Best Volume Wah Pedal for Guitar and Bass Players – InstrumentPicker

The best volume/wah pedal.

Pure analog circuit design combines an active volume and a vintage wah in 1 mini-sized pedal,
which is extremely compact, a true space-saver for your crowded pedal board.

The volume part of the pedal is an active circuit, which would save you from a lot of trouble of impedance mismatch issues.

The wah part of the pedal is going after the iconic Crybaby style, vintage wah sound, which is dynamic and responsive, meanwhile employed widely by guitarist from all genres.

The pedal is made of hard plastic, with a lightweight casing but yet truly robust and well-built.

Two LED light shows the working state of the pedal, indicating which mode the pedal is engaged with.


Handy, space-saving pedal that I carry (as a sound guy) to have available for guitarists when needed. Much smaller than a typical pedal, but it is easy-to-use and valuable as both a volume and a wah pedal. I found that it remembers which function it was set to when power is removed, which is huge.

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