Best Dumble Pedals

The custom amplifiers made by Alexander Dumble are several of the most sought after and valuable amps around, costing almost as $35,000 a pop. The Overdrive Special model, built with 6L6 tubes, has a great tone and distinctive feel that has become a thing of a legend in the guitar community.
Because these amps are so expensive, many companies have made emulators pedals to get that Dumble sound. These’re the best Dumble pedal clones.

Best Dumble Pedals


Wampler Euphoria

Best Dumble Pedals


Wampler’s Euphoria model is a powerful pedal that provides you with feel, grit, and the warmth of the famous Dumble amplifiers. The tone from this product is much more transparent than that of most Dumble pedals with responsive and flexible controls.

Hotone Skyline Series GRASS

Best Dumble Pedals


Hotone’s Skyline series of micro pedals provide sound that is big from small packages. The Grass model provides overdrive with a retro flavor that is inspired by Dumble amp sound characteristics, providing you with a rich, powerful tone when you crank the gain and detail that is great at all dynamic levels. Additionally, it has controls for volume and voicing with an on/off bright switch to further tweak the sound of yours.  This should be on anyone’s list of top Dumble pedal clones.

Mooer MOD2 

Best Dumble Pedals


The MOD2 from Mooer provides you with a soft, round, and responsive overdrive. It is a compact pedal with a rugged and attractive all metal casing that is built for gigging guitarists. The input has a true bypass to help keep your signal pure. The good out of this powerful pedal is dynamic and open. It’s voice and tone control knobs to change your tone’s warmth and color, with a big gain knob to set the level of yours of distortion. The overall result is a pedalboard friendly unit that gives you a vintage styled overdrive sound.

Tomsline ADR-3

Best Dumble Pedals


Tomsline Engineering allows you to get that smooth Dumble amp overdrive for a song, in an intuitive and sleek way. It provides dynamic overdrive and a true bypass, along with settings that are regular for the volume of yours, voice, tone, and gain.

The style uses a smart stop bar that keeps you from hitting buttons when you stamp on the pedal, ensuring you get the actual sound you are searching for. The aluminum alloy casing is durable and rugged with a slip resistant bottom. It has among top Dumble pedal clones for the investment.


Stylistic Differences

Due to Dumbles being custom made, there is no one sound that could be labeled as the Dumble sound. The quality most folks are searching for when they consider purchasing a Dumble pedal is the creamy overdrive over a clean tone.
The Wampler gives you most tonal options to work with, in case you are uncertain which model of the Dumble sound you are going for. Its toggle settings for wide open, smooth, and crunch are 3 different flavors of the Dumble amp character.
All the pedals above also offer you a true bypass option if you do not wish to use the Dumble sound.

Visual Differences

All 4 of the pedals listed above – and, , the vast majority of Dumble pedals on the market – are small in size and will fit very easily on your pedal rack. ]
Good luck!

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