Best Bass Fuzz Pedals

Whether you are searching for the psychedelic bass fuzz of the’ 60s or perhaps the grinding overdrive made popular in’ 90s metal, grunge, and manufacturing, a great fuzz pedal can be crucial to finding your perfect sound.

A great deal of distortion and fuzz pedals which are aimed at guitarists will have a firm low end, achieved by making use of a low pass filter which removes a great deal of the lower frequencies. In case you are a bassist, this could leave your tone thin and top heavy.

A fuzz pedal that is made with a bassist in mind will instead be designed to help keep the bass full and punchy while adding distortion, letting you’ve both edge and power. Exactly which pedal is appropriate for you depends a great deal on the personal playing style of yours, but whether you are playing funk or punk, one of the 4 pedals below will give the sound of yours that perfect fuzz. They are the very best bass fuzz pedals you are able to purchase.

Zvex Woolly Mammoth

Zvex Woolly Mammoth pedals are much more than massive bass fuzz effects units – they are hand painted works of art. You are able to sculpt your fuzz using Wool knobs, Pinch, or the EQ, letting you modify the sound of yours almost as the company customizes its pedals. The thick fuzz from this pedal makes it a favorite of Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme and can give the tone of yours that same hard driving distortion. The Pinch knob adjusts the waveform’s pulse width and is exactly where you hear this pedal’s true versatility, going from creamy and smooth to reedy and brassy with the turn of a knob. The wool setting, meanwhile, is the reason why this particular thing a mammoth, letting you decide just how much “fur” you want on the notes of yours.

Darkglass Duality Fuzz Bass Fuzz Pedal)

Darkglass is a effects company that is become better known for its bass guitar pedals but has also an amazing array of high quality bass effects, including this Duality fuzz pedal. The blend control and low pass filter provide you with a large amount of ways to sculpt the low end of yours and keep your sound punchy and tight despite having the distortion, making it uniquely suited to dealing with the issues bassists often face when searching for an honest fuzz.
The duality dial is definitely the true magic of this pedal. Turning it completely to the left gives you a gated sound that is reminiscent of the maxed out setting on the Woolly Mammoth above; going another way gives you an high gain fuzz with a tighter sound profile. The blend and filter knobs provide you with a nearly endless variety of effects levels to match any style. Hands down, this’s among the very best bass fuzz pedals.

Augilar Fuzistor

The Fuzistor is a great choice for the grunge bassist who is not searching for that Muse esque metallic overdrive, letting more of your bass’ natural sound shine through the fuzz and keeping the focus on the music, not on the noise. That is not saying you cannot get massive fuzz from this pedal in case you crank the dial, just that its strength is in the more subtle adjustments the pedal allows you to create with the blend and tone knobs, which makes it great for any player that needs to incorporate some grit without having it take control of the sound of theirs. The four dial layout is thoroughly clean, with plenty of space between the dials, and the rugged all metal casing is able to stand as much as a great deal of wear and tear.

Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff

In the event that you would like to put in a fuzz to your tonal arsenal but do not have a great budget, consider the Electro Harmonix Big Muff – an outstanding value in its cost range. This pedal gives you great distortion without sacrificing some power in the low end of yours, letting you have the groove at exactly the same time you add color to the tone of yours. The simplicity of the layout belies the pedal’s true versatility, which may give you from minimal low gain boost to a heavy fuzz. In the event that you are simply looking to put in a bit of edge to the sound of yours without as concerned with heavier levels of distortion, this pedal will give you all you are searching for at an amazing value. It is very likely the very best bass fuzz pedal for the investment.

A Question of Style

It can easily be difficult to draw comparisons between effects pedals because a lot of manufacturers come up with such special effects. When you would like a Woolly Mammoth sound, you’ve to buy a Woolly Mammoth (see full specs); you can find other great fuzz pedals, but none is going to sound just the same. This may be tricky for the player who is uncertain which fuzz pedal is ideal for them, since it means a great deal of bassists get very attached to one pedal and consider it the supreme in distortion effects – which it may be for them, but will not always be for you in case you do not play in one style.

When you are attempting to narrow down the choices of yours, think generally about what style of music you love to play and search for a pedal that is being used by others in that genre. The Zvex and also the Darkglass Duality (see full specs) models on the list above will give you a very particular type of sound that is ideal for a large amount of rock that is hard and metal players but can be tricky in case you use some slap bass in your playing, making them much less ideal for funk bassists. Players in that genre will probably get the Big Muff gives them the perfect amount of fuzz without giving them any unwanted noise when they have various techniques.

Do not forget about functionality when you are searching for top bass fuzz pedal, either. A number of players are able to get so swept up in discovering the right sound that they forget about whether the pedal’s design will cause them headaches down the line. When you intend on using the pedal of yours for live gigs, be sure that it’s an AC power option – batteries have a tendency to work out at probably the worst moments, and you do not wish to lose your sound halfway through a set. Should you have to have the ability to make changes with your feet during a performance, the tight set dials of the Duality, for instance, could allow it to be tough fine tune the tone of yours as you go.

With such an extensive array of high quality fuzz pedals on the market, you will have the ability to see one thing that gives you the appropriate level of distortion and suits the playing style of yours, both tonally and logistically, without needing to settle for a single or perhaps the other person.

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