Best Paf Pickups

PAF (which stands for “patent applied for”) was the nickname given to the first models of humbuckers in the 1950s. Between 1955 and 1962, the PAF popularized the humbucker style of pickup and revolutionized the guitar audio world.
Best Paf Pickups
Finding one of these vintage pickups can be both costly and difficult, but getting that exact same sound does not need to be. These are the best PAF pickups on the market.


Gibson’ fifty seven Classic Plus Humbucker

Best Paf Pickups

While this may be the most expensive pickup on this list, it’s also the highest performing, thanks to the introduction of the Special Alnico II Magnet. It produces a captivating sound that’s clear, rich, fulfilling, and utterly mesmerizing.

The largest variation between a 1950s PAF and the’ fifty seven model is in the mid range. The’ fifty seven has a pronounced low end which gives it a warmer, bassier tone. 

There’s a wealth of modern-day technology jammed into these pickups. For example, it’s designed to help work with your overdrive tube amps, minimizing the risk of overpowering.

It is the among the very best PAF pickups.



Seymour Duncan Antiquity

Best Paf Pickups

Seymour Duncan ages their magnet poles and covers to provide them with the sound that a 1950s PAF will have if you decide to buy it today.
Each humbucker, hand-assembled and hand-wound, sounds great completely clean and with distortion.   These pickups are also not wax-potted, but this only helps you to keep that original and authentic sound that we’ve all grown to love.

This pickup is easy to install into your guitar thanks to the front-tapered mounting ring.



DiMarzio 36th Anniversary Humbucker

Best Paf Pickups

DiMarzio is your best bet if you’re looking for a budget PAF Pickup.

This pickup is slightly mid-heavy which is perfect for taking you back to the 50s.  The Dimarzio is proud of the warm and inviting sound that it produces. 

The 36th Anniversary humbucker uses modern technology to replicate the vintage PAF pickups of the’ 50s. It uses the nickel silver base of the original PAFs and styled for a vintage look.

As one of the most affordable devices on this list, as well as being one of the most capable, you can’t go wrong when you’re buying a DiMarzio Bridge PAF pickup.




The original 1956 PAF pickups came with either a stainless steel or nickel plated brass cover. Both materials are great for their shielding properties, which helps to get rid of the hum that plagued single coil models. The bottom plate is usually made of nickel silver since it is non magnetic and will not disturb the pickup’s magnetic field.

Pickups which use an Alnico II magnet is going to have a smooth tone that adds a touch of warmth. Those which use an Alnico V will have a tighter low range and bite in top of the range.


Who PAFs Actually are For

The very best PAF pickups have a singular tone that a lot of players treasure.

PAF pickups have a warm sound great for jazz, folk, and rock.

And there we have it! As you can see, there are a ton of options out there when you’re trying to find the perfect PAF pickups. Good luck!

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