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Casio Privia PX-150 Review

Casio has worked tough push forward the line of theirs of digital pianos, whether it’s the Privia series, or perhaps the series of exquisite Celviano pieces. While the Celviano series focuses more on the elegant experience and feel of an upright piano, the Privia series has centered on giving an extensive learning and playing experience for the serious pianist. With all sincerity, I’ve to admit that Casio is doing a fantastic job.

Casio 150

The Casio Privia PX 150 is the next step up from the PX 130 in providing this experience. Their purpose would be to take an already fantastic machine and continue to add on, just making it over previously, all while keeping it at an affordable cost. Most will be astonished to know the majority of the features present on the PX 150 appear in some of the higher end pieces of the Privia series.
Your Piano Buying Guide

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Below, please enjoy the interactive guide that was developed to make your piano purchase easier. Compare the very affordable Casio Privia PX 150 to top pianos in its class based on weight, price, as well as customer reviews from

$= $500 or perhaps less|$$= $500 $1,000|$$$= $1,000 and up

Photo Model Keys Weight Price Rating
Casio PX150 Casio PX150 88 twenty four lbs. $4.4/5
Casio PX 160 Casio PX-160 eighty eight 25.5 lbs. $4.7/5
Yamaha P45 Yamaha P-45 eighty eight twenty five lbs. $4.8/5
Korg SP170s Korg SP170s 88 twenty six lbs. $4.6/5
Yamaha P115 Yamaha P-115 eighty eight twenty six lbs. $$4.7/5
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Casio PX150 review: Features

The PX 150 retains a lot of the easy, but defined look that made the Casio PX 130 great. It may be bought in the customary black finish, however also in a stunning ivory white which might fit nicely in any home dcor.

While I am speaking of ivory, let me get right to among the best additions to this brand new model: the ebony and ivory textured keys! As someone that gets excited about a bringing a real acoustic experience to the electronic piano, I could not think of a more creative innovation. No more nasty plastic keys that have accompanied most keyboards and digital pianos. These keys have a real ebony and ivory texture that realistically mimics a real piano.

A lot of identical dimensions from the PX 130 have returned, with the piano being aproximatelly fifty two inches long and eleven inches wide, sufficient to accommodate the eighty eight keys. They have done very well to produce a fashionable stand for the piano that fits great with the entire design, in the CS 67 stand. This stand wonderfully accommodates a state-of-the-art, SP 33 three pedal unit, which replicates exactly what you will see on many pianos, soft, with sustain, and sostenuto pedals.


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More Features of the Casio 150

Nevertheless, the engineers at Privia have been in a position to manage to fit much more into less, and also at a mere twenty pounds Casio can proudly boast that the standalone Privia PX 150 is probably the lightest digital piano in the planet! This’s absolutely perfect for the person that must have the piano around to rehearsals or perhaps performing events.

Casio surely does not stop there to boast about themselves. They have gone to great lengths to tout their new complete AiR Sound Source technology. AiR stands for Intelligent and acoustic Resonator’, and that is essentially the fancy way of theirs of saying they have done everything to make their pianos sound real. While sounding a little chock-full themselves, the truth is AiR packs quite a considerable punch.

AiR has lossless audio compression technology, which allows recorded samples and sounds being reproduced without any lessening in quality. AiR also incorporates its String Resonance System, which uniquely replicates the response of all eighty eight strings when the damper pedal is pressed. Me personally, I thought whoever developed that idea by itself should be offered a promotion.

AiR also incorporates Casio’s state-of-the-art Tri Sensor Scaled Hammer Action, which gives the keys the weighted feel of theirs and also the hammer action of a genuine piano. Keys along the bass are heavier, and as they scale towards the treble, they start to be lighter and lighter. The sensors also detect just how heavy the keys are now being played, and respond accordingly.

Casio PX150

There’s a great audio recording function incorporated into the system with AiR, which enables users to record compositions on flash drives and transport them immediately on the pc. The USB/MIDI port enables the machine to be prepared to play, simply meaning that you are able to hook this Privia up to any machine, Mac or windows, as well as iPad, and it’ll quickly begin working without any drivers or perhaps installations.

The audio system on the PX 150 is not one of the brightest spots of its, but it will certainly get the task done. The printer has 2 built in thirteen by six cm speakers, which give off an adequate sound. Nevertheless, so many piano players as myself have found on this machine, when you place on a set of headset it is like you have entered a complete new world. The quality of sound in the headphones is simply amazing! I discovered that after I got used to experiencing the piano with the headset it was difficult to go back. If anyone remains unsatisfied they can connect an amplifier for an a lot better sound.

This electronic piano comes with eighteen built in tones, two over the PX 130, and 5 of them being distinctive grand piano tones grand, mellow, classic, modern, and bright. Me personally, I think the grand piano tones would be the very best thing going for the Privia series overall, and when you hear the machine you will understand why. Privia has gone to great lengths to change and perfect the grand piano sound, and they have accomplished this by layering 4 different grand piano samples as well as making use of their patented Linear Morphing technology to quickly change between them. When an experienced pianist sits down with the Privia PX 150, it truly brings all this great engineering to life.

The Duet Mode, layer, and split functions also have returned from the PX 130, which allow the keyboard to be split into various sections, whether to play different instruments or perhaps accommodate student teacher piano sessions. There will also be 2 headphone jacks for that reason, also. For digital effects, you will find four different kinds of reverb, along with 4 different types of chorus effect, which means you are able to achieve whatever environment type you desire. There’s additionally a transpose function and Music Library which contains more than sixty internally stored demo songs and pieces.

With the quality machine you are receiving in the PX150, this’s an instrument that offers you an excellent priceespecially compared to its competitors. When you are considering similar pianos, like the Casio CDP 120 or perhaps Casio 130, you need to really consider opting for the 150 instead

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