Best Strat Pickups for Blues

The Fender Stratocaster, with its 3 single coil pickups, works as a charm for a lot of blues wailers out there. It is without a doubt one of top guitars for playing the blues, as such fine icons as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton have found out.

Among the important ingredients to nail that tone that is perfect comes in the form of pickups that you use. Indeed, it is generally 3 single coil models, but it greatly depends which ones you use.

The key factor here’s to attain pickups that can roar, but be expressive and mellow at the same time. Basically, we also did our best to look for products with best value for money. Anyhow, our quest yielded a result…

Below are our reviews of the four best Strat pickups for blues on the market:

Fender Pure Vintage’ sixty five Strat Pickups

Price as of 02/13/2019 23:44 PST (more information) One of the “safest” choices you are able to make is a pair of Vintage’ sixty five pickups. In case you’re after that staple, classic, signature, golden era Fender Strat sound, these bad boys should be among the best picks of yours.

The sound made by these 3 hombres (see full specs) is warm, somewhat gain-driven, fuzzy, and incredibly organic. We’re taking a look at a pure sound without even a hint of that modern digital vibe that is way too plastic, too clean, or perhaps way too “perfect.”

The vintage tone is secured through enamel coated magnet wires along with a set of Alnico five magnets that are powerful and truly express every finesse of the playing style of yours.

These wax potted pickups are also found staggered balance volume of pole pieces, along with a period correct cloth wire and fiber bobbin construction. The mix comes with an one year warranty. The item’s total weight is 5.8 ounces, official product dimensions are five x one x two inches. The greatest blues pickups for Strat will probably be from the very company that makes the Strat in the very first place!

Seymour Duncan California’ 50s Strat Pickup Set

Price as of 02/13/2019 23:44 PST (more information) In case you wish to put in somewhat of roar and bite to the sound of yours, we recommend giving these Seymour Duncan pickups a spin. well-rounded and versatile Very, these pickups are going to satisfy some blues player in pursuit of a contemporary tone rooted in traditional values.

This matched set (see full specs) is bound to fit some Strat like a glove. What we love about these puppies a lot is how well they run with the standard Stratocaster five way pickup switch selector. They really give each position character and distinct tone.

This’s exactly how we see those positions: The very first one locks in a warm rock driven sound, perfect for blues rock players; the next one is much more for traditional blues, however with that warmth of the 1st place; the last one is crunch driven, perfect for rock licks; position number for is just clear tone blues, while position 5 is thin and bright, ideal to be combined with distortion.

The California’ 50s set is perfect not just for blues, but for a range of various other genres. It is among the very best Strat pickups for blues from Seymour Duncan, in addition to single coil pickups in general.

Fender Tex-Mex Strat Pickups

If you would like to secure a rich sound and save a little money, we suggest checking out Fender’s Tex Mex series. These fellas can be yours for fairly cheap and they are well worth every penny.

Sonically, the series stands out with increased gain, meaning that these pickups are much more geared towards blues rock players than fans of clean sound. The tone is bright and warm, and exceptionally well suited for use with an assortment of guitar pedals and effects.

The audio output is extremely strong, resulting in the above mentioned increased gain, however within the boundaries of standard blues sound. The pickups come with aged white finish, but are offered in an assortment of other patterns, one of which is bound to fit the guitar of yours to a tee.

Back to the audio department, the bite and roar can be especially felt in the mid range department, making this one a great match for a Mexican Fender Strat. It is fascinating how a budget friendly set of Fender pickups perfectly matches a budget friendly Fender guitar, but so it’s!

Seymour Duncan SSL4 Quarter Pound Strat Pickup

So this list only has 2 manufacturers on it, but that is what turned out to fit the blues realm probably the most. Up next is another representative of Seymour Duncan, the SSL4 Quarter Pound pickup.

The word of the day here’s power, raw power which is! With over 2 times more powerful audio output that a stock pickup, this guy is perfect for players that love to be obnoxious and well heard! The sound is fat, filled with punch, yet pretty versatile. It could be clean as a whistle at lower volumes, or perhaps entirely gain driven at higher volumes. The choice is yours, and by using these guys in the world of blues are able to produce some killer results.

Because of an effective coil winding, the Quarter Pounders are able to delivering great sustain, and make your lead playing stand out even above a humbucker. This fella epitomizes the concept of a “hot” single coil pickup. it is dark and It is mean, and also works both for rhythm and lead playing, while consistently remaining organic and natural. We recommend highly as among the best Strat pickups for blues period.

What to Look for in Blues Strat Pickups?

Effectively, there’s a great deal of room for very subjective opinion below, but there are a couple of fairly objective factors we ought to be ready to cover. Foremost and first – and this kinda applies to every genre out there – you have to discover exactly how much the given pickup matches the style of yours, but for blues players we think that one of the traps you are able to fall into is taking a lot of gain driven pickups.

You want a tone that is going to be expressive and natural. Blues is all about finesse as well as the ability to transpose your style through those small tweaks and picks during performance. And those greatly get lost if your pickups are extremely potent and packed with an excessive amount of gain.

Aside from that, seek high durability as well as a great bang for the dollar. The latest market is an exciting place, so the very best Strat pickups for blues is available somewhere. You never know, it may be one of the 4 products we just listed. Good luck!

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