Top 5 Yamaha Digital Pianos

The development of digital pianos is going faster than ever before. Popular brands are on the rise everywhere, with Yamaha being among the best that are producing new and exciting models non-stop. They’ve become one of the most exciting, ingenious and versatile musical instruments out there today. Thus becoming a very popular substitute for the traditional acoustic pianos.

A digital piano represents a type of electronic keyboard. Its primary purpose is to serve as a substitute to the traditional piano.  In the way it sounds and also the way it feels playing it. It’s meant to serve as a simulation of a traditional (acoustic) piano. Some of the digital pianos are even designed to look like a traditional piano. The way digital pianos work is that they use either samples of a piano or a synthesized emulation, which are afterwards amplified via inbuilt loudspeaker. Digital pianos use weighted keys that can recreate the sound and feel of that of a traditional piano.

Digital pianos have some advantages over traditional pianos. They are more affordable than an acoustic piano. Most models of a digital piano are smaller and weigh less than a traditional piano, thus making then more portable. Another fine thing about digital pianos is that they have no need for tuning. In addition their tuning can be synced of that to another instrument (an organ for example). Another advantage is that you can control the volume using a volume control. They can also be connected to a PA system or a keyboard amplifier to produce sound that can satisfy the need of a larger venue. Another fine thing about digital pianos is that they can be connected to headphones. Giving you the option of not annoying any of your neighbors or house mates when playing in your apartment or even a hotel room. There are various options on different models of digital pianos. Some can even emulate the sound of a electric piano, pipe organ, harpsichord or a Hammond organ.

Top 5 Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha P45

The Yamaha P45 is a great digital piano to have in your home. It comes with a lot of great features which are very useful. We are talking about an 88-key weighted action digital piano that fits anyone’s needs. One cannot simply go wrong when they choose this amazing Yamaha instrument.

Yamaha DGX 660

The Yamaha DGX-660 is the next-level 88-key digital grand piano you might need. It has a matching stand and it has a GHS weighted action. You won’t feel the difference between this digital piano and a traditional acoustic piano. It is really worth having it!

Yamaha PSR E353

The Yamaha PSR E353 is what you need when you look for a portable keyboard. You can easily take it with you on gigs and rehearsals and it will never fail you. It is a 61-key keyboard with touch sensitive keys for added dynamics. You can even connect it to whatever you want to.

Yamaha YDP 143

The Yamaha YDP 143 from the Arius series is the digital piano you might be looking for. It even has a great stand. It allows you to get very expressive sounds and anyone having it can’t be anything but fully satisfied. Anyone should have it in their collection.

Yamaha PSR E453

If you wanted to get a great 61-key portable keyboard, the Yamaha PSR E453 is the right one. it has so many great features you will be impressed. You get a 48-note polyphony and no dropped notes. It offers USB audio and MIDI connectivity and the screen is absolutely amazing.

Yamaha & their lineup

Yamaha produces roughly around 200,000 pianos every year, thus making it one of the biggest manufacturers in the World when it comes to pianos. Yamaha has an outstanding reputation among musicians, as a brand that produces musical instruments of the highest quality. The most famous model that has the biggest reputation is the synthesizer keyboards, but the upright pianos are also well respected too.

Acoustic Pianos

The way that Acoustic pianos work is that they produce the sound when a stretched steel string is struck by a felt covered hammer. It produces a more natural sound, which is preferred by musicians. But they are pricier than other models and require more maintenance.

Yamaha produces Premium, Grand and Upright Pianos. All of which are made from the finest materials. Along with that, the masterful craftsmanship is visible on each model. Not to mention the innovative design and the unmatched precision that has been present with Yamaha through the years.

Digital Pianos

The purpose of a digital piano is to recreate the sound of an acoustic one. Everything on the digital piano is controlled through microprocessors. The advantage that a digital piano has over an acoustic one is that it is versatile and portable. Also they are more affordable and require less maintenance. Probably the ideal instrument for beginners.

Yamaha has a great reputation when it comes to digital pianos. There are a lot of options in their line when it comes to digital pianos like: Clavinova, Arius, P-series, MODUS series, Portable Grand and some of the best synthesizers in the World.

Hybrid Pianos

The way hybrid pianos work is that they combine elements of digital and acoustic pianos. Basically, this means that the sound is acoustic but it is backed up by digitally. Yamaha also has a lot to offer in this category too. With pianos in their line like: Disklavier pianos, SILENT piano, TransAcoustic, NU1 and AvantGrand, they truly offer the best of both worlds.

How does Yamaha compare to other brands?

A lot of people and especially beginners are quite confused when they buy their instruments. This is, of course, because the market has a lot to offer and there is a great number of manufacturers. However, it seems like some are simply better than others. For example, if we compare Yamaha’s instruments and the other brands’ instruments, we would notice several things. For the same price you don’t quite get the same product. In fact, Yamaha’s instrument are quite cheap in this case because they offer more features and greater performance for the same price as you would pay to another brand. Moreover, here comes the craftsmanship as another benefit of getting Yamaha over other brands. Their instruments have that sleek design which can hardly be found. This is probably because they have been on the market for many years. In fact, they are one of the oldest instrument manufacturers.

They managed to stay at the top because they offer high quality and their instruments are simply reliable. Additionally, they are well-recognized and customers seem to trust them a lot. Of course, when we talk about quality, all professionals would choose Yamaha over others. This is because their instruments give the sound which couldn’t possibly disappoint anyone. Even those who have the highest demands and requirements are happy with their products. Additionally, they stayed at the top because they have large production. Namely, they take pride in their work and they produce a lot of instruments. Lastly, their products are excellent for people of all skills. For beginners they have great learning features and functions and they have the best performance that professionals need.  We all want to be safe when we are investing in a good instrument, so, the best investment anyone can make is by getting a Yamaha instrument.


A lot of people are considering digital pianos for their beginner children. Of course, pianos are very elegant and the sounds they give are very calming, rich and soothing. However, not everyone can afford the money or space for a piano, so the other option is the digital piano which isn’t bad at all. Digital pianos offer great benefits for a lot of people, but especially for beginners. When it comes to purchasing the digital piano there are a lot of things you should take into consideration. Choosing a portable, grand or upright digital piano is one of those big decisions.

Also, you should know which technical attributes you are looking for and which are in fact useful. It is a major purchase after all and buyers should be very careful and well-informed. We always suggest getting your digital piano from reliable manufacturers who have good reputation on the market. This almost always means that in the end you will be happy with your purchase. After all, having a bad