Best Mini Fuzz Pedals

JHS Mini Foot Fuzz (Best Performance and Value)



  • From gated, low-gain splat to almost infinite sustaining buzz, cover a lot of ground with very little fuss and a whole lot of attitude
  • The controls are as simple as it gets with Volume and Fuzz knobs as well as a toggle for high or low gain settings
  • Crank the Volume and leave Fuzz down low to give you lower-gain, vintage-style fuzz
  • Crank the Fuzz to find all the cutting and splatty tones you need for any riff or lead line
  • In the – mode, the toggle gives you a low-gain mode where you get vintage broken-speaker type sounds
  • Flip it into the + mode and you get a classic yet modern high-gain buzz to blow the roof off with

Welcome to the next generation of tiny Fuzz that you turn on with your foot. Though this little purple guy may have a toy-like appearance, you will quickly realize the sounds that come from this box are no child’s play. From gated, low-gain splat to almost infinite sustaining buzz, the Mini Foot Fuzz V2 covers a lot of ground with very little fuss and a whole lot of attitude.

This one seems like a very good Silicon Fuzz Face – possibly the best of the only Fuzz Face minis – capable of searing and singing tones. You can rarely go wrong with a JHS for the best mini fuzz pedal. 






Mooer Black Secret

  • 2 Working Modes: Vintage/Turbo
  • Vintage: A warm, smooth, vintage distortion sound
  • Turbo: More than twice the maximum output of the vintage mode, more powerful distortion sound
  • Full metal shell
  • Very small and exquisite – Great for conserving pedal board space!


The Black Secret Distortion pedal captures the classic “Rat” tone made famous in the ’70s and ’80s. The mini fuzz pedal features two modes: Vintage and Turbo. Both modes are very different with vintage delivering a raspy thinner distortion that doesn’t over power your tone.

The Turbo mode on the other hand really thickens up the tone giving you a beefier modern sound. Like the other mini fuzz pedals in the Mooer family, this pedal will fit on any pedal board with ease. Its full metal casing makes it durable and road ready, and like most great effects pedals it has true bypass.

I actually have 2 miniature Rat clones – this Mooer, and the also excellent BYOC Li’l Mouse – both sound great. I slightly prefer the Mooer though as it’s a 2-way voicing toggle for additional fat mode, and it’s more volume and gain on tap for increased versatility.




Final Thoughts

The more I get into Fuzz, the more I realise the strengths and limitations of each format and every family of fuzz. It’s when you try to supply rare and exotic classic Germanium and Silicon transistors that the costs start ramping up. Also – the more dials you add, the more expensive the circuit – since you want a bunch of components for each dial and change.
A large part of these mini fuzze pedals are designed to be pedal-board friendly and can handle upstream buffer and boost.


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