Best Drum Heads for Metal

If we were to list most important characteristics for an excellent, bone crushing heavy metal sound, an important, resonant drum is an absolute must. Despite probably the finest, sharpest, most roaring sound of guitars, it all is dependent on a crushing failure in case you can’t round up the sonic delivery with a good drum groove.

And to achieve one, you are going to need perfect drum heads for metal, because without them, including the finest wood in the world will lead you nowhere.

We had taken the liberty of sifting through the market to find such products with the following criteria in mind: good low end, plenty of punch, massive power, articulation, and value that is good for money. We came up with 4 quality options so check’ em out below.

Remo ES0616PS Ebony Pinstripe

First, we’ve a deep drum head to please your dark groove needs. This drum head goes by the title of Remo Ebony Pinstripe, and in the opinion of ours, it’s ideal for metal.

The product is crafted with a pair of 2 ten mm five mm Mylar plies with an added measured level of a ring reducing agent. The agent is added directly between the plies, at the outside edge of the stripe of theirs, dampening high frequency overtones for hot and well rounded resonance.

Today, the metal aspect – this drum head secures what’s simply referred to as a “fat” sound. A sound filled with raw, strong, yet simple to control low frequencies, mixed with punch along with a touch of brightness. That is correct, the perfect tone for metal music.

The head works with equal efficiency both in live concert environment and studio, and is incredibly reliable. The longevity is at level that is top, and since we are dealing with among the major manufacturers of the drum head niche, you are able to rest assured that the item may come with every one of the company’s certificates and quality standards.

This’s, without a doubt, one of the greatest drum heads for metal.

Evans EC2 Tompack Clear Rock

The next option we’ve in store will be the Evans EC2 series, the Clear Rock model (see full specs) to be specific. While the Remo Ebony Pinstripe is much more well suited for fans of contemporary punch, groove metal and today’s production values, this alternative is much more appropriate for the fans of traditional heavy metal sound.

If fat tone isn’t the main priority of yours but punch and additional power in the middle and high frequency department, this’s the winning ticket of yours.

Readily available in 10 inch, 12 inch, and 16 inch editions, these drum heads consist of 2 plies of 7mil film, securing audio consistency and extended durability.

Designed and manufactured right in the US of A, the drum head utilizes the globally renowned Sound Shaping Technology, or even the SST. This’s among the factors that placed Evans at the top part of the drum head game, along with a crucial component to getting the greatest sound you have imagined.

All the listed features make this item easy to play, leaving you to concentrate completely on the creativity of yours and signature style.

Remo Powerstroke 4

When representatives of Remo were named to single out their best drumhead for metal music and darker vibe, they went forward with the Powerstroke four model. This drum head utilizes a fourteen inch diameter with a 2 ply version of the Powerstroke three model to secure focused mid tones.

What this means is good punch and a meaty sound. Despite a weak hit, this skin is going to resonate as a beast, securing outstanding loudness and extra sonic capacity. From all of the things on the list, this fella might just be probably the darkest sounding one, and in case you like your drum set to groove in a menacing way, the’ Stroke four is a great choice for your battery kit.

Durability is additionally this product’s strong point, as it’s in a position to easily withstand severe bashing. In case you like your skins bashed Bonham style, this’s certainly yet another plus. It has among the greatest drum heads for metal on the market.

Aquarian Drumheads SKII22 Super-Kick II

In order to wrap things up, we bring you the underdog – Aquarian Drumheads Super Kick II. As you may have noticed, the world of drum heads is dominated by 2 companies – Evans and Remo. Both are stellar companies, but we feel as some variety cannot hurt, so this particular product comes with a good dose of competition with a product totally entitled to the attention of yours.

The product (see full specs) includes a pair of 2 7mil plies, in addition to a built in floating felt muffle ring that guarantees that no extra muffing is needed.

The strongest point of this particular bass drum head is definitely the low end. The kick it offers is extremely well rounded, but there something about additional low end punch of this particular thing that makes us shiver with excitement. What we especially love here’s the way the manufacturer managed to give a top notch sound that can seamlessly be incorporated into a bunch of metallic subgenres.

Whether you’re in to the traditional brand of heavy metal and thrash modern groove metal or metal, this skin will deliver the actual sound you have been yearning for. And that is really not something we are able to say about every drum head out there.

What Makes the greatest Drum Head for Metal?

We will work with the last segment of the article to talk about the elements which make a drum head ideal for metal.

Foremost, you will have to know the preferences of yours as well as the exact metal type you will want to deliver. With that in mind, these’re always features praised within the metal genre: punch, fat tone, groove.

To begin with, you are going to need punch to cut through the mix. You’re working with a few strong bass and guitars, and in case the tone of yours just floats in the mix without cutting it, it will not work.

Next, a solid low end, the fat tone. Metal is driven by a stomping groove and you are need a body fat tone to show it. And lastly, the groove part, the power to resonate among the listeners despite all of the raw power in the combo.

With that in mind, get yourself one of these bad boys that we have reviewed and start rockin’ ASAP. Good luck!

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