have quality materials. Specific woods are good at offering longevity without having the cost of body weight, like maple as well as basswood.

The size of the bass guitar in issue (shortly called “scale”) shouldn’t be ignored.

The cost is a consideration – you will find many price groups, which range from “budget” to “boutique,” plus it is somewhat tough to locate a light-weight bass.

About the most critical areas of efficiency will be the bass guitar’s hardware.  The hardware plays a role in the bass guitar’s bodyweight. (also among the explanations why all boutique and finances basses are usually heavy).


Locating the very best little bass guitar should not be way too hard. Assuming you have read through our review, you are well informed in the bass slap guitars on the market. .We hope you appreciated our buying guide and wish you luck in finding the perfect design!!


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