Casio CGP-700 Review

The Casio CGP 700 is a small Grand Piano which is packed with great features. It is also among the cheaper digital pianos on the market, selling at a MSRP of $800. It is also among the most versatile pianos you are able to buy in the $500 $thousand range. And since it is easily transportable, this particular piano is able to sit in the living room of yours, be carried up the stairs to the dorm room of yours, or perhaps be brought to public spaces in case you’ve to make a live performance.

The CGP 700 presents a stylish look with a matching wooden stand. In the event you choose to go for this digital piano on the go, it is also easily removable. The CGP 700 only weighs twenty six pounds, that is much like other pianos on the market (the famous Yamaha P 115 weighs twenty six pounds as well).

Overall, it is a light weight digital piano with? outputs that you are able to quickly hook up to PA system, amplifier, or a mixer of your choosing.


The screen sits at a tilt, which really makes it simple to find out when standing or perhaps playing and the screen is clear and bright. Taking advantage of the varied color palette and light backing, you are able to swipe through rhythms and tones quickly, instead of pressing a lot of buttons and having to memorize combinations.

The Grand Piano button allows you to pick up one of Casio’s hottest sounds in an instant. Another quick access button is the Transpose function which enables you to simply shift to a different key at the discretion of yours.

You will find 4 speakers located at the top and 2 low frequency speakers located in the stand (honing in on forty watts of power, no less). This piano packs a punch thanks to a powerful presence that rivals many digital pianos in the budget of its, weight class as well as size.

This’s a unique 3 way speaker system which enables you to enjoy your favorite sounds as your try them out, play along to the integrated rhythms, or perhaps listen to the gadgets of yours via the stereo aux input.

Regardless of what using it for, the Casio’s sound system is a good quality for the cost range.

The Tri Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard is a recognized feature of Casio’s digital pianos. These sensors allow the piano to recreate the touch and feel of a concert piano.

When I tried out a few passages on the CGP 700, it was apparent how realistic it was to play on it. You will never mistake a portable piano for a grand, but it felt very good under the fingertips and did not feel cheap.

To go with these great keys, the CGP 700 simulates the sound of a 9 foot concert grand piano which is pretty remarkable. Based on Casio, the recording session involved more than 2 dozen microphones. This sound is better used in mono or perhaps stereo, but we have the damper resonance simulation that adds realism and depth to movements of pieces.

You will find settings available through the touchscreen that allows you to browse through pianos for rock, jazz, and other form of the preference of yours. The best part is the fact that you are able to do anything with an easy swipe. The CGP 700 has an option SP 33 pedal system which enables you to feel soft, sostenuto, and damper pedals.

You will find 550 different instrumental tones to make use of on the CGP 700. There are far more guitars, drums, strings, and synths than anyone could ever ask for. I understand that you will find digital pianos that offer more sounds, but just for the cost and quality you are getting with the CGP 700, I can easily spend my time wading through 550 tones without getting bored for quite some time.

Along with delays and reverbs, you will find various other add ons including rotary speakers for all the organs and phasers on electric pianos. Having a full back up band that reacts to every chord you play should satisfy any basic accompaniment need. You will find 200 ensemble Rhythms to choose from on the CGP 700, also.

Although I would not immediately label this as a performer’s piano, there is a fantastic feature for you to save combinations of your favorite tones, rhythms, splits, layers, and tempos for instant playback during a set. Actually, it is easy to record the performance of yours with both the USB and MIDI audio recorders. You are able to also transfer these to the computer of yours to instantly share the music of yours. Soundcloud along with other music sharing sites are very popular for budding musicians and artists, so it is simple enough to transport and share the music of yours from the CGP 700.

The CGP 700 is also a great piano for those that would like to either learn by themselves at home, or perhaps those which have an personal trainer. The Duet Mode splits the keyboard into equal ranges, that really makes it simple to adhere to a teacher or even share with a fellow pupil. For superior music classrooms, the Classroom Mode works in conjunction with many third party piano lab systems. And located on the front panel are 2 headphone jacks that can be worn by any 2 folks sharing the piano.


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