Best Death Metal Pickups

Why spend time figuring out the death metal pickups? The truth cannot be further from that, although well musicians feel that death metal is all about sound and random notes.
Best Death Metal Pickups
Death metal guitarists are total geeks when it comes to tech stuff, and picking the pickup set is effortless. Let’s see which death metal pickups are the best then later we’ll examine what makes the best pickups for this specific music genre. So, without further ado …
Here are our reviews of the Four best death metal pickups on the market:

EMG 81 Active Guitar

Best Death Metal Pickups
When death metal musicians are in question EMG’s 81 humbucker pickups are among the pickups. They’re made from a mixture of steel and ceramic, 10 kOhms of output impedance and 80 microamps of current power (in 9V that’s considered as a standard).
One of the reasons metalheads like these pickups is because they pack quite a punch. Some even go so far as stating that”they are only built for metal,” which appears to be correct, in a sense. In brief, a quality-sounding pickup set which boasts monumental value for the money is represented by the EMG 81.


DiMarzio LiquiFire

Best Death Metal Pickups
DiMarzio’s LiquiFire humbucker is very great for the cost. It includes four conductors of wiring across a ceramic magnet’s surface, and works good no matter where you put it (neck or bridge).
These pickups have over-pronounced attack using a diminished”voice”, which means that your rig should ideally be set at treble at 4.5, mid at 7.5, and bass 6.0. The LiquiFire is a powerful, heavy pickup set that comes cheap given their real worth.
One of the most famous metalheads that used these pickups was Petrucci from Dream Theater — although he’s not a death metal guitarist.

DiMarzio DP708BK 

Best Death Metal Pickups
Much like LiquiFire, DiMarzio’s DP708BK Crunch Lab is a nasty little pickup set. They have quite a great deal of features in common, such as the ceramic magnet four conductor wiring installation and DC resistance, but they offer more clarity when coupled with a high gain guitar noise.
Some death metal musicians refer to DP708BK as”weak” since they are passive pickups by nature, but we beg to differ. Combined with a suitable EQ setup, these pickups could easily enable your death metal riffs with their controlled”muddiness” and gainful resonance. They come at a reasonable price, so make certain to check them out in case you have.

Seymour Duncan Black Winter Pickup

Best Death Metal Pickups
The death metal pickups in this review. The”Black Winter” was specifically built for metalheads, as they’re a powerhouse in a small package.
You might get the impression that these pickups were created for black metal, which would not be completely inaccurate. These pickups do in particular for all kinds of extreme metal sub-genres, black and death metal.

What Makes the Greatest Death Metal Pickups?

Build material
Not every model features material is built by the same, although pickups are, basically, magnets which are tightly wired.
Nowadays, most brands make pickups using ceramic materials. The logic is simple. They respond positively to all kinds of frequency currents and magnetic shifts.
Active versus Passive
The initial pickups ever built were passive, and they were plain in all facets. Namely, these were magnets. They’re not particularly great for death metal, although they are used by some metalheads.
Active magnets, on the other hand, feature preamps built into the circuitry which significantly boost the signal and the equalizer’s strength. That means that your gain and distortion will become more twisted, meaning that your sound will be thicker and deadlier.
To put it simply, if you want the best pickup you should be prepared to pay top dollar.
Greatest Death Metal Pickups Conclusion
We hope that our little buying guide gave you the”heads up” about where and how to look for your pickups. Very good luck!

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