Best 7 String Pickups

The following are some benefits of 7 string guitars over 6 strings:
  • Low pitch string, making it possible for you to play a lot more notes and more chords without re tuning or reaching for another guitar
  • More bass response and more power with no more difficulty finding pickups than you’d for a 6 string.

Best 7 String Pickups

To record the full sonic blast of said 7 strings, you can find many methods to go. Here is what you must look for in a 7 string pickup:

Be sure the pickup has capacity to cover and pick up the extended range of frequencies of seven string guitars; 2, your pickup has to put out quality sound; finally, as with any product, be sure you are getting value for cash.

Below are the recommendations of ours for the top 7 string pickups. You will not fail with any of these!

EMG 81 7 7 String Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup Set

Best 7 String Pickups

EMG specializes in pickups and EQ accessories and they have been performing it for forty years. The 81 7 is meant for providing high output it was designed having the lead guitar in mind. We that way the 81 7 really comes into a when working with master volume amps or perhaps high volume overdrive.

So far as specs go, the 81 7 yields RMS output voltage that stands at 1.25 and peaks at 1.75. There is a 10 kOhm output impedance. The pickup (see full specs) is juiced by a battery that uses 9V current at eighty micro amps, and yes it ought to be great for aproximatelly 3000 hours. This puppy’s resonant frequency is 2.25 kHz.

If you are into power rock and roll, or simply want to overdrive the amp of yours, the 81 7 might just be what you need. The pickup provides you with an enthusiastic sonic attack and also can provide amazing sustain when you choose to milk that solo for all it is worth. Both for gigs and casual plays, this’s a smart choice and one of the greatest seven string pickups period.

DiMarzio X2N seven DP705

Best 7 String Pickups

The DiMarzio X2N 7 has redesigned coils that allow it to pick up the entire frequency response . The pickup is very potent and also most suitable for players that deal in absolutes. For most others, the X2N seven has more modes which allow for parallel humbucking or perhaps coil splitting. These create the sound much more level, cleaner, and quieter.

The X2N seven is the product with probably the lowest price tag on the list of ours. Thus, in case you’re e novice to the entire world of 7 string guitars, pick up this pickup and start practicing. It is likely the best 7 string pickup for the investment.

Seymour Duncan Nazgûl

Best 7 String Pickups

There is a warm wind blowing out of Mordor and on it rides the Seymour Duncan Nazgûl . This’s great for delivering riffs, with a mid range that brings out the definition from B and F# strings.

This cute little Sauron’s helper provides you with obliterating attacks, all the while keeping the notes articulate and fluid. For this, it tends to make use of a big ceramic magnet. It is meant for bridge position only and matches with the Sentient neck pickup. The pickup peaks at 4.28kHz Resonance, and features 4 conductor wiring with moderate output and 4 kOhm Impedance.

When you are searching for a pickup that allows you to play aggressive riffs, look no more! The  Nazgûl is going to bring out the very best out of the guitar of yours, with the added benefit of looking badass.

Seymour Duncan Invader

Best 7 String Pickups

If Kylo Ren played a 7 string guitar, we think that he will use the Seymour Duncan Invader Pickup. We cordially invite you to join the Dark side! This particular monster of a pickup has voice that is enough to saturate the notes of yours with aggression as well as most satisfying thump. The magnetic boundary is extended using extra large pole pieces to pick up on low notes from the B of yours and F# strings and deliver the signal to the amp.

The pickup’s specs include three ceramic magnets and overwound coils for that menacing sonic blast,

The sound is very hot and restrained despite the menacing look of the pickup, and there is a cutting edge to the power chords and solos. You are able to work with the neck and bridge mounted pickups as a set to own a vicious sound and look, or perhaps have the bridge variant in conjunction with the’ fifty nine or perhaps Jazz neck mount for smoother tones.

What We Looked for When Searching for Best 7 String Pickups

You have to always keep in mind that 7 string guitars are predominantly used in metal, actually making the related pickups high output.

One thing that is great about 7 strings is the fact that they will be able to play as a classic 6 string. The primary criterion for finding the best pickup is conditioned by the amount of strings. The pickup has to have the ability to catch entire frequency response of all of the 7 strings. Absolutely nothing less is adequate. 2, your pickup must deliver quality sound. There is no way around it.

Another factor we watched out for would be that the pickup produces a gain driven sound in the overdrive mode. Stay away from gain saturation at all price. Too much gain means sonic dissonance and cacophony.

Lastly, always ensure you get value for money. Out of the 4 products, the EMG comes as the priciest, whereas DiMarzio is most affordable. Both Seymour Duncans come mid range, price wise.  Be at liberty to treat yourself with a punch of metal from these bad boys right today!

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