Best Distortion Pedals for Telecasters

Distortion pedals, when paired with Telecasters, bring the fuzz and resolution to the guitar sound of yours. The Telecaster is unique among guitars in it is both legendary and versatile. The issue of what distortion pedal to use is less about what plays with the instrument and much more about what sort of tone you are searching for.
The harder the style you play in, the heavier the distortion that you are more likely to work with. Which does not mean a distortion effect is just for metal and punk players, however. Guitarists of any style is able to make use of a touch of fuzz to add additional color to the sound of theirs. We have picked out several of our favorite distortion pedals across styles and genres below.
Below are the recommendations of ours for the four best distortion pedals for Telecasters on the market:

Boss DS 1 Distortion Pedal (Editor’s Choice)

When you are searching for an excellent all purpose effect at a mid range price, the DS 1 from Boss is a versatile pedal that can transcend boundaries of genre and style. It’s a, classic interface, with knobs to change the tone and amount of distortion along with the general amount of the pedal.
The end objective of the Boss DS 1 is to improve your guitar’s natural sound instead of cover it, letting its underlying color shine through even if you crank up the effect level. It is then perfect for a Telecaster since many players want several of that distinctive tone to shine through.
The building of Boss pedals can also be top notch. . This’s in the opinion of ours the very best budget pedal you are able to buy for the investment.
  • Tone, level and distortion knobs on face
  • Super-tough construction
  • Lets your true guitar tone shine


Electro-Harmonix Soul Food

Like Boss, Electro Harmonix pedals are known for being both versatile and rugged. It’s a long-lasting, compact casing and an intuitive 3 knob interface. The tone of the impact is really transparent – you will still certainly be in a position to tell you are playing a Tele when you make use of it.
The Soul Food was created as a cheaper clone of the iconic Klon Centaur pedal. It provides you with similar powerful boost and high headroom as you will find with the Centaur, but for a great deal less.
Based on the way you put the treble and drive knobs, this is able to run as a distortion or an overdrive pedal, and yes it can fit into any tonal or set-up preference. Hands down, this’s among the very best distortion pedals for Telecasters.
  • Transparent overdrive
  • Boosted power rails for extended headroom and definition
  • Super responsive
  • Compact, rugged design
  • Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass modes

Donner Morpher 

This little pedal from Donner might be only the very best distortion pedal for Telecasters if you are on a serious budget. It is an impressive gain pedal, which means you will love it in case you play metal or perhaps punk. Gigging guitarists are going to love the size, too – thin, little, and compact, making it quite simple to transport.
We do not just love the Donner Morpher since it is cheap. Like other choices on the list, we are a fan of it since it provides you with a bigger, badder tone without losing the core sound of yours.
With a 3 way toggle along with tone, level knobs, and gain, the Morpher provides you with a surprising level of effect versatility for the cost. It is an effective little stompbox to make a Tele tone really shine in any genre, and also for players of any budget.
  • High degree distortion degree of metal, stable to solo, has strong expression with dynamic echo sound
  • Whole aluminium-alloy classic, stable and strong
  • True bypass provide transparent tone, LED indicator shows the working state
  • Morpher is High-Gain Distortion, great made and affordable. Sounds like a crossover between MI Crunch Box and Suhr Riot.3 knobs to control Level, Gain and Tone.
  • Notice : there is not power adapter included,you need to buy one

Blackstar HT-METAL 

Metal players are perhaps more apt to be seeking out distortion pedals than any other genre. If that is the style of yours, you cannot fail with the HT METAL from Blackstar. It is a beast of a pedal with a complete array of effect customization options – whatever distortion you are going for, you are able to find it here. It is very likely the priciest pedal on this list but players who use one will tell you It is worth the investment.
You will find 2 different routes on the HT METAL. This unique feature offers a great deal more options in terms of your effects configuration. Additionally, it includes some good extras thrown in, including tone shaping functions like a 3 band EQ. The speaker emulation output causes it to be fantastic for the studio, also. Even if it is plugged straight into the mixer it will give you a sound like you are playing through an amp.
The HT METAL is a great deal of pedal. When you find it, although, you will be impressed with the sounds of this beast.
  • Genuine valve design, operates at 300V HT
  • Cascaded valve gain stages, extreme Gain and Tone
  • Responds like a valve amp, 2 channel operation
  • Clean, Overdrive & Super High Gain Lead mode, speaker emulated output
  • Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), power supply included

Deciding on the best Distortion Pedal

It boils down to 2 large factors: how much effect you need as well as how much you would like to invest. Transparency is a word you will see coming up a great deal with effects. The more transparent the pedal, the more subtle it is going to be and really of your underlying tone will shine through. In case you only wish to put in a little bit of color, a simpler pedal might be going to be a lot more up the alley of yours.
In most cases, the more costly the pedal, the more customization options you will have for the effect.
Like any aspect of your set up, effects are an extremely individual choice. Only you understand what good you are going for. Listening to the pedals in action may be the easiest way to determine which one can give you what your tone needs. Hopefully these reviews have really helped to guide you with the very best distortion pedal for Telecasters. Good luck on your continuing quest for the perfect sound of yours!

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