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Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet Lacquer

A quality trumpet for a beginner’s cost.

The Etude ETR-100 Student Trumpet’s generous bore makes it easy for a beginner to play while learning to form notes accurately. You’ll be heard in your ETR-100 trumpet whether you are performing on stage or with your marching band thanks to the Etude trumpet’s red brass lead pipe-crafted for effortless tone production and fantastic projection.

More trumpet players drop the tool from the first year or two than in any other. Oftentimes, the motives are as much mechanical as they are musical. With the Etude ETR-100, a satisfying bleat frequently pops from the end of the horn over the first few attempts. Then, as the valves become less of a puzzle, you can count on smooth action and precise note slotting.

And that’s how it all starts. These little victories early on in a student’s playing are critical to developing a generally positive association with the horn. If the trumpet is seen as an intimidating, uncooperative hunk of metal, practice time will create feelings of intimidation and aggravation. If the trumpet is viewed as that really cool-looking, really loud thing that my parents got for me, well, that is another story altogether.

The Etude ETR-100 Trumpet is developed to be securely managed by little or inexperienced hands with a first-valve thumb saddle and an adjustable third valve finger ring. These improvements also make the Etude ETR-100 more comfortable to hold, allowing novice actors to pay more attention to intonation.

Etude includes a mouthpiece and case with each ETR-100 student trumpet, which makes it an even more outstanding price

  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: .460 in.
  • Lead Pipe: Standard Taper
  • Lead Pipe Material: Red Brass
  • Bell: 5 in. 2-piece
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Valves: Stainless Steel
  • 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
  • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Adjustable Ring with Slide Stop
  • Features: One Key Valve Guides
  • Case: Molded ABS Plastic
  • Mouthpiece: 7C
  • Finish: Lacquer

LJ Hutcheon BB Trumpet – LJ Hutcheon offers the BB trumpet that is made from high-quality material that offers the beginner a great sounding trumpet that is easy to play.

This is a very affordable high-quality trumpet that has a long history of providing great options for students.

The BB Trumpet offers bell and bore for excellence in resonance and intonation. This is a highly rated instrument that can help any student to excel. It comes complete with a durable case that is fully lined.

 Allora AATR-101 Student Series Bb Trumpet

The modest price of this Allora AATR-101 Student Series Bb Trumpet means that just about every pupil trumpeter may enjoy the pride of owning his or her own instrument.

The Allora AATR-101 trumpet’s big bore makes for easy-playing and free-blowing horn, and its red brass leadpipe and bell maintain its response warm and tone production well centered. Beginners will find the Allora AATR-101 an easy trumpet for learning, and should bring even the most motivated student into his or her high school years.

Allora equips the AATR-101 student trumpet with Monel valves”stronger than steel with outstanding corrosion resistance”keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum. Other features which produce the Allora AATR-101 the right trumpet for a student are the thumb saddle on the first valve and a fixed finger ring on the third valve. These enhancements give players a more secure grip that will be extra welcome to novice performers


Key: Bb
Level: Student
Bore: .459 inch ML
Leadpipe: standard taper Leadpipe material: red brass
Bell: 4.5-inch
Bell material: red brass
Valves: Monel piston
1st valve slide adjustment: thumb saddle
3rd valve slide adjustment: adjustable ring
Slide stop: adjustable
Outer slides: silver-plated nickel
Water keys: 2 standard
Case: molded plastic
Mouthpiece: 7c
Finish: lacquer or silver
King 2055 Silver Flair Series – The King 2055 is a deluxe trumpet that comes with a deluxe price tag. It comes in at the higher end of the price spectrum but you do get a lot of trumpet for the price. It has plenty of upgrades like a seamless bell and a deluxe wood shell mouthpiece. It has a deep silver luster finish and would make any trumpet player proud.

Getzen 590S BB Trumpet Review

Getzen 590S BB Trumpet – 3/4 bore and a yellow silver nickel mouthpiece. It offers a 3rd valve adjusting sliding ring.

It is a nicely made trumpet that comes complete with a solid wood case for easy transport and storage.

This is also a more expensive model but it is not really meant for beginners, although most beginners would certainly love to have one. It is more of an intermediate or advanced player option.


The Bach TR200 trumpet is among the best selling intermediate trumpets and made our list of the top 15 trumpets available now.

Those transitioning from student to intermediate level can enjoy a smooth transition with the Bach TR200 that is of the best quality and craftsmanship. This trumpet serves both amateurs and advanced pupils.

4.75-inch, two-piece hand-hammered bell and medium-large 0.459-inch bore supplies for rapid response, superb tone and excellent projection
Stradivarius-style, one-piece valve casing and Monel valves result in smooth action
A case, mouthpiece and valve oil are included with the Bach TR200 Series Bb Trumpet
Players of the Bach TR200 give it a 4.8 (out of 5.0) star rating.


Key: Bb
Bore: 0.459-inch (medium-lage)
Leadpipe: Standard Taper
Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass
Bell: 4.75-inch Two-Piece Hand-Hammered
Bell Material: Yellow Brass
Valves: Monel Piston
1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Adjustable Finger Ring with Adjustable Slide Stop
Features: Nickel Silver Tuning Slide Receiver; Stradivarius-Style Valve Casing; Two-Point Nylon Valve Guides
Case: Wood Shell Case
Mouthpiece: Bach 7C
End: Available in Lacquered Yellow Brass or Silver-plate

Best Selling Trumpet But Not the Easiest to Play
The Bach TR200 is one the best selling intermediate trumpets in the marketplace but many reviewers noted it is not the easiest trumpet to perform in the high register,

Fantastic sounds…a bit difficult to play

My first experience with the Bach TR200 was when I started my own band. This is a excellent trumpet with fantastic sounds. However, it’s difficult to use especially when you are not familiar with it. For seven decades now, I have been playing trumpets. I found it a bit difficult to play this trumpet in the high register although this is one common challenge that I found when using other trumpets.

. . .poor in upper register

I have played several different types of intermediate and beginner trumpets. My experience with the Bach TR200 was that it cuts off and it’s poor when it comes to the top register. On good days I will hit a fantastic E and on a bad day, even the very best C is unattainable. I also have some issues with tuning. However, this isn’t unusual since I’ve only been playing for five years.

I’m not sure whether the mentioned difficulty in the high register is more of a reflection of the players ability or a problem with the Bach TR200 to perform in this range. With some horns, the resistance is equivalent throughout the range. On the Bach TR200, it sounds like the immunity could increase a bit the higher you attempted to ascend. If this is the case, then if nothing else it will help develop your embouchure!

Great Intermediate Horn
For the serious student looking to progress their playing skills the Bach TR200 is a great intermediate trumpet as numerous satisfied customers noted in their reviews,

Great trumpet…

. . .during the important skill building years of my high school and college career, I played this trumpet and I would strongly recommend it to anyone serious about trumpet who can not afford the Stradivarius. You will not regret it!

It’s a terrific horn.

This horn has a wonderful sound to it, especially for concert and marching band. I’ve grown up on the Bach TR300; it’s a fantastic starter horn, but the TR200 by far has been a great horn to play on.

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So Does the Bach TR200 Trumpet Deliver?
Based on the above reviews it seems like the Bach TR200 is a strong intermediate horn and would be a fantastic alternative for an progressing trumpet player. You might want to try out this horn before buying simply to see if you’ve got the same difficulty playing at the high register as some of the reviewers noted. Considering that the horn is a Bach, though, I’d be inclined to believe this a pretty good horn.


Yamaha Xeno Trumpet

The Yamaha YTR-8335RGS Xeno Trumpet is a favored professional grade instrument that’s designed for outstanding performance.

The Yamaha Xeno trumpet offers musicians highly responsive action and satin-smooth playing. Yamaha musical instruments are justly famous for their attention to detail, and the Xeno trumpet is no exception.

The trumpet’s sound quality is unmatched and for the Xeno rates highly on our finest professional trumpet list and overall top 15 best trumpets list.

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet Features
One bit hand-hammered bell aids in sound projection, uniformity and balance creating a superb tone and nicely balanced noodle
Pressure formed tubing is perfectly round allowing for smooth air flow, less resistance and perfect intonation
Reverse lead-pipe enables air to flow easily without obstruction providing the performer with silky-smooth playing
Monel pistons resist corrosion and maintain their high precision fit and slickness
An Extra-heavy mouthpiece receiver that evens out the tone produced throughout the trumpet
The Yamaha Xeno trumpet receives a perfect 5.0 (out of 5.0) star rating.

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet Specifications
Key: Bb
Weight: Heavy
Bore: 0.459″ medium-large
Bell: 4-7/8″ Gold brass, one-piece, hand-hammered
Leadpipe: Gold Steel, reversed one-piece strain drawn
Mouthpiece: 16C4-HGP (heavy mouthpiece receiver)
Keys: Mother of Pearl
Valves/Pistons: 2-piece valve casings, Monel pistons
Intonation helps: 1st valve slide thumb hook
End: Silver-plate

Smooth as Silk
The Yamaha Xeno trumpet is well renowned for its high quality sound production. It is adored by both novice and professional players alike. Here is what a few trumpeters had to say.

“Wonderful sound and texture”

“…I could not believe how much easier it was to play! I have had so many people tell me how rich my tone has become, it’s terrific! The horn sounds great when I use it for classical and church and it really screams (beautifully, of course) when I use it for jazz or the pep band. It’s a really flexible horn that works well in any setting.”

“Great Horn!”

“I especially enjoy the versatility of the horn. Used in some classical performances, but when you get the atmosphere going, this is a excellent lead-trumpet! Since year one I have used it as a lead trumpet player in the big band and the projection was superb.”

A Bit Expensive and Dark Sounding
The Yamaha Xeno trumpet is not the least expensive professional trumpet on the market as a few reviewers mentioned,”It was a real stretch to pay for the trumpet…. .” However, customers agree that it is worth every penny. All in all, the Yamaha Xeno trumpet is a great investment in the long run.

The Yamaha Xeno series trumpet has also been criticized for its darker tones and inability to reach high notes. However, this instrument produces the specific tones for which it was designed; darker but richer and more powerful tones. It is also quite heavy but it’s weight helps to ensure the tone is evenly produced even at large volumes. It also makes it durable.

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The Yamaha YTR-8335RGS Xeno trumpet is truly an exceptional instrument. Its abilities and quality is remarkable. Is the Yamaha Xeno trumpet a tool worth recommending to performers? The answer is a resounding yes! Here’s why.

With its sophistication and admirable sound quality, it is undeniably an instrument that exudes perfection. The best part about this instrument is undoubtedly its uniformity of tone and smooth playing. The overall feedback and testimonials from owners of the Yamaha Xeno Trumpet are exceptional and heart-felt. From professional to amateur players alike, they just love this trumpet!

Bach LR180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet

This is the flagship Bach Stradivarius trumpet, one of the most popular professional trumpets in the world. The Bach LR180S-37 Stradivarius Professional Bb Trumpet features the Model 25LR (reverse) mouthpipe, lightning-fast Monel valves, a lightweight body, and .459″ medium-large bore. The typical weight 37 bell is famous for it full sound and excellent projection. Its one-piece construction allows for unrestricted bell vibration, and its slow taper enriches its brilliance. The lightweight body ends in a quick and lively response that’s preferred by classical players, but that is also suitable to commercial work and jazz. This particular Stradivarius features a brilliant silver-plated finish and includes a 1st valve slide hook, a 3rd valve slide ring, case, and a mouthpiece.

  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: 459-inch
  • Leadpipe: #25LR Reverse Taper
  • Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass
  • Bell: 4.8-inch Standard Weight One-Piece #37 Taper
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Valves: Monel Piston
  • 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb Saddle
  • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed Ring with Adjustable Slide Stop
  • Features: Lightweight Body; Standard Weight Bell
  • Case: Deluxe Wood Case with Attached Cover
  • Mouthpiece: Bach 7C
  • Finish: Silver
Kanstul 1000 Series Bb Trumpet
Chicago-Style Design!

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