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Best Selmer Saxophones

When you are searching for a saxophone whether you have never played or perhaps played for ten years you realize that you will find a lot of choices out there.

Among the hottest (and historic) saxophone manufacturers is one you have almost certainly heard on the radio, seen in a band, or perhaps run across in a music store Selmer!

Selmer has been making saxophones for nearly hundred years, and also they manufacture instruments for each level of player from a rank beginner to a seasoned professional.

Naturally, this variety of things are able to make finding just the right Selmer alto saxophone, tenor, and baritone saxophone hard and that is exactly where we are available in!

Regardless of what the level of yours of experience, the budget of yours, or perhaps your sax playing aspirations, there’s a Selmer saxophone that would work for you!

About Selmer Saxophones

The Selmer company was initially founded in Paris in 1885 as a manufacturer of woodwind reeds and mouthpieces.

Selmer introduced saxophones to their instrument lineup in 1922. Through the first half of the twentieth century, Selmer further refined their saxophones both acoustically and mechanically, with the Model twenty two, Model twenty six, Model twenty eight, and the groundbreaking Balanced Action model, that had been released in 1936.

In 1954, however, Selmer introduced the Mark VI range of saxophones.

This variety of models featured bass saxophones, baritone, tenor, alto, soprano, and sopranino, with innovative key work and physical features along with improved acoustics with a refined bow, bore, and neck tapers and designs.

The Mark VI range was so well-liked by all kinds of professional saxophonists and is most likely the most widely used style of saxophone ever.

The Mark VI range was in production until 1974, until it was replaced by the Mark VII alto and tenor models (the other models weren’t part of the Mark VII range, and were still considered Mark VI models).

Mark VIIs never captured the popularity or perhaps mystique of the Mark VI range, and while there are a few great Mark VII saxophones, generally speaking, these did not live as much as the hype that the Mark VI began.

Selmer currently produces a number of ranges of alto saxophones, baritone saxophones, and tenor saxophones.

Something to be conscious of instruments labeled simply Selmer are assembled in America (although usually the parts are made in France), while all those with the more ornate Henri Selmer Paris logo are probably available in Selmer’s French factories.

Saxophone Buying Checklist

Before we get into the specific Selmer saxophone models, the following are several of the choices you must think about when shopping for virtually any kind of saxophone:


Decide on a budget before you begin looking at instruments!

You must do research (either in-person or online) before you finalize the budget of yours, but make certain you understand your price range going in.

There is no reason at all to try out top-of-the-line Selmer Paris saxophones if your budget tops out at $500.


Even though you have a lot of options, generally beginner saxophones are made with yellow brass bodies and an obvious lacquer. Either brass or perhaps nickel silver keys are common.

For higher saxophones, you are able to find copper bells, bronze, or sterling silver or perhaps bodies. You are able to also find silver or colored lacquer or gold plate as options on higher end saxes.

While several players prefer unlacquered instruments, the lacquer does help to protect the body of the saxophone, and so it is recommended for young pupils.

Saxophone Necks

Although most beginner saxophones are built durability in mind, it’s doable to update the sound of theirs by improving or perhaps replacing some components.

Several of the most noticeable upgrades are the saxophone’s neck, of course, and, mouthpiece, reed.

When you are searching for an upgrade but cannot afford a brand new saxophone, try upgraded one (or all) of these elements to find out in case they might allow you to breathe brand new life into the instrument of yours.

One) Selmer Paris Reference fifty four Alto saxophone (Standard)


The Reference fifty four Alto will be the product from Selmer that draws inspiration from a 1954 design. This sax feels and plays a lot more like a vintage instrument. It packs a far more extended bell which enhances the level of intonation of the complete instrument performance. The body construction involves a deep, warm, lacquered finish that excels in elegance and style.

This saxophone model was created to meet up with the interest of professional saxophonists. The style integrates the majority of the characteristics present in the legendary Mark IV’s acoustic characteristics. It possesses a top quality keyword that’s fluid and responds correctly to even the most vicious licks.

The instrument has a case and a mouthpiece, which includes ligature and cap to form an entire package. It has a rich, throaty sound that resonates excellently even in the lower register. The vintage style, innovative keyword, and intonation make the Selmer Paris reference fifty four Alto a top class professional saxophone.

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Two) Selmer SAS280 La Voix II Alto Saxophone Outfit Black Nickel

The La Voix saxophone model from Selmer features excellent key works with fluids design that creates a pleasant feeling during play. The saxophone has an excellent quality of tone production along with a mature sound which tends to make it a preferred instrument both for a soloist and for a concert band.

The La Voix features a traditional sized bell that allows players of the instrument to blend their tone while keeping it focused with ease easily. The black nickel plating design is matched by an experienced key styling, which allow players to achieve accurate finger placing – a feature only common with expensive models.

Overall, the Selmer SAS280 La Voix is the type of saxophone for which one can dare dream. Pro players also can use this saxophone. It’s a remarkable instrument with sound that is great, great crafting, and good looking design. The comfortable fingering design tends to make this saxophone a model far above the pupil range.

It should be remembered that all La Voix Selmer sax are designed just for professional players. They’re probably available in the US, that implies they’ve excellent craftsmanship and qualities. It should be also noted that not one of them add a baritone sax.

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3) Selmer STS280 La Voix II Tenor Saxophone Outfit Lacquer

Selmer creates a continuation for the Selmer 280 La Voix series – this particular time, professional design that excels in qualities and craft. For starters, the body material design has a bright lacquer finish that tends to make it appealing and also will stand out from the crowd. The saxophone, unlike its sister version (the SAS280 La Voix) is created to play just the high F key, with a tenor note.

The model features keys that flutter efficiently, with improved placement that is key. The keys are even more in numbers compare several of the competitors of its in one price range, and it has a great learning and playing experience. Every piece of accessories or even parts that came with this saxophone is Selmer made.

A mouthpiece is included, a case for straps and storage for holding the instrument as well as the case neatly lay in. Regarding looks, the sax is a gorgeous piece to behold and is ideal as a gift for Christmas present or perhaps birthday presentation. The instrument is well voiced, with quick action and good sound tenor quality output.

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Four) Selmer Paris Reference 36 Tenor Saxophone

The Selmer Paris Reference model has excellent keys which are well positioned close to the body for improved playability and top class convenience. Designed to imitate a 1936 design, the Selmer Paris Reference Tenor Saxophone render extraordinary response that far exceed a host of another sax in one class.

The body of the Selmer Paris Reference features a lacquered body design with a shiny rose gold finish. At the bow-to-bell junction lies a broader bore diameter, meaning this saxophone has an open, effective, and flexible playing quality. The neck, bow, and bell can also be constructed from a special brass alloy with copper content for a warmer and more luxurious sound.

Selmer Paris completes its excellent design with a leather pad bearing plastic tone booster which enhances playing flexibility and better sound projection the design is compact, so the instrument enables fluid feel during play. This’s a great choice for professional level players. It’s plenty of innovative features including a treated leather pads bearing metal resonators.

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Five) Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone

This’s the short version of the Paris Reference series that stand as an exceptional horn. Like with several of its sister versions, this sax was created to imitate the legendary Selmer Mark VI by delivering rich and centered sound with excellent intonation.

This particular style has a hammering process which enables the neck, bow, and body to be produced from a mix of high copper content and particular brass material which soften the metal and create warm and much more vibrant sound. Nevertheless, it’s its distinctive taste and feels.

The sound is intense, smooth and dark, in a great deal of you might never border to make use of other horns. The quality is nothing short of excellent some have also argued it plays much better compared to the Mark VI. It’ speaks’ fluently across all register, most particularly with the lower bell notes. The degree of intonation is more effective compared to any other types in this Paris Reference series by Selmer.

One more thing would be that the sound is different and the instrument is not hard to control and play straight up.

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Six) Selmer AS42 Professional Alto Saxophone Black Nickel

This’s a great saxophone that was the first joint project between 2 of probably the biggest Selmer offices in the US and France. Henri Selmer Paris worked extensively on the Selmer AS42 with Selmer US to produce among top saxophones from the business.

It’s a beginner’s saxophone that has its neck construction made exclusively by Selmer Paris for the horn. Additionally, it includes an exclusive mouthpiece made by the French division of Selmer that set this piece aside from a multitude of others in its category. The instrument is quite comfortable to play, and the keys are well placed to ensure proper hand placement by the saxophonist.

This saxophone comes off as a saxophone designed to be very responsive. It’s perfect and plays extremely well for classical and jazz musical style of play. The black nickel plating design creates a stunning look, and also the engraving on the bell sets it apart from its competitors within similar price range.

The instrument is amazing to play and gets high praise anytime it’s used in spaces that are open. The BAM case in the package makes transporting and storing this saxophone a simple job. The straps of the backpack can be beautiful and also could be kept away. The instrument may be used outdoor and indoor, with no restriction to its style and quality.

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Seven) Selmer AS-500 Alto Saxophone

The Selmer AS 500 Alto Saxophone is a dependable model designed for the ardent pupil player. It featured an explicit lacquered body construction, giving the instrument an attractive look. One amazing feature of this particular unit is it’s so easy to blow, and the horn plays extremely well.

The metal design in the horn looks a bit thicker than expected when in contrast to the expensive horn. The AS 500 is a good option for those starting in music and wants one thing that is much more dependable and simple to play. You are able to simply press down the keys, and the instrument is a lot easier to blow compare to a few other models in its class.

The keys feature a nickel plated design, ranging to an impressive F note. It includes an engraved bell that renders different projection. The instrument allows the pupil player to have play and confidence without getting the bad perception that the device is holding them back.

The AS 500 is an Alto saxophone designed for great intonation and high end action. Its capabilities are convincing, and yes it is going to fit perfectly with the practical lessons of the pupil player.

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8) Selmer BS500 Baritone Saxophone

The BS500 is an amazing design that fit the demand of the advanced pupil saxophone player. This particular version is terrific in qualities and features as such that, it appears as one of the most significant models in the Selmer saxophone series.

This saxophone features a strong and very technical design much like the Yanagasaka. The design is created to fit the beginning pupil. The BS500 design incorporates both low A and high F keys – a flexible design that will come available for the pupil practical needs.

Additionally, it features B key and double critical arms on low C. The double-body-to bell brace and reinforced table key arch, allows this saxophone to render excellent tone production and precise projection when needed.

The instrument has a very light but durable case which has wheels for easy storage and mobility. The instrument has rods that support the bell on the hinge, giving it added comfort and stability during play.

While the BS500 is designed for the novice, however, they, uses acoustical and mechanical features common only with the high-class and expensive more models. The instrument is not hard to play, simple to maintain and master in time that is due.

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Picking out the Best Selmer Saxophone Selmer remained most famous vintage professional saxophone of the century. The own French company has been in the business of producing outstanding instruments for more than hundred years, and it is not surprising in seeing them rolling out the very best in the industry.

Selmer offers excellent design meant for professional use but does not state that in case you’re only starting out, you will not find a reliable model in Selmer.


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