Best Snare Wires

When it comes to snare drums and the performance of theirs, snare wires are likely as crucial as the heads you’re using. In fact, they may possess a bigger impact at the end the day. A snare wire is what gives the snare its character. The signature buzzing and rattling sound you get when you strike the snare head can be due to the wires underneath. Snare wires are available in all sorts of flavors. Which one you pick will determine the kind of sound your snare drum will create.

Best Snare Wires

You will find 2 things that define a snare wire – the amount of wires available and the materials they’re made of. What we’ve for you today is a shortlist of what we believe are the four best snare wires on the market. We had been looking for good build qualities, great choice of materials, and unique performance. All of the models on our list fit that description. Let us go for a look!

Sabian SBPB42 forty two Strand Phosphor Bronze

Best Snare Wires

Sabian is among the major brands in the realm of modern drums. They require no special introduction as virtually any person who may have ever sat behind a drum set knows just the kind of performance this particular brand is effective at offering. Their SBPB forty two is a really special snare wire that adds layer upon layer of tonal excitement to its users. With that said, let us check out the specs.

Performance and features

The amount of wires is a really big problem when you’ve a defined tone in mind. More wires would mean you get to kill off any excess low end frequencies, all while making the snare drum have a piercing presence in the mix. The Sabian SBPB42 forty two version not only includes forty two wires it also gives you that somewhat defined sound only a Phosphor Bronze combination could offer.

In terms of application, the uses as are many. In general, you will wish to get one of these in case you’re attempting to stick out just that tiny bit. A really sharp and refined tone is what any drummer is able to expect from this snare wire.




PureSound Super 30 Series

Best Snare Wires

Pure Sound has been releasing some rather interesting products lately. It is no secret that they understand how to make an excellent snare wire. They’ve been doing this for a while now. Certainly one of their much more noticeable wire snare models has got to be the PureSound Super thirty Series. This thing just brings the snare of yours to another level.

Performance and features

What really defines this snare wire is both the amount of the wires and the gauge of theirs. You’re taking a look at a magical number of thirty, which a lot of drummers consider to be the golden middle. Wire gauge is able to see a great deal about this snare drum. The gauge of the strings somewhat dictates the sharpness of the snare. Have a lot of and you lose all that rich lower end while having the standard twenty does not actually work very well with all genres of music.

The build quality and performance indicate that PureSound really tried their best at delivering an excellent performance in a brand new suite. The nature of the Super Sound thirty Series allows them to be read in however intense your band is. This snare wire offers remarkable fidelity and crispy tone in terms of playing. This’s what you will want to have if you’re keen on experimenting a bit. It’s among the very best snare wires for the investment.



Pure Sound Custom Pro Brass

Best Snare Wires

We’ve another Pure Sound wire model for you today. We opted to go with this snare wire despite already covering Sound that is pure as a brand. They went all in trying to produce a snare wire that had a little finesse to it, so the end result was the Pure Sound Custom Pro. This’s usually regarded as an extremely niche choice, but it’s one thing we would like you to find out about nevertheless.

Performance and features

The entire hype about this specific snare wire comes from Pure Sound’s use of brass in the coils. Brass isn’t your typical choice, although it brings some pretty formidable tonal qualities that just cannot be disregarded. Build quality is exactly what we’ve grown to expect from Sound that is pure. This snare wire is simple to setup, so the tone it offers makes the entire thing much more than justified.

Brass delivers a pretty balanced and subtle expression. Pure Sound Custom Pro Brass snare wire is the epitome of what brass does to the snare. It is really not something you will wish to make use of in far more aggressive genres of music, but if subtle excellence is the main priority of yours, this’s the wire you would want to get.






Overall, while the overall tone snare wires deliver a significant effect on your final sonic attack, this’s a factor greatly affected by the personal taste of yours. Nevertheless, a string of objective points can be jotted down: the power of overall roundedness and the punch of the sound for instance, and the much better those’re, the greater your sound is. That is what we attempted to do, as well as can confidently state that every one of the listed items is a product you can’t regret purchasing.

Snare wires we showed you today were ranked based on both their quality and performance. Our choice probably will not match that of all drummers around the planet. With that said, we feel our selection offers an excellent cross section of everything you are able to look to see on the market. They are, in our humble, probably the best snare wires period in the respective price ranges of theirs.

At the conclusion of the day, it is going to be up to you and the personal preference of yours. Our task was to introduce you to some fantastic models, and give you enough information to make an educated choice you will not regret soon afterward. Good luck!

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