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Potentiometers (i.e., the pot) would be the most overlooked areas of any electric guitar. That’s largely because not a large amount of folks have any idea what pots do aside from decreasing the volume or even changing the tone of the pickups. Guitar pots are rated for resistance, and this rating is able to have a big influence on your tone 2 most often seen resistance ratings are 250k and 500k. The former is exactly what you are going to find on single coil guitars, while the latter is reserved mostly for humbucker pickups.


People change pots for a variety of factors. Some love to leak a bit of that treble, so they put 250k pots on humbucker guitars. Others only want to replace cheap pots their guitar came with. In either case, we have chosen several pots for you to consider; all of these were picked because of their build quality, impact on the signal, and overall results.

Below are our reviews of the four best guitar pots on the market:

Fender Stratocaster Strat

What we’ve here’s a complete replacement wiring set designed for Fender Stratocaster series which will come with all you might need. Of course, it is not only the potentiometer, but the offer is simply too great to skip, particularly in case you wish to refresh your old Strat. Every component within the system is a quality made piece that guarantees great performance no matter what.


To list the most crucial components of this system (see full specs), you will get a real GRL five way switch which is generally what’s suggested for Strats, a CTS 250k with split shaft pots, and a Switchcraft output jack. All of these components are very high quality stuff, and nearly all of it’s produced in the United States. What Strat owners usually go for when it’s time to refresh the electronics would be to be basically these exact components.


In terms of performance, those 250k pots are sure to clean up the tone of yours a bit. Obviously, that depends on what sort of stuff you’ve on your ax to start with. Those who have Stratocaster type guitars which weren’t made by Fender are probably going to gain from these improvements. Apart from the pots, that output jack will effectively look after the cable electronics connection, and that is what troubles most guitars after some time. Regardless of the case, these’re among the very best guitar pots for the investment.

Seymour Duncan YJM-500

Seymour Duncan is no stranger to building electronics components for electric guitars. Their pickups are about as great as it gets, however they likewise have a line of products intended to support the pups of theirs. In this situation, it is a really special pot that was created in cooperation with Yngwie Malmsteen. It is packaged with his signature pickups, but Seymour Duncan made the decision to release it as a standalone product.


What we’ve here’s a set of high speed, high quality 500k potentiometers (see full specs) with good construction and a split shaft design. What can make these special in comparison to other 500k pots is the point that the lubricant Seymour Duncan used was especially formulated for smooth operation. It was one of Malmsteen’s requirements he developed when they designed the entire thing.


These guitar potentiometers work both for volume and tone control. The quality is excellent, and these perform great no matter what guitar you put them on. That special lubricant will be wondering if you have to roll off the volume quickly. It is butter smooth and remains the way even after decades of heavy use.

DiMarzio 500K Push-Pull

Much love Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio also includes an excellent line of pots designed to support the pickups of theirs. The one we’ve here’s a great 500k model which can do wonders on almost any guitar. Nevertheless, these’re meant to work with split coil pickups also.


The potentiometer itself is an excellent piece that will come with a nicely machined shaft and a push pull mechanism. This permits them to be ideal for almost any split coil pickup configuration. With that said, you are able to also make use of them with standard humbuckers.


Just how great these’re can be observed from the simple fact that push pull operation is both sleek and completely stealthy. You will find no pops or perhaps other impacts on the signal whenever you use this feature. Overall, the quality of sound is terrific, so the pot retains the smooth operation of its for a quite a while. These should be on anyone’s list of the very best guitar pots.

WD Music WD500

WD Music comes with an excellent economical solution to equipping the guitar of yours with quality made pots. The ones we’re taking a look at the following are rated for 500k and are available at a price that makes them really hard to ignore. Whether you have to swap faulty pots or simply want an excellent upgrade, WD Music WD500 will get the task done.


Build rock solid, WD Music WD500 features 24 spline design and split shaft. These’re super easy to install no matter which guitar you are attempting to update and will clean up your tone real nice. Whether they’re much better than the remaining portion of the pots on our list is difficult to find out but, we admit, not likely. On the contrary, they are able to be had for a song!


When you install them, these pots perform very nicely. There aren’t any problems when it involves the smoothness with which the potentiometer works, nor does the signal suffer any. On the contrary, it cleans up quite well particularly in case you’d bad pots before. If you are on a serious budget, very well, these’re possibly the greatest guitar pots for you.

Guitar Pots Conclusion

All of the pots we’ve listed here meet the demands of ours to the T. They are going to provide you with great signal strength and quality, while their operation is reliable and smooth. Whichever one you go with, you certainly will not regret it.

The crucial requirements here’s not really all that intricate: you would like a great pot that delivers high reliability, strong durability, zero crackle, and a great bang for the dollar. All of the listed puppies fit the description so be at liberty to browse around some more! Good luck!

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