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This mat is made of silicone rubber which is an upgrade aimed at improving sound quality. The mat makes sure that the records sit flat on the mat hence during playback vibrations are impacted. Less vibrations results to quality audio production. It dampens the mechanical noise and does not have any static. It is the best turntable mat for rega and it is also compatible with Pro-Ject, Music Hall, and Fluance audio systems. Substance — it is made of silicone rubber material. The substance allows rotation of the document and has static. Size -this record player mat is a 12 inch flat making it a fit perfectly with normal sized platters. It does fit onto most of the platters on the market. Price –the turntable is pocket-friendly and purchase of this product guarantees maximum gratification. Compatibility— it is compatible with the majority of turntable designs such as Rega, Music Hall, Fluance among others. Durability— this turntable is long lasting but the rubber will flake after multiple applications. The flakes are annoying to clean and affect the record’s rotation. Static— has a low static ability, therefore, it doesn’t attract dust into the records. Background sounds are dampened by it. Weight — according to reviews the mat is a bit heavy and thick but despite that, it fits perfectly with various platters. This record’s movement may affect. Sound quality-Absorbs mechanical sounds generated when the turntable mortar is running giving quality musical sound. Protection –the mat is very soft and smooth hence ensuring the safety of the record when playing. It is compatible with most turntables Reduces static hence less dust attraction Reduces mechanical sounds created by the turntable Protects the documents from scratches. The material used to create this mats is leather for deer hide. The deer hide is of good quality compared to animal hides making this mat expensive. The mat has soft texture on touch and is flexible hence give protection to the documents. The turntable has static in comparison to other materials available. This mat helps to dampen some noise enhance the bass tones and as well as to improve the quality. The leather turntable has an appealing appearance. It is only available in chocolate colours and the black. The leather mat is compatible with Rega, Linn, Music Hall, Avid, Pro-Ject, VPI, Audio-Technics, Jensen, Thorens, Garrard, Micro Seiki, and other manufacturers. Price –the leather deer hide turntable is expensive because the deer hide is twice as expensive as other leathers. If you can afford it, it can be purchased by you. Material— it is made from handcrafted deer hide. The end result is a soft and turntable mat. Size — the mat fits at a perfect 12 inches. This is the platters size in many brands. Compatibility-this leather mat is compatible with most brands such as Linn, Thorens, Pro-Ject, Avid among others Durability— leather from animal skin is powerful and long-lasting. The mat is accompanied by a guarantee during purchase. Static— it carries no static according to customer reviews, hence less or no attraction to dust particles. There is not any presence of crack or pop sounds during playback Audio quality-improves the acoustics enhances the bass tones from the audio. Each substance affects sound differently. Protection— the deerskin is made into very soft leather and it gives good protection to the records. Weight — it’s a light as the lightweight materials make sure there is no drag on the vinyl because it gains speed. Color-– this turntable is available in black and chocolate brown colours. May be custom made to your platters dimensions to make a perfect fit. Once you’ve got this you can use it for quite a very long time This mat doesn’t observe dust It enhances the bass tone The most useful advantage of this mat it doesn’t scratch the plastic player and record you can wash it without any hassle. This item stands in for the Cork turntable mat inspection. The cork and rubber mat is a mixture of the qualities in each to make an mat. Sound that is mechanical is absorbed by it partially. Due to the combination of rubber and cork, this mat is thicker the rest. The weight gives it a companies grip on the platters. This turntable has less static this guarantees that the documents will play easily and less attraction to dust. The rubber and cork mat works with the manufacturers of turntables but provides the best results when used on metallic platters. The DJs not commend for use this mat. This mat is costly. The combination of the rubber and the cork color creates a gorgeous color. Substance –the mat is made of cork and rubber in their best qualities are married together to produce excellent results. Cost— the mat is somewhat costly compared to the rubber, slipmats and cork mats. Compatibility -the plastic participant mat works well enough with most turntables on the market but it’s the best results if paired with the metal platter. Size — this mat is thicker than normal cork mats or rubber mats. Durability-the mat is long lasting and retains its quality despite the number of times it’s used. Sound quality— the record sound is improved with special sound enhancements because of combination of the cork and rubber attributes. Static— the static is less no matter how long the vinyl plays for. It creates no pop sounds during playback. Weight– the weight of the cork and rubber materials is substantial favoring excellent grip to the platter and less spillage. Protection –the rubber smooth quality gives the record smooth running while playing. The cork material has tiny wood like particles which flake out and can scratch on the document. Color-it’s a gorgeous color of the combination of light brown from the cork and black from the rubber material. Has more grip to the platter Has less spillage when conducting It has a better static immunity This is the best turntable mat for the alloy platter The slipmats are updated to give quality sound improvement. The best turntable slipmats like this one are antistatic and absorb mechanical noise in the turntable’s mortar. The slipmat is compatible with most brands of turntables but perfect results are given on the metal platter. The slipmats are made to slide on the platter and this allows the DJ to control a record while the platter is still rotating. This feature is used pulling, mixing and slip-cueing records. The slipmat is well decorated so it’s often set on turntables for aesthetic purposes. It’s pocket-friendly compared to the majority of the turntables in the marketplace. This mat has a 2-year satisfactory guarantee. Making it one of the best turntable mats for audiophiles. Substance — the slipmat is made of cork. The cork is lightweight and thin. It is made in a way that it is antistatic Size— this mat is 1/8 inch thick. This characteristic is key to improving playback and reducing spillage. Price — the slipmat is affordable compared to the silk and leather and rubber mats. It offers a cheap way to improve your record player. Compatibility-the mat works fine with most turntable brands in the industry but its most preferable being the metal platter. Durability— slipmat antistatic cork mat is highly durable. The brand guarantees smooth to use for 2 decades. Sound quality-the mat being antistatic enhances the quality of the overall sound of this record player. It’s the main reason why the DJs prefer to use it. Static— it’s made as non-static therefore id does not attract dust particles and it plays with no pop sound. Weight— it’s lightweight which a positive factor in the rotation of this document. Material allows movement of the record when it is playing. Protection— the mat is smooth but the cork material produces the wood particles in due time and it eventually falls apart. Color-– the mat is available in chocolate brown and light brown colors. You can have it paying a little amount improve vinyl sound record easily manipulated by DJs Acrylic is one of the mats which has a consistent rate and reduction in vibrations to provide quality experience. This turntable is made of acrylic. It’s a green reflecting border making it look classy and cool. It will have a tighter bass in comparison. The mat is carried using a protective film round. It has a quality that’s possible since all background noises and sounds that are mechanical dampen. The acrylic turntable is an ideal fit for all platters of 12 inches which is the standard gauge for most turntables on the market. It’s reduced static hence reducing the attraction. Substance — it is made of acrylic which dampens the sound and reduces vibrations. If the mat and the record are of the exact same quality, the sound is absorbed. Size— the mat is 12 inches in diameter with a thickness of 3mm. This is a factor as to why it is a perfect match for turntables on the marketplace. Cost-– the oil turntable is pricey compared to all the other turntables available in the market. Durability-– the mat is long lasting and comes with a viable warranty. The turntable keeps its quality after multiple uses. Compatibility-– This mat is compatible with the turntables with a platter of 12 inches brands available on the market. Weight— it’s a lightweight that allows it to move freely on the platter and permit smooth rotation of the record. Static— the substance is anti-static, it has no attraction to dust particles. This allows smoothness during playback and keeps the documents clean. Audio quality– has a neutral see through audio quality which improved dynamics. Shade — it’s a green colour on the edges. Some mats can be found in red colors which looks cool when playing with a record. Protection– the mat is shipped with a removable protective layer to avoid any scratches. The acrylic turntable mat is easy to prevent any scratches to the record. This mat can compete with most turntable partner on the Market This mat has differt color variant Has a protective layer to prevent scratches It’s expensive to purchase It doesn’t fit some turntables What functions do turntable mats serve? In a nutshell mats serve friction reduction for DJs, three purposes improvement, and document protection. Why is it important that you find a high quality turntable mat? It’s critical that you find a mat that will eliminate any comments and give a sound that is crisp. Mats are an upgrade when you’re trying to enhance your sound experience and when you’re having trouble with static , dust. What should you look for in a vinyl record player mat? A mat should add an aesthetic appeal to your setup. It allows you to express yourself as you put together your sounds. When you have a record player which should secure your lp from damaging. Also, mixing and when scratching, mats help reduce. The sound can be also improved by A mat. Buy a mat which not only reduces friction while remaining in position as slipping around is such a hassle when you are using a turntable. Leather or silk materials make excellent mats as they are durable materials that don’t cause unnecessary friction but also provide a great grip. How to Select a Turntable Mat Buying Guide What to consider when buying a vinyl player record mat; Substance — the material used to make the turntable mat is a variable as different materials give different results. The mat may be leather, rubber, cork, glass, cork and rubber, fern. The sort of material affects the mat’s weight, size, and smoothness. The material also affects the sound quality of the record playing. Cost- the mat available on the market change in terms of prices. The rubber cork and glass mats are affordable. Leather, cork & rubber and the oil are far expensive. Cost is dependent on the quality of the materials, the way in. Mats are the most expensive as most buy them custom made for their liking. Get one in a pocket-friendly price and with great qualities too, when buying a mat. Weight- the weight of a mat can seem like a minor factor of consideration but that isn’t the case. Weight does play a role too. The mat is either light or heavy weight. The mats spin with ease as the record does not have any disturbance to the record and plays, the issue is its makes when spinning and this can ruin the lines it detach from the platter. Heavy ones hold perfectly into the platter but if they don’t have a surface the grooves are affected. Sound quality-the sound quality is enhanced by using the turntable mats. The mat absorbs all the background noises in the record it preserves the quality of the sound and dampens the mechanical sounds. A good excellent turntable has better acoustics compared to the player and the CDs. Select the mat for your turntable for results. The turntables enhance resonance in a record like a deer hide leather mat enhances the bass tone. Security – the turntables available on the market have the quality to safeguard the record from any harm whatsoever. The acrylic turntable mat is shipped with a protective coating to prevent scratches to the mat. Smooth or soft mats protect the grooves from damage during spinning. Compatibility- the turntables are created incompatibility with most record players. The brands of turntables available in the market include; other brands, and Rega, Linn, Music Hall, Avid, Pro-Ject, VPI, Audio-Technics Thorens, Garrard, Micro Seiki. Some mat gives better results when paired with specific brands. e.g. the cork and rubber turntable works better on the metal platter. Purchase the mat that has the best compatibility with your results. Durability- the durability of different turntable mats differs from one to the other. The type of substance is as to a mat can last the reason. If used multiple times the cork material tends to fall apart. The rubber materials are not durable. Most of the turntables on the market come during purchase with a warranty if a product isn’t what the buyer paid for, and they give refunds. Static- static is the electric charges created when the document is spinning. Presence of static tends to attract dust that’s bothersome to keep clean. When you remove them from the 12, some records have static. By making a pop sound when a song is playing, the quality affects. It affects playback and causes spillage. Get a mat with no static. Texture –the texture of the mat varies from smooth to very soft. The smoother or softer the mat that the better as the record will rotate at regular intervals and at ease. Soft mats protect the discs . Choose smooth superior mats to improve durability. Color- the available colors include black, dark brown, chocolate brown, light brown, green and red. Some are custom made as the owner likes with logos of artists, their favorite bands, animals or slogans. Some colors do make the record player look classy and expensive. Setup -installing a vinyl player mat is not a technical procedure. Ensure you buy. Taking away the mat is easy and convenient if one needs to clean or replace the mat. Flexibility– the flexibility of this turntable mats helps audiophiles to manipulate the sound. They are able to combine, stop and pull up a track in the record. The can make music sounds that are interesting purchase scratching or using effects. Rubber and cork & the oil would be the turntables for the audiophiles. This premium Deer Hide Mat is a creation of Jake’s Turntable Mats. Unlike most mats, this mat is made of deer mask that is known to be supple and soft. The material is static and dust resistant material which can help minimize vibrations that, in turn, makes for quality sound. Users love the motor sound dampening in addition to the bass response. What also stands out about the mat is that it hand cut. This creates a defect-free and uniform mat. Furthermore, the centre holes are made a bit smaller which limits mat slippage. The manufacturer recommends that consumers have the grain side up. This makes for the best sound. Although the mat is pricier, that could be justified from the fact that deer hide is pricier compared leather used on mats.