Best Lightweight Bass Cabinets – Speaker & Amp Reviews

Bassists currently have several of the heaviest instruments to lug around. The issue becomes whether you are able to get a light cabinet that will continue to provide the big bass response your sound requirements.
The solution is you are able to find some which are lighter compared to the rest without sacrificing tone quality or power. Like we said, although, “lightweight” is a relative term. The cabinets below all are available in at under fifty pounds and are worth checking out in case you will want a bass cabinet that is not such a huge burden.

These’re the recommendations of ours for the four best lightweight bass cabinets on the market:

Gallien-Krueger Neo 115-III

This’s a name you most likely known in case you have spent some time searching for bass equipment. Gallien-Krueger is known for their precision engineering of audio equipment. They bring you a cabinet loaded with a 15″ cast frame neodymium woofer and a horn driven tweeter at a weight of only forty pounds.
This’s an effective cabinet (see full specs), effective at handling up to 400 watts RMS at eight ohms. Due to this, the output on this cabinet is deeper and bigger than you may expect from a 1X15″ cabinet.
It’s solidly built and sounds a great deal better than it looks. Hands down, this’s among top lightweight bass cabinets around.
  • 400 Watts RMS/ 8 ohms
  • 1×15″ Paragon Neodymium Driver
  • High Quality Horn Tweeter
  • Horn Bi-Amp and Passive Crossover
  • Speakon Cable Included

Ampeg Portaflex Series PF 115HE

Ampeg’s Portaflex series delivers powerful bass amplification in a portable and convenient package. They provide a complete range of options, from a tiny 1X12″ model to a fully loaded 4X10″ cabinet. We have picked the PF 115HE for this li believe it is the most flexible choice for the widest selection of players.
The PF 115HE (see full specs) is rated for 450 watts RMS at eight ohms, comparable with cabinets at two times the cost. The sound is driven by a 15″ ceramic Eminence speaker, and you are able to use the Ampeg L Pad attenuator to dial in your perfect tone. The style of the cabinet itself is what really impressed us, however. The black grille cloth and tolex sides not only look good, they are also built to handle the abuse of the road. The flip top casing lets you mount an Ampeg head inside, turning this portable cab into an equally portable amp.
  • 450W RMS power handling @ 8 ohms
  • 1 x 15-Inch ceramic Eminence LF driver
  • 1-Inch HF compression driver with L-Pad level control
  • Frequency response: 50 Hz, 17 kHz

Fender Rumble 115 Cabinet V3

You are able to count on Fender cabinets to deliver power and clarity, across instruments and price point.
This cab comes loaded with a 15″ Eminence speaker, and yes it is able to handle as much as 500 watts RMS. It provides you with the choice of either a ¼” input jack or perhaps a parallel wiring for connecting the amp head or any other speakers. The internal wiring offers a great deal of versatility, as well. The internal crossover is voiced for bass and also has a three way compression switch for further tone customization.
The cabinet is quite impressive, too. It is just thirty nine pounds, probably the lightest bass cab you are love to discover with a 15″ speaker. You will additionally receive the choice of either rubber feet or wheels on the base.
  • Mounting cups inset in the top of the enclosure of the Rumble 115 match up perfectly with the ‘ruber feet’ of the Rumble 200 or 500 head.
  • Includes a bass voiced internal crossover a well as a 3 way switch to pad the compression hi frequency horn, turn it off completely or run wide open.
  • Hook up a Rumble 200 or 500 head via parallel wired Neutrix or 1/4″ input jacks.
  • The classic Fender appointments are rounded out by the durable black tolex and rubber feet.
  • Limited Warranty Included

Light Bass Cabinets – Other Considerations

Size matters when you are searching for a lightweight cab. The greater number of speakers there are (and the bigger they are), the heavier entire box will be to accommodate them.
Keep in mind what you are making use of the cabinet for, too. If it is going to be your main amp cabinet, you will also have to add the mass of the amp head . Whether it is a main amp cabinet or even an extension cabinet will even affect the number of and what size of speakers you need. In case you currently have a main amp, the extension cab is much more about filling in the weak frequencies or even adding additional output.
Whatever you are searching for, all 4 of the cabinets above can produce sound a lot bigger compared to the offer they are available in. Based on the thickness of the wallet of yours, each can qualify as top lightweight bass cabinet. Good luck!

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