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Best Soprano Saxophone Beginners Guide & TOP 5 Reviews 2018

There are plenty of soprano saxophones on the market it is able to make a buyer wondering exactly where to begin.

So what will you do to allow it to be easier when buying the most effective soprano saxophone for your requirements?

This article is going to help you figure out where to begin.

The quick buyers guide with reviews will provide you with an idea of the very best soprano sax for you and can enable you to to sort the great options from the ones that will squeak and squawk at the fingertips of yours.

What’s Different about a Soprano Saxophone?

Some say soprano saxophones are the Fiats of the woodwind family. Small, quirky but filled with attitude, the sopranos offer a brilliant, defiant voice to the symphonic band or perhaps jazz ensemble.

Fitting the instrument’s rebellious reputation, sopranos tend to have widely divergent tonal characteristics from brand to brand.

Below is an authentic attempt to pick through all of the soprano options on the market to discover a couple of instruments whose positive attributes distinguish them from the crowd.
Having said that, possibly 2 seeming identical sopranos could produce breathtakingly different sounds based on slight manufacturing variances.

With patience, best sense of contextual needs, and a willingness to question the right questions, the quest for the most effective soprano saxophone will be a fun and richly rewarding experience.

Is the Soprano Saxophone Easy to Play?

Lots of people think that soprano saxophone is the most difficult of the saxophones to master.

They will have a little element of truth in these beliefs as this horn is the harder to find out. Actually the very best soprano saxophone is going to leave a player in the lurch when maintaining intonation.

A great deal of saxophonists start with either an alto or perhaps a tenor sax and build on the knowledge of theirs of the skills for performing on those saxophones to have the ability to play the soprano.

The very best soprano saxophone for beginners (especially youngsters) is a more affordable choice so that in case it winds up being overly hard there hasn’t been a big outgoing.


Ways to Play Soprano Saxophone

As always, you have to wet the reed before attaching it to the mouthpiece.

Place the fingertips of yours in the typical place along the keys; this might feel slightly different on the straight style soprano saxophones.

The right way to obtain a note out of the soprano saxophone is precisely the same as every other saxophone.

So what is different about it?

You are going to find you have to focus on maintaining the intonation of longer notes as even the best soprano saxophone brands can’t hide the difficulty of this for the player.

Left-hand keys play B, A, G, as with an alto or perhaps tenor; right hand keys play D, E, and F. Above the thumb rest you are going to find the octave key to reach the higher octave.

Soprano Saxophone Brand Overview

Yanagisawa Saxophones

Yanagisawa Sopranos are widely lauded for sublime playability and great construction.

The curved bell models are particularly noteworthy because, when played well, their bright, buoyant sound is wonderfully projected toward the audience or even the studio microphone.

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Yanagisawa SC-991 Soprano Saxophone Review

Yanagisawa’s SC 991, featuring palm style keys, appears to be a favorite among instrumentalists desiring a reasonably priced sax with upside that is tremendous in the domains of sound production and playability.


Yanagisawa’s SC 991 is undoubtedly the darling of the family. Featuring many options in mouthpiece shape and design, the 901 provides the saxophonist with helpful customizations.

With a bronze bell design, the 991 also produces warm sound in most aspects of the register.

A wonderfully versatile instrument, the Yanagisawa is suited to symphonic, jazz combo, and soloist settings.

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The discerning saxophonist tends to consider Selmer first.

With a longstanding tradition of superb craftsmanship, deft sound, along with a sleek finish, Selmer tends to rise to the pinnacle of every superlative list.

Surprisingly, nonetheless, lots of soprano players have a lukewarm relationship with Selmer sopranos.

With a litany of comments that are negative about the manufacturing inconsistencies of the Selmer models, a person has to wonder whether venerable concerns about the differences between Selmer’s United and France States manufacturing sites are legitimate.

Having said that, soprano players are likely to appreciate Selmer’s Mark VI model.

As is the case with most types of saxophones with the Mark VI designation, this soprano version is lauded for sound that is big, fluid key action, and dynamic range.

Yamaha Saxophones

While many performers would assume that Selmer provides perfect soprano options, a growing tide of soprano aficionados points toward the Yamaha offerings for the most effective combination of appearance, sound, and pricing.

Middle school pupils should consider Yamaha’s YSS 475. While sized and priced for the newcomer, the 475 doesn’t compromise pitch and timbre.

The 475, always unadorned, is frequently criticized for looking plain because Yamaha forgoes the flourish of customized engraving. Having said that, the price point savings that come with 475 ownership make the instrument available to the newcomer.

For intermediate performer or the apprentice, the Yamaha YSS 61 is a significant route. Only offered in the old market, the sixty one offers a delightful blend of great tone color and exquisite intonation.

With a straight style and a brilliant, brass lacquer finish, the sixty one looks, feels and sounds like a traditional.

On the professional aspect of the home, the Yamaha YSS 62R and also the Yamaha YSS 675 create fabulous sound as well as provide several of the most reliable mechanics available.

The 675, essentially the younger brother of the 62R, is extremely customizable. Saxophonists who prefer the 675 love to play around with bore size (mouthpiece section) and finishes. It’s very common to get a jazz musician sport a 675 with a curved mouthpiece and a silver/nickel finish.

Yamaha YSS-875EX Soprano Saxophone Review

Maybe the very best option available for the innovative performer will be the Yamaha YSS-875. A lovely instrument, the 875 is always in tone and on target as the professional moves between notes.

A sound dynamo, the 875’s projection ability is definitely the greatest in the Soprano family.

  • Lower vent tube
  • Revised key post rib plate
  • Ergonomic key design
  • Bullet tip adjustment screw
  • Hand engraved bell


For the soloist, particularly, the 875 provides clear, strong sound in the concert hall with or perhaps without the benefit of amplification. In the jazz setting, the 875’s upper register is able to rival the trumpet’s range for clarity and brightness.

Some performers choose a Yamaha YSS 875S. As the additional S implies, this particular variant is available in a silver plated finish.

The silvery flourish transformers a beautiful instrument into one of the most stunning sopranos we have today.

Furthermore, the silver plate contribution heightens the brightness of an already lustrously sounding horn. One caution to think about whether you’re eyeing the S for the studio of yours.

She’s a large soprano! A neck strap can be a necessity if the 875S is the soprano you seek.




Yanagisawa 9930 Sterling Series Soprano Saxophone

Review: This soprano saxophone is created by a respected company. It’s a curved instrument allowing for much more control over intonation. The best curved soprano sax.


  • Looking for a soprano sax with an easier tone? Yanagisawa has crafted from solid sterling silver an artists soprano saxophone of unprecedented warmth and clarity
  • Two interchangeable neck pipes come standard
  • Yanagisawa S9930 Soprano Saxophone The sterling silver body of the S-9930 produces a tone that flows effortlessly and evenly throughout all dynamic ranges and registers
  • Two interchangeable neckpipes come standard; the straight produces the traditional soprano sound while the curved one a milder, mellower tone
  • Yanagisawa S9930 Soprano SaxophoneThe sterling silver body of the S-9930 produces a tone that flows effortlessly and evenly throughout all dynamic ranges and registers

Great soprano saxophone for: professionals looking for an instrument that fits the need of theirs for blowing a milder mellower tone with ease.


Nuvo N510JBBK Soprano Saxophone

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Review: This polymer based soprano saxophone is the least expensive method to try out the new instrument of yours.

It provides similar fingering as normal saxophones. It’s perhaps the best soprano saxophone for beginners.


Light design

Among the most affordable options around

Comes set play with all essential parts to play

Great soprano saxophone for: somebody who would like to check out the soprano saxophone without the expense.

Based on price this’s the very best soprano sax for beginners.

Selmer SS600 Soprano Saxophone

Selmer SS600 Soprano Saxophone

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Fairly cheap

Intermediate instrument


Mouthpiece and reeds sold separately

Great soprano saxophone for: those on a budget.

Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone

Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone

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Review: This intermediate instrument is ideal for a newbie too. It allows for intonation to be managed.


Cheap for an intermediate option

Tapered to improve tuning



Would need upgrading for the professional player

Great soprano saxophone for: intermediate player or a novice on a budget.

On a last note

Soprano saxophones are beautiful, expressive instruments that enhance the range and voice of all of the ensembles they compliment.

To search for probably the best soprano saxophone for the individual performer, the musician must consider his or perhaps the needs of her, budget, playing style, and performance context.

In all price ranges, finishes, and good attributes, the Yamaha offerings are likely to outperform rival makes and models.

Having said that, you will find some great soprano saxophones outside of the Yamaha family of instruments.

Once again, patience, a grasp of contextual needs, and a willingness to ask questions that are good will make sure the saxophonist brings home the proper instrument to the studio.

Coupled with the appropriate mouthpiece and reed, a rewarding playing experience awaits the discerning artist.

Happy Playing!

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