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Casio Privia PX 130 Review Is The PX 130 A Good Choice?

The Casio PX 130 is quite near the very best, or even perfect outright, device that you are able to purchase. From its sound to the features of its to its key action, Casio has paid attention to even the tiniest details with this piano, and the benefits couldn’t have been better. In this Casio Privia PX 130 review, we are going to take a better look at what makes the PX 130 great and determine if it’s well worth the investment.
Piano on Amazon Keys Polyphony Dimensions Weight
Casio PX130
Casio PX130 review amazon button eighty eight 128 fifty two x five x eleven inches 24.7 pounds
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Among the greatest benefits of purchasing the Casio Privia PX 130 is the piano’s ultra realistic key action. Casio is definitely a leader in engineering digital pianos that feel the same as an acoustic piano, and also the Privia series has been equipped with one of their best key actions to date. In addition to this, the PX 130 has a fantastic, sound that is complete as well as lots of features that make it suited for both music production, stage performances, and learning to play the piano.
To start with, the PX 130 is a little more expensive compared to many keyboards you’ll find. Its versatility means it’s an instrument which are able to serve you across several kinds of applications as well as purposes, therefore in case you are able to pay for it, the piano is well worth the additional cost. Additionally, some reviewers have pointed out a subtle squeaking noise when the keys are pressed, although this will most likely disappear after the piano has been played for some time.
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Sound Quality

4 separate layers of stereo piano samples integrated together using Casio’s renowned Linear Morphing System were used to produce the sounds created by the PX 130, resulting in a very realistic grand piano sound. The PX 130 has 128 notes of polyphony, making it ready to enjoy even most complicated pieces without dropping off any notes prematurely.

For an additional touch of realism, the PX 130 uses a system called Acoustic Resonance DSP to simulate the sound of open strings when the dampers are raised by the pedal. Along with all of this, the PX 130 comes equipped with a high quality set of speakers which are in a position to pump out so much volume as you’ll need. For a digital keyboard, the sounds of the PX 130 is very impressive and almost sure to satisfy even the most trained ears.

Casio Privia PX-130 review
Key Realism and Action

The scaled, weighted keyboard of the Casio Privia PX 130 is just a joy to play. On an acoustic piano, the keys at the lower end have much more resistance than the keys at the higher end. This’s a detail that most digital pianos fail to replicate.

The PX 130, nonetheless, has a scaled keyboard which perfectly mimics this affect, resulting in a critical action that’s much more expressive and realistic than most any you’ll find. The computer keyboard comes with an adjustable level of responsiveness and features Casio’s award winning Tri Sensor technology that accurately detects how hard the keys are pressed and also produces the correct volume each time.

Seriously, the one knock against the PX-130’s keyboard is a nearly inaudible squeakiness that disappears with time. Besides that, this’s among probably the finest key steps you’ll find.
Some other Features and Specifications

The PX 130 comes with sixteen built in voices, and in case you go through a Casio PX 130 review you are going to see that they all sound quite realistic. These voices may also be layered or split. The PX 130 comes with a music library of sixty songs that you are able to make use of to help you in the practice of yours. The piano has inputs/outputs for USB, 2 connections for headset, a damper pedal, along with a pedal connector in addition to 2 8W speakers.

Final Thoughts

The PX 130 is a top rate digital piano with a critical action and quality of sound which is simply unparalleled today. This’s piano is a bit pricier than several of the other choices out there, but in case you’re searching for probably the most flexible, realistic keyboard that you are able to find, the PX 130 is the electronic piano of choice

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