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Best Yamaha Saxophones 2018 – Determining Which is Right for You








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Best Yamaha Saxophones 2018 Determining Which is Ideal for You

April four, 2018 By Harry





It is extremely probable you’ve read of the Yamaha Corporation. The corporation, which launched in 1887, specified in the manufacturing of pianos and reed organs at first.

Torakusu Yamaha, the entrepreneur behind the company, was a watchmaker who produced the very first portable reed organ.

From the very beginning, Yamaha was a corporation focused chiefly on musical instruments.

Actually, the company logo is a mix of a trio of interlocking tuning forks, which is significant of the effort and effort Torakusu Yamaha spent learning how you can tune the organ, and comprehending the language of music theory.

Although primarily musical in nature, Yamaha had even built motorcycles after World War II and continue doing so to this particular day.

Yamaha kept expanding in their today and products they’re the world’s largest producer of musical instruments from electric guitars to saxophones.


When we step foot into music shops today, we’re graced by a plethora of Yamaha instruments.

When you are searching for a saxophone, Yamaha is the best option. You may be confused on which saxophone to go with, but that is okay.

Several of the very best Yamaha saxophones are at the local music store of yours and are not hard to find. In the event that this is not a choice for you, then think about going online and also buy them that way.

As much as the alto of theirs and tenor saxophones go, here’s a bit of an option on which to purchase, in case you are at a loss.

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Best Yamaha Saxophones for Students and beginners

Excellent Choice for Intermediate Players

Best Yamaha Saxophones for Professional Players


Best Yamaha Saxophones for Students and beginners

For students and beginners, you need to lean towards the twenty three series. This’s also abbreviated to the YAS 23 series for the TTS 23 and alto saxophones series for tenor saxophones.

Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone

Yamaha YAS 23 Standard Eb Alto Saxophone

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You are likely wondering why this particular model is probably the most suitable for a pupil or a novice.

If you decide to examine an alto twenty three series Yamaha, you will notice the intonation is optimum. This enables the beginner, or perhaps the pupil, to get a concept of their expression and inflection while playing.

The same goes for for the tenor version; it is good for the pupil due to its intonation.

In reality, both tenor and alto twenty three series horns are well built, tough, simple to maintain, little, and dependable. This’s definitely among the best Yamaha pupil saxophones.

Excellent Choice for Intermediate Players

In case you are an intermediate player, you are going to want to concentrate on the 475 series. The Yamaha 475 series abbreviate the exact same way it does with its twenty three series; for instance, in case you wanted an alto you will look for a YAS 475.

Yamaha YAS-475 Intermediate Alto Saxophone

Yamaha YAS-475 Intermediate Alto Saxophone

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What Yamaha does here’s they produce a horn that has features of the pro version with a reduced price.

With a YAS 475, it is more than likely that you’ll be thrilled with the keywork. Many players have reported that this model creates a responsive and warm feel.

You are able to count on the exact same for the tenor: there’s a richer sound to this Yamaha saxophone than you will get from the twenty three series.

Best Yamaha Saxophones for Professional Players

However, in case you wish to begin playing at a professional level, you are going to want to think about the Yamaha sixty two series. This’s Yamaha’s main entry level professional option available.

This was an innovative instrument in the saxophone world since it proved to be a challenge against some other popular models.

Nevertheless, it does not simply stop at the sixty two series. Yamaha provided professionals with 2 additional options: the 82Z series and the 875EX series.

But there are unique differences between these 3 models. Because we’ve previously discussed the Yamaha sixty two series, here’s far more info about the 82Z series and the 875EX series.

The Yamaha 82Z series, for both tenor and alto, was developed for jazz players in mind. If jazz is the good you’re going for with the saxophone of yours then this’s the series for you.

It is a modern day saxophone which captures the sounds of the past.

Yamaha Custom YSS 82Z Series Soprano Saxophone

Yamaha Custom YSS 82Z Series Soprano Saxophone

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Just like the other Yamaha series saxophones, this model was intended to be little. This’s unquestionably a versatile model with a great tonal range.

You are able to shift from vintage to contemporary with the Yamaha 82Z. Furthermore, in case you’re searching for a fast response, you are able to rely on the custom G1 neck of this particular model to help you.

Right now for the Yamaha 875EX series for starters, several of the most effective saxophonists play this model. 3 notable examples are Nobuya Sugawa, Otis Murphy, and Jean Yves Fourmeau.

In an interview with Jean Yves Fourmeau, he mentions he was the very first French saxophonist to play a Yamaha and he’s been playing his Yamaha 875EX for about twenty five years now.

Yamaha YAS-875EX Alto Saxophone

Yamaha YAS-875EX Alto Saxophone

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He purchased it due to the tone and the manner in which it fits. Additionally, Jean Yves Fourmeau plays this model due to the balance and also the response of the scale.

One of the greatest methods to pick up a concept of the way any of these Yamaha saxophones will work for you is to quickly try them out.


It’s definitely worthwhile to go to any nearby music store and request to check out the saxophone series of the choice of yours. This’s essential since you won’t just get a concept of its sound but also the way it feels.

Like a set of shoes, you need to make certain it fits. You are going to want to find out if you are searching for professional saxophone, intermediate, or a beginning, but this should not be too hard to figure out when you get to the shop.

The web is one more good source; you are able to pay attention to the Yamaha saxophones online to find a much better grasp of the sound of theirs also.

Yamaha saxophones have truly proven themselves to be a remarkable instrument. With their easy and lightweight hold, they’re comfortable for even the pupil player.

The sound that’s created by Yamaha saxophones is absolutely phenomenal no matter which series you choose from.

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