Best BitCrusher Pedals

SONICAKE 5th Dimension (Editor’s Choice)


SONICAKE 5th Dimension is an assembly of 11 most commonly requested digital modulation effects, adding multiple sonic dimensions to your tone, providing more possibilities for your tonal palate. It is more than straightforward to use, with a MIX knob controlling effects level; a DEPTH knob adjusting the effects depth; a RATE knob tweaking effects speed; a MODE selector choosing from those 11 effects. Those 11 effects all sound like serious deals to my ears. The tones will speak for themselves.


1) Phase 101, a crystal clear and bright phasing tone;
2) Jet Fln Br., a massive, jet-like flanger tone with plenty of feedback;
3) Jet Flane, a classic-sounding flanger effect;
4) Big Sky, vintage chorus sound inspired by the legendary solid state Jazz amplifier;
5) Stereo Chorus, a classic and lush chorus sound modulated by a triangle wave;
6) Liquid Trem, a bias tremolo sound inspired by the circuitry from a vintage tube amp;
7) Opto Trem, classic optical tremolo tone;
8) Roto 60, a vintage 4-stage phasing/rotary vibe effect;
9) Blue Vib, a natural and warm vibrato sound;
10) Cryin’ Bot, a dynamic auto-wah envelope filter (DEPTH knob controlling filter frequency range);
11) Lofi, sample reducing effect (DEPTH knob controlling the downsampling rate, RATE knobs controlling the overall brightness).





Amazon’s Choicefor “bit crusher pedal
  • Effect: Bit Crusher,Full metal shell
  • 3 controlling knobs and 1 switch are accurate and high sensitive. Mix knob: Adjust the ratio between dry signal and wet signal. Bit knob: Adjust the range of sampling depth reducing. Crush knob: Adjust the range of sampling rate reducing.
  • Mode switch: Switch between low pass, high pass and normal mode.
  • Output jack: 1/4″ mono audio jack for signal output. Input jack: 1/4″ mono audio jack for connecting guitar.
  • True bypass footswitch and lever designed to prevent stamping on operation knobs.




EarthQuaker Devices Bit Commander


This pedal has long been on my wishlist for a some time – sort of straddles octave, synth and bitcrushing – produces some really great gnarly sounds though, and can even be used as a fuzz or octave fuzz.


  • Monophonic analog guitar synthesizer with four octaves of vintage square wave synth tones.
  • No-nonsense interface makes it easy to add or subtract octaves to create a wide variety of sounds without having to dial in envelopes or oscillators.
  • Ripping sub-octave thump, pulsing octave down, a lightly squared base tone and a swelling transformer based octave up all join together to make a single guitar sound like an army of olde tyme synths.
  • 9v Operation
  • Small footprint, measures 4 5/8″ x 2 1/2″ x 2.25″. Top mounted jacks.




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